My St.Valentines Song for You

My St.Valentines Song for You

I know it has been a while since I have posted, so please forgive me! 

I have been diving deep into the creation of my new Lightrition Course, as well as helping our youngest child move away from home to start University.  Needless to say it has been quite an emotional month indeed.

In celebration, I gifted myself my very first Ukuele.  I love how the 4 strings of the Ukulele ‘play’ the 4 chambers of our Heart – the 4 elements – connecting us to the ONE HEART, the sound resonances of the 5th element of LOVE.  [I talk more about the 4 chambers of the Heart in my Lightrition Course].

On this day of Love, lets move beyond commercialism and focus our intentions of what connects us.  What brings us together in unconditional love for each other, our beautiful planet, and what we know & feel in our hearts to be a world more beautiful.  A world that is unfolding through our Hearts.

Here is my gifted song for you this Valentines Day & day of World Sound Healing.  Please receive the gift in the Grace in which it is intended.  Hopefully after a little more practice I can play this song again for you next year, but this time not having to look down at my fingers so I can ‘feel’ into your beautiful eyes – the windows of the Soul.

Lightrition your Life

2020 heralds an amazing year… from the astrological shift of ages, through to a profound awakening, the Cosmogenesis of our Souls.

I feel both humbled & truly blessed to be facilitating our ONLINE Lightrition your Life Course during 2020. A call to activate the Alchemy of your Cosmic Heart, and birth the awakened Cosmogenesis of your Soul.

Lightrition your Life is the key to weaving the New Story of Earth into being – birthing a Universal Humanity built on the foundations of Love, Compassion, Kindness & Reverence for all Life.

Join us today… and Lightrition your Life… embolden yourself to radiantly thrive Body, Mind & Soul!

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