Liquid Crystal – Structured Water

Liquid Crystal – Structured Water

Water in nature is vital for life and in fact every living thing needs water to survive.  The very first lifeforms on Earth (single cellular micro-organisms) came into existence through water.  Water flows, aids efficient transfer of nutrients & waste and can dissolve nearly anything.

Water also has an amazing number of features such as the ability to exist in three different states naturally here on Earth – as a Solid, Liquid & a Gas.   In expands when it freezes and contracts when heated.   And is the most powerful solvent here on Earth.   Water also has the highest surface tension of all liquids and can create huge pressure eg a seed in germination.


The 4th Phase of Water

I mentioned above, there are 3 phases of water – Solid, Liquid & Gas.  But in fact there is a 4th phase of water referred to as Structured Water or Liquid Crystal Water or the 4th Phase of Water.

A Water Molecule is made up of two Hydrogen atoms to one Oxygen atom – that is H2O.  But an amazing thing happens in nature, when water is in a natural state of movement – such as the ocean, a running stream, waterfall etc..  water forms into a 4th Phase and becomes OH4.

Essentially, the spiralling movement of water in nature combined with Earth’s electro-magnetic field, has the effect of grouping H2O molecules such that they structure themselves into a regular hexagonal & tetragonal matrix creating OH4.


Liquid Crystal Water

This 4th phase of water is referred to as Liquid Crystal Water, due to the fact that Quartz Crystal has the same molecular arrangement.

Quartz is made up of Silica SiO (on Silica atom to two Oxygen), and these Silica molecules arrange themselves as Tetrahedron molecules of SiO4 with a Hexagonal honeycomb helical spiral… creating Quartz Crystals.

The molecular structure of Quartz gives rise to its properties of being able to Absorb & Store energy (information), as well as being able to Emit, Amplify & Transduce energy (information).  Making Crystals sublime support tools for Crystal Healing, health & wellbeing.

How does this relate to Liquid Crystal Water ?   Studies are now posturing that OH4  structured water displays the same properties of Quartz Crystal… meaning that water comes alive and can also Absorb,  Store, Emit, Amplify & Transduce energy (information).


Your Liquid Crystalline Body

The Human Body is comprised of 70% water.  Just like nature, the water within our bodies is also in a constant state of motion.  Water moves in & out of our cells and our blood carried in a spiral motion through our veins/arteries.   The water within our body flows in harmony with the environment – through our breath (air contains water), food we eat, water we drink and waste removal such as urination & sweat.

Water in nature naturally forms a liquid crystalline state and so does the water in our bodies when we are in harmonious balance with the environment.   I will talk more about this is future posts, but for now here are a few summary of points on how to transform your body into a harmonious Liquid Crystalline State:

Benefits of Liquid Crystalline States

When we seek to optimally structure the water within our bodies, we become walking Liquid Crystals – with the potential to the amplify the energy of our environment – our thoughts, sound, colour, feelings etc.    As the energy of the watery environment bathing all 100 trillion cells within our body changes, we have the capacity to transmute old cellular memories, shift the expression of our DNA and support the body to naturally heal.

All the modalities through our Wisdom School – Crystal Light Healing®, Essence of Angels®Aetheric Healing™ – focus on optimising the harmonics of Structured Water within the body for health, wellbeing, vitality & joyful experience of life.  

Here are just a few of the benefits of integrating Structured Water within our lives – both within our environment and also within our body:

  • Energy, Vitality & Longevity
  • Nourishing Sleep (which conversely strengths the Structuring of Water internally)
  • Immunity – preventative of illness, also decreases duration
  • Concentration & Memory
  • Lifts mood & experience of joyful living
  • Improved digestion, metabolism & weight
  • Supports our graceful use of Intuition, precognition & telepathy
  • Decreases inflammation & hence progression of degenerative dis-ease conditions such as Asthma, Allergies, ALS, Arthritis, Cardiovascular Disease, Chrohns Disease, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, MS, Psoriasis… to name just a few !

Simone M. Matthews


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