Truth makes all things Beautiful

I love to approach life with curiosity & wonderment.  Questioning everything.  Ruminating on every morsel of life experience, from the deepest states of sorrow, the flutter of a butterfly, to the sheer magickal intelligence of a seed sprouting.   If everything in creation was birthed through grand design (divinity), then that would mean nothing in life […]

We are here to Witness the Beauty

We’re in an infinite game, playing a finite moment. As eternal souls, we exist in singularity with the universe. When you’re in singularity, temporal relationships do not exist. Everything is connected, everything is infinite, nothing is destroyed. Everything is cycling. Everything is yin and yang, everything is light and dark, everything is always balanced. So […]

The Gathering – You are Not Alone

Are you feeling this same pull?  A gathering?  A coming together of tribes?  A Soul yearning that is drawing millions of people around the globe together, dreaming through Heart a World More Beautiful? As we bring to a close these past two years of cataclysmic destruction of the old story of separation, every cell within […]

Breaking the Spell

Some people See It.  The complete destruction of human rights, despotic medical apartheid, and a world where humans are simply hackable capital at the mercy of those ushering in The Great Reset (or the 5 min version).   The people who truly see it are NOT trapped in the Spell, they are are doing everything in […]

Thank you for blessing us with this experience.

Whilst the darkness of this moment can at times feel all consuming, there is a LIGHT that is emerging through the cracks.    With each passing week, the ‘darkness’ reveals itself more and more.  In fact it is becoming so illuminated, at times I feel it will self-combust under its own murky gravity.   Just this […]

Our Human Love Story – Life is Sacred

I ponder this question each and every day.   I feel it is THE most important question to ask yourself in this lifetime.  The way you answer the question changes your entire experience of life, from your relationships, the work you do, to everything in-between including the nourishing footprint you leave on this planet for future […]

The Wolf you feed, is the Wolf that ‘wins’

I have leaned into the invitation to experience a deeper love within during this Pisces Full Moon, and bring this presence to the world from the inside-out.  Whilst the external world players are priming society to embrace hatred, anger and disdain toward ‘dissidents’,  it must never be forgotten that we all have a choice.     Each […]

The Medicine Keepers

I had planned on writing a post this week on the Vagus Nerve, our nervous system and the importance of activating your relaxation response – turning OFF that Fight or Flight reflex.   But the post kinda morphed into something else, so instead my heart dived deep into ‘The Medicine Keepers’.   The reason WHY I […]

Is there a Future worth Living ?

Is there a future worth living?  Whilst an uncomfortable question to ponder, I do believe the question is essential if we are to truly engage in navigating this moment on Earth with 100% of our beingness.     When asking that question you cannot hide from yourself.  You cannot hide your fears, your anxieties, your deepest […]

The Bridge between Worlds

Over 10 years ago I fell in LOVE with this orchid (pictured above), and was guided to attach the plant to the fork of my Poinciana Tree.    During the last week of August each and every year my delightful orchid comes into bloom.  What a wonderful view from my kitchen window, in particular the petalled […]

CANADA – A Letter to the Unvaccinated

OCLA researcher Dr. Denis Rancourt and several fellow Canadian academics penned an open letter to support those who have decided not to accept the COVID-19 vaccine. The group emphasizes the voluntary nature of this medical treatment as well as the need for informed consent and individual risk-benefit assessment. They reject the pressure exerted by public […]

Living Vertically & Emboldening a Beloved Future

Following on from last weeks video, this week I share with you the Sacred Art of Living Vertically and sharing your gifts with the world Horizontally. Living Vertically enables you to become a Uniter, not a Divider.  It free’s your mind/emotions from the distraction of the battle of beliefs, the game of right/wrong, and instead […]

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