11:11 Gateway + Mercury Transits Sun

11:11 Gateway + Mercury Transits Sun

November is my favourite month of year – being my birthday month & all – but this year November is being taken to whole new heights.  

With Mercury transiting the Sun on November 11, on the 11:11 Gateway of all days, this will most certainly be the all time BESTEST day of 2019 for sure.  Or maybe a close second to my birthday on the 27th & my 20th Wedding Anniversary on the 28th.   Whoooaaaa, what month!


Sharing this mornings 11:11 Sunrise.  Please take a moment to watch the video sometime today (even a few short minutes)… and feel into her gifted message.  Let her message be felt deeply.  Within your heart.  Through the layers of skin.  Down deep within your bones.   This is it.   THESE are the messages that will guiding you into the next decade starting 2020… it’s up to you to take note, listen & surrender to their truths.

11:11 Mercury Transit

On 11 November… the day of the annual 11:11 Gateway, Mercury will transit over the face of the Sun (as viewed from Earth). What a divine conjunction!

Mercury last transited the Sun in May 2016, but we won’t see this transit again until 2032.

The transit will last for about 5 hours, and will be seen from South America, Most of North America, SouthWest Europe & Asia, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Antarctica.

We won’t see the transit in Australia, but our New Zealand neighbours will catch a glimpse.

Remember not to look at the Sun, but instead watch a livestream/video replay.


Energy off 11:11

So whats all the fuss about 11:11 ?

In numerology the number 11 is a Master Number – ‘Master’ meaning it is of intense/high vibrational frequency.   The number 11 is aetherial, magical and transcendental…. in fact the number 11 is a BIG DEAL as it potentiates our propensity for learning and growth, and sets the scene for major life transformations.

So many glorious words uphold the 11 vibration in numerology… such as LIGHT, ENERGY, WISDOM, PURPOSE, HEALING, JESUS, OmAhOm… and of course Shambhala as discussed in my book Shealla-Dreaming.

Then when you put two 11s together, such as 11:11  (11th day, 11th Month), the vibrational potency of the number 11 becomes GREATER than the sum of the individual parts.  In fact, 11:11 becomes an awakener, an activator, a juicy DNA accelerator of consciousness.

The word ANGELS vibrates at the number 22… to me this always reminds me of 11:11 (11+11=22)… that we are always surrounded by love with an Angel either side of us!

The number 11:11 is a symbolic code that stirs within us a deep cellular memory, a most sacred and divine awakening to the innate power of our Soul. When we see 11:11 our heart opens to the eternal nature of spirit and we are compelled to awaken to our deepest truths and the highest vision of our Soul Purpose here on Earth.

Thus on the 11 November every year, we have an opportunity as a global humanity to work with the highest potential of this sacred memory key of 11:11 and expand our individual & collective hearts into a awakened and most delicious state of conscious evolution.

On a side note, the Number 11 is made of two ‘1’s, which holds the template of initiation & new beginnings.  So when added to the Number 11, it becomes the trilogy or tripple Number 111.   A VERY potent number of alignment with creative energies… stepping into being a powerful cocreator, drawing upon your intuitive wisdom & creative genius.

Days to celebrate this month (though really you should celebrate everyday, but you know what I mean) are:   November 1 (111), November 10 (111), November 11 (11:11), November 28 (111) & November 29 (11:11).


Mercury Transit Sun

What makes this transit of Mercury over the Sun extra juicy (apart from the last transit being 13 years ago in May 2016),  is that this Mercury transits takes place on our 11:11 Gateway.

Mercury is the planet of communication, and interestingly as Mercury transits over our Sun on the 11th, she is also in retrograde (appearance of moving backwards)… making this a transit with a difference !

With the Sun in Scorpio during this Mercury Transit/Conjunction… get ready for quite a phenomenal combination of energies.   Mercury is having you look deep within and expand your horizons around how you think, relate & communicate with yourself and the world around you.  The Sun & Scorpio are really going to take you deep with this.

With this Mercury 11:11 Transit taking place the day before our Full Moon in Taurus / Sun in Scorpio on November 12, this communication will be about getting back into your body, getting back into the body of Earth.   Getting back deep into the matrix DNA of this planet.

Your thoughts are powerful.  Your thoughts are energy.  Your thoughts create the reality of your life, and your experience of the world.   In fact, your thoughts & cocreative actions affect the planet in profound ways.

You, your body & soul, you are a ‘cell’ in the body of the Earth.   This pre-FullMoon Mercury 11:11 transit is above really getting that on a deep deep level (thank you Scor, a primal level encoded within your DNA.

When you live your life in symbiotic resonance with the planet, not only does your health, vitality & joy leap through the roof, but you also heal the Earth through your own healing.   Your ‘cell’ in community with fellow ‘cells’ (tissues), ultimately creates a world more beautiful for the entire living breathing sentient organism that is Gaia… our beloved Earth!


How to make the most of 11:11

Mercury transiting the Sun is going to take you in deep.. partly thanks to Scorpio, but also because Mercury is Retrograde.    AND the 11:11 vibration will not only heighten your experience… but will profoundly uplift your awareneness of realms beyond that of your ego-mind.  In fact you will find yourself in direct communication with the Higher Mind, the Spirit of Earth, the Divine.

Take time to listen.  Make space to hear what the Earth is trying to communicate with you, what Spirit is longing for you to hear.   Become mindful of your dreams, synchronicity, your thoughts, messages from the world around you… EVERYTHING is communicating with you… but it is up to you to create both the time & space to listen.

Let ALL these communications be felt deeply.  Within your heart.  Through the layers of skin.  Down deep within your bones.   This is it.   THESE are the messages that will guiding you into the next decade starting 2020… it’s up to you to take note, listen & surrender to their truths.

11:11 and YOU !

Inviting you to join me for my NEW Online Learning LIGHTRITION your LIFE Course.

Lightrition is about life reclamation. Putting your life back in sync with natures medicine, leading to radical healing & a deep sense of inner-peace & sacred purpose.

Just like you may experience during 11:11, Lightrition will change the way you experience every aspect of your life and will embolden yourself to radiantly thrive in sacred resonance with the Earth.

Postscript:  11th of November is observed around the world (Remembrance Day, Veterans Day, National Independence Day, Armistice Day) in recognition of the end of the 1st World War & in memory of those who died in the line of duty.   In Australia, we observe one minute’s silence at 11am, in memory of those who died or suffered in all wars and armed conflicts.

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