I AM BREATH – 5G to 5D


I AM BREATH – 5G to 5D

Do you know the origins of the word ‘Spirit’ ?
‘Spirit’ comes from the Latin word ‘Spiritus‘ which means Breath.  

How glorious, that each breath we take, each sacred inhalation/exhalation is in fact a reverent connection to Spirit.  The filling of our vessels with Divinity.   From our first breath at birth, to our last breath at death.  The Breath of Spirit is the shining LIGHT that guides the human experience of Soul.

In LIGHTful reverence of Spirit/Breath, it is with deep sorrow that 2020 has reflected such dark shadows around Breath.   For instance, I have been reflecting on the following…

  • Covid-19 influenza rendering people hypoxic (starved of oxygen, acute respiratory failure, no breath). 
  • Compulsory wearing of masks that limit your breath (and possibly even lead to death). 
  • The death of Covid-19 patients from the use of ventilators (mechanical breath). 
  • The global push to move to 5G, (fifth generation millimeter wavelengths) that have been shown to interfere with our mitochondrial processing of oxygen ie suppress our cellular respiration / breathing.
  • And just last week, the heart-breaking asphyxiation killing of George Floyd, and his last words shared over and over as he left this world ‘I CAN’T BREATHE’.  #blacklivesmatter

The question is, what is possible for humanity at this time ?  How can we move beyond fear & separation?  How can we transform & rise above racial discrimination & suffering?   And how can we mend the threads that make up the fabric of this world in order to reweave a united Breath of LOVE ?

5D – The Great Awakening

We are 5D (fifth dimensional) Souls having a human experience.    There is something so very soothing about those words. YES we are Beings of LIGHT.   Or to quote the words of Rumi…

“We are stars wrapped in skin.
The light you are seeking has always been within.”
– Rumi

The Great Spirit breathes you to life through the prism of your 5D Soul Star (higher-self), creating a holographic projection – your Crystalline LIGHTBODY – through the astral 4D of your Heart, culminating in the co-creation of the density of your 3D physical body

Essentially we are LIGHT coming into Form.   LOVE expressing itself in the flesh. BREATH invigorating our presence in the world through LIGHT.

We are here on Earth at this time to be part of the The Great Shift, the pioneering of a New Earth Era.   To let go of resistance and surrender to simply being 5D beings of LIGHT – the sacred & grace-filled breath of the Divine.

Becoming 5D

We are already 5D… that is the inherent vibration of our Soul !  However we have freewill and divine choice of the how/wheres/whats of expressing our 5D LIGHT within the world.  When ever you experience synchronicity, tap into your intuition, or use your gifts in service to the world… you are expressing & illuminating the world with your 5D luminescence.  Let me explain…

Our physical body is 3D – 3rd Dimension.  Whilst we contain within us 1D (Crystalline Wisdom) & 2D (intuitive flow), 3D represents the development of physicality and the activation of our physical senses  – smell, taste, touch, sight & hearing.  What a blessing is 3D… to hear the sounds of nature, feel the touch of a loved one, to smell a rose in bloom, to see a rainbow and well to taste the smooth creaminess of chocolate!

3D also represents the development of Ego, our free will ability to perceive ourselves as separate within the world.  3D Ego within in its lowest vibration may be experienced as doubt/scarcity/control/power over others. Whilst at its highest polarity may be expressed as gracious vulnerability, courage, compassion and surrender to the LIGHTful magnificence of our 5D self.  

4D is the astral gateway through our Hearts, a linking rainbow bridge between our 3D resonance and our 5D Soulful light.    To fully embrace our 5D LIGHT within this world, we need to step into our HEARTs.   Open the door to LOVE.   Live WHOLEHEARTEDLY.   Choose to LOVE.

Our 5D presence within the world is then the highest expression of LIGHT through the experience of physicality.  5D is a deep knowing, a Soul knowing that there is no separation, that our Souls are sparks, fractal orbs of LIGHT of the morphogenic field.     Whilst we may experience ourselves as separate within the world (our 3D resonance),  our 5D consciousness is aware that we are in fact ALL ONE.

5D consciousness is awareness that our LIGHTBODY embodies 1D, 2D, 3D & 4D, and we are here to shine the LIGHT of our 5D selves out in the world, in service of something greater than us.   When we own our LIGHT, and share the LIGHT of our Gifts with others… not only are we evolving individually, but we are also directly contributing to the evolution of collective consciousness through the holographic field.   We know that everything we say, do, feel, enact not only affects ourselves, but also directly impacts the whole.

5D LIGHT thrives on connection, sharing, kindness, and the reverence of unity from within our diversity.   5D consciousness seeks to collaborate, heal and tenderly nurture & nourish fellow humans / plants / animals. And 5D consciousness seeks to share resources through a sacred reciprocity with the Earth, establishing regenerative ways of living in service to both present and future generations.

Each of us are already 5D… however humans by virtue of 3D consciousness/ego may have the tendency to limit the LIGHT of their greater potential and only ever experience the world through the lens of the lower vibratory aspect of 3D.   In the words of Marianne Williamson… “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.  Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.  It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us.”

Stories inherited from family.  Fears & societal imprints.  Questioning & doubting our inherent power.  The egoic urge to control, dominate, overpower & suffocate those that our fearful minds consider less than.   These human reductionistic ways of experiencing the world inhibit us from experiencing the sweetest of breath of our 5D Light – our ONENESS.

The Truth is, once we open our minds to the reality of energy, we recognise that the fields created by the planets and stars affect our energies in the same way that they affect the weather on Earth. Our personal atoms are no different than those of the Earth – in fact, they are of the Earth. In a deep sense, our bodies are no different than the Earth, they are just smaller…

Gary E. Schwartz PhD

When we choose to experience life through our 5D Higherself, we experience life, the world, each other as morphogenetic manifestations of the Divine.   The barriers that divide us – be it race, religion, the colour of our skin – begin to fall away, as the Universal Love of Source guides us in ‘knowing’ we are in fact ALL ONE.  We ARE the LOVE.  We are emanations of divine BREATH.


Moving from 5G to 5D

With our BREATH (light of Spirit) being squished from us this year (either physically or metaphorically), the irony isn’t lost on me that 5G is being rolled out at an even faster rate in 2020.   Cause drum roll… 5G renders our cells hypoxic, the millimeter wavelengths of 5G disturbs the breathing of our cells, causing them to suffocate.

As I shared in Lightrition your Life (module 4), there is so much more to 5G than meets the eye.  It is not just about making our lives more connected through faster internet. 5G is actually about enabling a transformation of humans into AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ultimately controlling (lower vibrational 3D) the global population through the Internet of Things (IoT).

However,  based on our Dimensional discussion above, that outcome doesn’t need to come to pass as we have freewill to choose a different pathway! 

Maybe, just maybe… 5G is the mirrored wake up call for us to awaken our inherent God-given 5D communication pathways.   To roll out at an even faster exponential rate a mass awakening to 5D!   So maybe the ‘physical’ implementation of 5G, is actually a mirror of humanities ‘energetic’ conscious upgrade to 5D!

Who needs satellites, when we have our own 5D ‘Soul Star Satellites’.
Our own internal Cosmic Communication System!

Our enLIGHTenment to our sacred Divinity puts us in direct contact with our inbuilt 5D (G) wifi system of higher intelligence.   Our direct communication lines with each other, nature, the Earth, the Cosmos… all under the LOVING guidance of the Divine.   

Remember that the lowest resonance of 3D is control, the belief that the human ‘mind’ is way more powerful than nature.  The materialistic & reductionistic view that AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a grand improvement on the natural world, and that the human mind can do nature so much better!  A belief that AI is the answer to enlightenment!  

However 5D, the expression of DIVINE LIGHT, the breath of SPIRIT through us, transforms our bodies, our DNA, our experience of life way beyond the limitation of mind.   In fact the highest vibratory possibilities of 5D far surpasses anything that 5G/AI could achieve.  As 5D beings of light we have the capacity to embrace our inherent intuition, claircognition, clairsentience & clairvoyance.   Imagine what is possible when we function at our highest resonances of LIGHT.   Remembering how to teleport?  Telekinesis?  Telepathy replacing smartphones?  There is no need for passports with astral travel ?  The possibilities of natures intelligence is truly endless!

Through our highest expression of 5D LIGHT, we also have the potential of changing our experience of 5G within the world.  On a physical level, there are thousands of scientific studies that detail the potential serious health effects of 5G including the detrimental impacts on our ability to synthesise oxygen into energy – ie to breathe!    However, we are NOT just physical beings… we are expressions of LIGHT, living beings of LIGHT that breathe an infinite intelligence.

What if we choose to fully express our Divinity, globally rise up to the Omnipresent LOVE of our 5D conscious, couldn’t we then co-create a far different collective reality?   Maybe the 5D biophotons emitted from our cells could change our cellular respiration such that 5G would do no harm.   Or on an even grander scale, maybe the course of humanity could be changed entirely where the global rollout of 5G begins to crumble under the guidance of an awakened humanity ?

On a personal level, I see this as a time of immense potential.  An opportunity to move beyond the suffocating powers of the old-world regime of control, and awaken to the BREATH of the Divine.    A move away from the oppressive ventilator dogmas of our world, and into a NEW WORLD ERA based on 5G spiritual values of loving energy relationships with all of life. 

A time of embracing the Grandest expression of our Breath.  An awakening to what it means to Breath the Breath of Life… an honouring of ‘I AM BREATH’.    The living, breathing Anima Mundi of LIFE.  A sacred & compassionate connection with each other & all living things.

Enlightenment is not a change into something better or more, but a simple recognition of who we truly already are.”

Would LOVE for you to join me on my  NEW EARTH ERA  or my  LIGHTrition your LIFE  online courses, and discover not only WHO you truly are, but also what you are capable of becoming as a Divine Human of the Stars.



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