Lightrition – Eating in the LIGHT

Lightrition – Eating in the LIGHT

Lightrition is the holistic nourishment that nature provides for body, mind & spirit.  Or put another way, lightrition is the nutrition of eating (consuming energy) in the LIGHT.

Forinstance, plants have an auric field, an energy field that surrounds their cellular matrix.  When you consume any part of a plant, not only are you eating its physical nutritional qualities (such as proteins, carbs & fats, or vitamins & minerals), but you are also eating its energetic qualities, its life-force, its energy template.

The rays of the Sun (fire), the rain (water), the breeze (air), and crystalline Earth both activate & flourish a plants energy template.   A plant is thus a holistic expression of earth, fire, air & water and hence it’s vibrational field is a thriving spiritual force of nature.  

This inherent electric radiance of plants ‘activates’ our bodies cells to promote healing, vitality & thriving at optimal capacity.  

The electrical field of wholefoods is also a response unit to the environment, just like our own DNA.  When you touch plants, speak/sing to plants or grow plants in an environment that is joyful, uplifting & positive… the output results in plants that are vibrationally strong & packed full of life-giving goodness.

In the months to come, I plan on writing more about Lightrition & ways to embrace the holism of nutrition, but for now, here are a few things that you can do TODAY to begin your journey of eating in the LIGHT & moving into a nurturing & more present relationship with food.

POSTSCRIPT :   After writing this blog post late yesterday, I awoke this morning with a sore-throat… hmm, end of winter cold… eek !   So I headed straight to the kitchen and made my go-to Sore Throat Remedy – lots of thinly sliced ginger, honey, a little lemon, warm water… and stirred together with a double-terminated Quartz Crystal that was harnessing the radiant light of this mornings sunrise… heaven !   You could also stir in a tablespoon of my menopause JuJu Remedy too for a added fix… its also great for immunity!



Wash food in Crystal Water

We all wash our food before eating – to remove dirt, microbes, chemicals etc… but did you know, if you wash your food in Crystalline Water, you amplify the nutritional & healing qualities of the food ?  

Recently I wrote an article on Liquid Crystal – Structured Water, where I talked about the 4th phase of water & its ability to transmute old cellular memories, shift the expression of our DNA and support the body to naturally heal.   Well when you wash your food in Crystal (structured) Water, you are activating the water present within the plant & amplifying its energetic field. 

The result ?  The electrical charge of the cell membranes that comprise the food becomes excited, hence emitting a stronger life-force.   This results in improved absorption & cellular metabolism of the food… you literally are absorbing the maximum Sunshine (fire), Water (liquid), Air (gases) & Nutrients (crystalline Earth) from the food.

The process is simple – fill your kitchen basin with clean filtered water, add in a 2 to 3 clear quartz points and with your hand stir the water/crystal mix in a spiral motion to create a whirlpool in the basin.  Studies have shown that the piezolectric activity of the crystals through the whirlpool vortex, seeks to structure water into its 4th phase.   When you then wash your produce in this structured water, you are electrically charging your foods, improving both the bio-availability of its nutrient profile, but also the health-giving properties of its electrical profile.


Prepare food with Hands & Heart

Did you ever see the mexican film ‘Like Water for Chocolate’, where the beautiful Tito would cook for her extended family (using her heart & hands) and every emotion she felt whilst cooking the meal would be infused into the food.   Who could forget the scene where all the relatives were in orgasmic rapture after eating her quail with rose petals… as Tito had sensually longed for her lover Pedro throughout her cooking!

Whilst this film was creatively magical, the essence of these scenes were very much based on real life & the transmission of energy.  The energy of our food is an expression of the energy of our environment – the environment in which the plant has grown (more about that in a moment) as well as the energy of what you think, feel & focus your attention on during food preparation.  

Think healthful thoughts.  Hold gratitude for the food you are preparing.  Joyfully sing as you prepare your meal… then bless your meal before you eat it.  Activate your food with your Heart & Soul, and receive the LOVE back a thousand fold.

As discussed in Aetheric Healing™ and what I will also be sharing in my newly released eCourse ELI: Esoteric Liquid-Light Integration – our hands emit energy in a torus/spiral formation through our hand chakras (the five fingers of our hands represent the 5 elements – Earth, Fire, Air, Water & oneness of Spirit, & the palm is the heart of the torus that emits light).   When you place your hands together (eg in prayer position), the counter rotating spirals entrain to form the spiral of a torus… which in turn entrains with the torus that is emitting from your Heart, the torus of the Earth & ultimately the torus of our Galaxy.

When you wash & prepare food with both of your hands & through the LOVE of your Heart, you are activating the food with the lifeforce chi of creation, ‘as above, so below’, the graceful breath of God illuminates the lightrition of the food.  

Grow your food with Crystals

As I teach in Crystal Light Healing®, due to the helical molecular structure of Quartz Crystals, Quartz has the properties of being able to absorb, store, emit, amplify & transduce energy.   So imagine then using Quartz when growing food… the Quartz can absorb the energy of the Sun (and all the other elmements) and activate this LIGHT energy inside the growing plant.

This is why pulverised Quartz (Prep 501) is a key element of Biodynamic Farming.  As the Earth through the Great Cosmic Breath of Life inhales/exhales, Quartz boths absorbs & radiates these cosmic energies, improving photosynthesis & the nutritional profile of plants, whilst also accelerating yield & optimal fruiting.

At home, when you plant seeds or seedlings, your DNA (via your body oils) are imprinted in the energetic matrix of the plant. By growing your food with Quartz Crystals, the Quartz then amplify the energetic profile of the plants auric field (that also contains your DNA), hence the plants grow in exact energetic alignment with your Nutritional, Emotional/Mental & Spiritual energetic needs.   The plant litterally SERVES you, it nourishes your body, mind & spirit.

It is easy to grow plants with Crystals.  If you aren’t a green-thumb gardener, then start small… maybe have a few potted herbs that you pick from each day in preparation of your meals.   Remember to chat to you plants/herbs each day… I often stroke mine too (touch is sooo important)… and give gratitude for the nourishing LOVE your plants are gifting you for your health & well being.

To plant your seeds/seedlings with Quartz Crystals – you could go all out and use Biodynamic Prep 501, or you could start off small and simply water your seeds/seedlings with hand stirred Crystal (structured) Water that you make fresh each day.   


Store, prepare, ferment your food with Crystals

At my Heart Retreats, I teach about using Crystals in every aspect of our lives… financial abundance, sexual health, intimacy in relationships, creative juju… as well as cooking/preparing food with Crystals. I have done this for most of my life – even when I worked in my clinic as a Naturopath & Herbalist, every bottle of medicinal herbs had been filtered through Quartz Crystal.

In my kitchen cabinet, all my herbs are stored in glass jars and in each jar is a Clear Quartz point that faces upward (energetically to the Heart of our Galaxy).  The base of the Quartz point ‘receives’ the energy from the Heart of the Earth, and then the Quartz tip emails this life-force energy throughout the herb/spice.  This is a great way to keep my herbs & spices fresh, highly energetic & full of juicy energetic goodness.  I store all my loose teas just like this too !

When I prepare food in my kitchen for my workshops, events & retreats… I use Quartz not only in washing food, but also in fermentation (such as my JuJu Remedy, my zingy Kombucha & my alchemical Happykraut)… as well as the water I add to steam veges, make teas, or even elixirs with herbs.


Be creative, there are infinite uses for Quartz in the kitchen… and enjoy your Heartful connection of deepening your relationship with nature and embodying food as your medicine.


xx Simone

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Alchemy of Wellness

Lightrition guides you in stepping into your power.  Reclaiming self-agency of your life.  Discovering that healing is possible & that you were born to thrive.


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