The HEART: It’s not what you think!


The HEART: It’s not what you think!

What do you think is the role of the Human Heart ?

At the Heart (pun intended!) of my new Lightrition your Life Course, we dive deep into how the Heart plays a central role in our health, longevity, resilience – as well as the KEY ROLE it plays in our spiritual connection with the greater Cosmos.

Even the language we use in relationship to our Heart conveys that deep soul knowing that the ‘Heart’ is the centre of the expression of life.  

We intimately share ourselves ‘from the Heart’.  
We refer to virtuous people as having ‘Hearts of Gold’.  
When something touches us deeply it ‘melts our hearts’. 
Or when we have empathy for anothers plight ‘our Heart goes out’ to that person in need.  
We ‘learn things off by Heart’.  
We encourage others to ‘take Heart’.  
We ‘cross our Hearts’ when we make a promise. 
And when we lack courage we note that we ‘didn’t have the Heart’ to go through with it.  

We speak the language of the Heart through our everyday lives, often without even realising it!   Heart Alchemy is inherent in all of us!

More than a Pump

Physically you may see the heart as a muscular organ that pumps blood around the body.  But in actual fact this is not entirely true – there is a much much greater understanding emerging of the role the Heart plays in moving blood & ‘information’ around the body.

Through the Sacred Geometry of the Heart, a whole new vision is now consciously emerging of how the Heart functions in harmonic entrainment with the rhythms of the Cosmos.   The divine proportion of the Heart creates a vortex flow (fibonacci spiral) of blood that both sucks in & distributes blood throughout the body.

And in case this crossed your mind… YES, this vortex spiral is the same spiral of our Milky Way Galaxy.  And it is this spiral that alters the water within our blood into it’s 4th Phase or structured water – that enables blood to hold memory and be the carrier of ‘information’ around the body.


Spiritual Heart & Breath

The word SPIRIT comes from the Latin word ‘spiritus’ which means BREATH.  So Breath & Spirit form a sacred dance of oneness through the Heart. 

The spiral flow of blood through the Heart disseminates blood out to the lungs to be ‘breathed’ into life through air.   Blood becomes impregnated with aetheric wisdom through the breath, consciousness which then spreads throughout the body via the bloodvessels.

Let me explain…

Our Earth, well in fact our entire Solar System, takes approx 26,000 years to transit through every house of the zodiac – Platonic Year.   

Or put another way, our Solar System engages in a 26,000 year revolution around Alcyone, taking just over 2,000 years to transit each sign of the Zodiac, whilst also spending a total of 4,000 years (and 2 x 2,000 year intervals) transiting through the Toric Field (Photon Band) of Alcyone.

This 26,000 year cycle isn’t a cycle of ‘time’ according to our linear Gregorian Calendar, but rather is a cycle of growth, consciousness.   An upward spiral of awareness towards a universal humanity.

Our Heart, or Spiritual Heart & Breath is entrained through the holographic or morphogenic field to ‘pulse/breathe’ in harmonic flow with this 26,000 year cycle.

On average, we take about 18 breaths per minute.  With 60 minutes in an hour and 24 hours within a Solar Day, that means we take approximately 26,000 breaths each an every day.   YES, that means holographically that each and everyday is the spiritual transit of 26,000 years of consciousness – a full Cosmic year cycle around Alcyone through every house of the Zodiac.

Or put another way, every minute of the day we transit 18 Cosmic years… or with EVERY Breath we transit 1 Cosmic Year.    Just sit with that for a moment.   EVERY breath you take is the equivalent to 1 year of a 26,000 year journey of consciousness.   So when someone says ‘just breathe’ – they aren’t joking, breath really does change your experience of the moment at hand.

For me personally, there are many days where I have woken up and felt to be a completely different person than the day before – as if I had ‘outgrown’ my past of yesterday, and woken to a more aware & conscious person in this moment.   YES… that’s because each day we make a 26,000 year leap of spiritual consciousness.  WOW !!!!

Sleep is one of the primary factors in these leaps… but that is fodder for a whole new article.

On one last 26,000 year note… if the average human lifespan is 72 years, that makes a total of 26,000 days.   Such that a Human LifeCycle is fractally also a complete cycle of consciousness around Alcyone!

Warm Hearted

I love that expression, ‘warm hearted’, even as I type these words they have brought a smile to my face.  

Our body is warm – in fact the average body temperature for healthy bodily function is between 36-37°C.  Did you know that the Heart sits at a 36-37° angle within our body… AND this angle is the perfect angle through Sacred Geometry to create the vortex movement of blood ?   So our warmth is mirror-reflected in our ability to receive Cosmic Heart Consciousness through the Hearts Vortex.

The Genesis Pattern or Seed of Life is the seeding pattern of life itself.  I refer to the Genesis Pattern as being the Heart of Metatron as it forms the architecture of life – from every atom, molecule, photon, through to the way plants grow, how our physical bodies come into form, we even see it in our DNA.  In fact the movement of our Earth, Sun & even our Galaxy is based on the mathematical expression of the Genesis Pattern.

As I discuss in Lightrition your Life, when we rotate the Genesis Pattern by approx 36-37° we see something magical unravel.   We bring our awareness to the ‘Heart’ of the Genesis Pattern (it is fractal after all) – her 4 chambers are unveiled – the Sacred Elements of Earth, Fire, Air & Water.  And just like the butterfly emerging, the Torus springs forth ‘As Above, So Below’.

This 4:1 pattern is seen is the creation rhythm or pulse of the Universe.  In fact for every breath we have 4 beats of the Heart.   The 4 Elements of Creation coming into life through our Heart, imbued with Spirit(us) through Breath.   How sacred is that.   Each & every Breath that you take is wholeness – the One Breath of the entire Cosmos.

Or another way of viewing this Heart of Metatron, is through the 6 petalled ‘flower’ within the centre of the Genesis Pattern – a 6 Pointed Merkabah – the symbol of the Heart.


Cosmic Heart

I have only just touched on some of the key principles of our Spiritual Heart and how our breath is the key synergist to fully awakening to our Cosmic Heart.

HOW to live, breath, love & flow with life through the Cosmic Heart is what my Lightrition your Life online learning course is all about.  A discovery that LOVE is the greatest form of intelligence and exists within us.  Life is above awakening & being the full vibrant potency of LOVE.

When we live in harmony with the Heart & her connections with the expansive Cosmos we discover a deep reverence not only with ourselves, but also each other & the sacred rhythms of life itself.  We transition into a universal humanity – built on foundations of grace & sacred purpose.

Lightrition your Life

Inviting you to join me for my NEW Online Learning LIGHTRITION your LIFE Course.

Lightrition is about putting your life back in sync with natures cycles & her inherent medicine.

When you shift the foundations of your life in resonance with the Earth & the movement of the Cosmos- something mystical happens- you embrace a deeper sense of inner-peace & sacred purpose.

Life begins to flow with ease. Relationships heal. The body transforms into a temple of Soul Radiance. Your work becomes an expression of your Creative Heart. And life streams abundance, fulfillment & joy from the depths of the Divine.

Make 2020 the start of a whole new way of being – body, mind & soul..

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