The Gathering – You are Not Alone

The Gathering – You are Not Alone

Are you feeling this same pull?  A gathering?  A coming together of tribes?  A Soul yearning that is drawing millions of people around the globe together, dreaming through Heart a World More Beautiful?

As we bring to a close these past two years of cataclysmic destruction of the old story of separation, every cell within our bodies are being enlivened with possibility.   This new story that we feel in our Hearts, know in our Souls, and surrender to within the tenderness of Nature, is growing in intensity day-by-day.   People are shedding their skins of conformity, and joyfully embodying their grandest version of LIGHT, presence and LOVE in service to our more Beautiful Story of Humanity.

If you are reading this blogpost then deep within your beingness you have HEARD the call, and you are playing your unique role in the grand unfoldment of a New Earth through Hands & Heart.  This is happening because of YOU, because of a united US.   Our individual streams of consciousness are converging into oceans of united vision.  The tide is turning.  Life is being reborn into an awakened LIGHT.

Many years ago I read ‘The More Beautiful World our Hearts know is Possible‘, by one of my favourite authors – Charles Eisenstein.   In the last chapter of that book, Charles ends with ‘A Gathering of the Tribe’, a story of the people.

This week I came across this heartfelt video by Aubrey Marcus, that puts A Gathering of the Tribe story into visual art.  Hope you enjoy this story as much as it moves my Heart & Soul.  For me personally, this is WHY I am here.  This is why I do what I do.  This is why I share my LOVE for you through   Because the Tribes are gathering, and our time together has arrived.

Welcome HOME my beloved friends. 
I love you.

xx Simone

Repairing the Collective Mistrust

We are in the midst of powerful and unprecedented times. In this epic sequel to my favorite podcast of all time, Charles and Aubrey Marcus map out how to embody the revolution of reunion that we are currently undergoing. A reunion of people with each other, their culture, their governments, and the Earth.

But sometimes before things get better, the old structures must dissolve. One of the highlights of this episode was the discussion about the first moment that Americans lost trust in our government, and how the poison pill of this tragedy has metastasized in our collective psyche. And of course, how the courage of community can help to drive out the poison of institutionalized manipulation. 

Sharing a deeper insight into the ‘You are Not Alone’ video above… may it move your Heart & stir your Soul.

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