Our Cosmic-Earthly Biome & Com-Immunity


Our Cosmic-Earthly Biome & Com-Immunity

The natural world brings us back to community.  That LIFE flourishes through a harmonically diverse community.  And that we are never alone, but rather an integral part of the inter-connected evolution of Earth & the greater Cosmos.

It’s through Earth’s diverse Biome that we feel nourished.  We experience ourselves as part of something much greater than us.  And our search for belonging ends, as we experience ourselves as whole, complete and living On Purpose.

In the heartening words of Rumi, and as we explore deeply in my Online Lightrition Course :

Consciousness sleeps in Minerals,
it dreams in Microbes & Plants,
it starts to wake up in Humans.

Then in some humans it says,
‘Who Am ? What’s going on?’.

And ends up concluding the total
Universe of expression.

What is a Biome ?

Biome refers to diverse living communities of plants & animals.  And the word BIOME comes from the greek word ‘Bios’ which means ‘to live, way of living, being alive’.

Not only do we live within a complex Cosmic-Earthly Biome, but also an equally diverse & complex Biome exists within our bodies.  In fact, over 99% of the genetic material within our body is not our own – as we are comprised of trillions of Bacteria, Fungi & genetic (though non-living) viral particles.

The Biome of our bodies orchestrates a strong & resilient immune system, influences our feelings/thoughts/emotions, and contributes to our genetic expression beyond that of our own genes.  As humans, we perceive ourselves as separate, but in actual fact our bodies are thriving communities of diverse life that I refer to as the ‘Anima Realm’ within Lightrition your Life.

The Anima Realm is pro-Life.  Pro-Evolution.  Pro-Resilience.  Pro-Consciousness.  In fact if it wasn’t for the Anima Realm humans wouldn’t even exist on Earth – as our DNA/genetic mitochondria actually evolved from bacteria.

The Anima Realm is our guide & teacher.    Her intelligence helps us identify where/how we are living out-of-balance with our Cosmic-Earthly Biome and guides us on how to live in ‘right relationship’ with ourselves,  and hence each other.  To not only heal our bodies, but to enrich the Cosmic-Earthly Biome for future generations. 


The Sterilisation of Fear

Whilst LOVE seeks to heal, grow and evolve.  Fear leads to separation, sterilisation of society and ultimately a disconnection from the inherent intelligence of our Cosmic-Earthly Biome.  

Essentially this means we fall back asleep. 
Our consciousness devolves. 
We lose our connection with natures internet – the Anima Realm.

My heart has been aching deeply this year as the world has become so ‘anti’ the biome – spurred on by the premise of ‘germ theory’.    Essentially, Germ Theory is the belief that ‘pathogens’ are the causative agents of disease.  And in order for health to prevail, we must use measures that are anti-pathogens to ensure our wellness & vitality.

It’s an interesting concept.  That we are separate from the world.  That something invisible exists ‘out-there’ in the world that will kill us if we don’t fight back and kill it first.  


The Healing power of Love

Through my own healing journey these past 50+ years, my heart soufully has come to experience that we are part of an immensely intelligent terrain of life that seeks to serve us in mystical, magical & reverently divine ways.

I have deeply experienced that the Anima Realm, our Cosmic-Earthly Biome, is not only our source of healing, but also a catalyst of our awakening to cosmic consciousness.

Viruses are in fact genetic upgrades to our DNA.   And illness or dis-ease within the body that invites in pathogens,  is natures ‘wake-up call’ that guides us back to the path of harmonic healing – body, mind & soul.

Could the separation & lack of belonging that we feel within the world, stem from our inability to cohabit with the Cosmic-Earthly Biome that loves us so ?  Maybe if we LOVED up the planet and reverently supported & helped flourish the diversity of microbial life, then we would return back to our Hearts & love one another too ?   Maybe then we would feel that we belonged ?

Experiencing the world as one giant cosmic soup of microbial life that seeks to LOVE & nourish us, means that we must take responsibility for our health & wellbeing.  There is no one pill or magic bullet that heals – the law of cause & effect tells us that killing one part of the biome leads to dis-ease within another. 

The healing power of LOVE is about choosing to live, breathe & dance upon this Earth in life-giving ways.  Treating our planet as an extension of human body, not separate from it.  And making lifestyles choices that enhance life.   From the highly mineralised real foods, time spent in nature breathing your biome, receiving the light-intelligence from the Sun & Moon, drinking clean activated water, ensuring quality sleep and making space for your Heart-n-Soul to thrive through your creativity.   These are just some of the ingredients that support the the bodies inherent intelligence to thrive in co-creation with nature.

And recognising that at the deepest level of our beingness we are all one.   There is nothing out-there that needs to be ‘killed’, but rather the Earthly organism of which you body is an individual cell, simply calls to be loved.   That is where the HIGHEST vibration of immunity comes from.  Recognising that we are part of an even greater community of biomic terrains… realms that are pro-life, and reverently serve a resilient com-immunity for one and all.

Let the war on life, the war on microbes, the war on each other be over.  Lets come back home to our hearts.   Lets experience ourselves within nature as a synthesis of Heaven & Earth.

The Wounded Healer

Over the next 6 months, Chiron ‘The Wounded Healer’ retrogrades through Aries.  She is taking you deep in unravelling your identity with the world.  The story you have believed about what is possible in your life, your self-worth, your core purpose.

Whist Chiron is retrograde, this represents a deliciously insightful time of bridging the divide that exists between your outer-self and your inner-self.  Between what you feel within your Heart, and what you experience physically in the world at large.  Building a rainbow bridge of healing, possibility and dream weaving your visions into practical reality.

Would LOVE for you to join me for Lightrition your Life Online Learning, and discover how to heal & thrive in soulful alchemy with our Cosmic-Earthly Biome.  Letting Chiron take you deep into the crystal caverns of your Heart, to emerge at end of 2020 with greater clarity of purpose and a deeper resolve to live not on the Earth but rather as a sacred extension of the Earth.


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✚HEALING✚ Minor Planet CHIRON moved retrograde over the weekend (appearance of moving backwards) and will continue her retro transit for the next 6 months – until December 16, 2020.⁠ ⁠ In our sky, Chiron is situated between inner-planet Saturn and outer-planet Uranus… effectively making Chiron a BRIDGE or a link between our inner & outer experiences. The Microcosm & the Macrocosm.⁠ ⁠ Chiron is the wounded healer, and when in retrograde, she guides us to dive deep into our psyche and uncover our deepest wounds. ⁠ ⁠ She helps us recognise where we have suppressed trauma, fear, or shame… and bring recognition, acceptance and healing to those parts of ourselves we may have orphaned.⁠ ⁠ Chiron helps to make us whole – Body, Mind & Soul.⁠ ⁠ Chiron helps us to grow from the depth of our woundings, and she guides us in understanding how our deepest hurts have the power of propelling us forward into the grandest version of ourselves.⁠ ⁠ The theme of Chiron as she transits Aries for 8 years (2018-2027) is a humbling of the human spirit – to surrender our ego will & be uplifted by Divine Will. Aries is strong, dynamic & forceful – and through Chiron she is driven to fight for LOVE, HEALING, COMPASSION & EMPATHY and be a force of good within the world. ⁠ ⁠ Over the next 6 months, as we transit through the 3rd & final conjunction of Pallas-Jupiter-Pluto on November 13, followed by the Great Conjunction of Jupiter & Saturn on December 22… Chiron retrograde helps us make the most of these transits.⁠ ⁠ To discover entirely new ways of being in the world. Letting go of the fight of being ‘right’ (and deeming others ‘wrong’) and instead putting your thoughts, mind, heart, soul in the direction of LOVE & kindness.⁠ ⁠ Being the Change.⁠ Being LOVE.⁠ ⁠ https://www.universallifetools.com/lightbrary/⁠ ⁠ #chironretrograde #beinglove #chironinaries

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