Crystal Healing: Stibnite

By Simone Matthews

Stibnite is a lustrous grey metalloid which commonly occurs in small deposits in hydrothermal veins. It forms in long prismatic crystals, but can also form in blades. The largest deposits of Stibnite come from China, with smaller deposits in Japan, Peru, Mexico, Romania, USA and Alaska. The chemical composition of Stibnite is Antimony Sulfide (Sb2S3). […]

How to bottle an Archangel !

By Simone Matthews

My wise brother once asked me ‘so how do you bottle an Archangel’ ?   Yes this may sound a little whimsical at first, but in this article I will share with you my response ! But first, lets set the stage with some background information.  Please cast your mind back, your awareness back to the […]

Crystal Healing: Golden Calcite & Cavansite

By Simone Matthews

Calcite is a common mineral found on every continent and in almost every colour.  The most beautiful golden specimens of Calcite come from Mexico and the USA, with stunning Calcite/Cavansite deposits found in India. The chemical composition of Calcite is Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3), containing impurities such as iron, magnesium, manganese, zinc or cobalt, giving the […]

Crystal Healing: Vera Cruz

By Simone Matthews

Vera Cruz Amethyst is so named as it originates from the Los Vigas Mine, in Vera Cruz, Mexico.  The crystal is now quite rare, as the mine was shut down many years ago. Amethyst is quartz (SiO2) with aluminium (Al) and iron (Fe) impurities, giving quartz its vibrant purple/violet colour. Formed in silica rich liquids […]

Crystal Healing: Sugilite

By Simone Matthews

Sugilite, pronounced Soo-gi (as in give) lite, is quite a rare mineral found primarily in South Africa, with smaller deposits found in Canada, Japan and Australia.  It is a rather new mineral, found in 1944 in Japan by Kenichi Sugi (after whom it is named) and then becoming a global favourite in the late seventies […]

The Earth is calling you..

By Simone Matthews

As I write these words we are experiencing around the world unrest and ‘crisis point’ in Egypt / MIddle-East / North Africa  and an impending category 5 cyclone (320km/hr winds) due to move over the North East Coast of Australia  tonight…moving directly over highly populated towns. It feels as if many of us are holding […]

Crystal Healing: Crystal Enhydro

By Simone Matthews

During the growth phases of a crystal over thousands/millions of years, fluid may become trapped inside the crystal – creating a fluid bubble.  These crystals are often referred to as enhydros. The fluid bubble is made up of the fluid that surrounded the crystal at the time it became trapped, thus if could me a […]

Sounds of the Cosmos Part 1

By Simone Matthews

Sound is our pathway to enlightenment, we are bathed in sound in each every moment, nothing exists without sound. Sound is the vibration from which our entire existence originated. In the Old Testament in Genesis ‘And God said, Let there be Light, and there was Light’  it was God’s spoken divine word (sound) that created […]

Crystal Healing: Red Phantom Quartz

By Simone Matthews

Red Phantom Crystals are Quartz (silica dioxide) that contain Iron Oxides, such as Hematite, represented as the chemical composition SiO2 + Fe2O3.   The hardness of the structure of these crystals varies with Hematite having a hardness of  5.5-6.5 on the Mohs scale and Quartz rating as a 7 (Diamond is 10). Quartz is the second […]

Numerology – The Sacred Number 3

By Simone Matthews

Have you ever wondered why things in life often happen in threes ?   Why when good or even bad luck strikes we anticipate the event to happen three fold ?    Are we creating these situations with our superstitious natures, or is there an explanation behind the power of three ? Number 3 in Everyday life […]

Crystal Healing: Brazilianite

By Simone Matthews

Brazilianite is a sodium, aluminium, phosphate hydroxide mineral  (NaAl3(PO4)2(OH)4 and has a medium hardness of 5 on the Mohs Scale ( Quartz is 7, and Diamond is 10).  Brazilanite’s name is derived from its original country of origin – Brazil, but other deposits are also found in New Hampshire, USA. Brazilianite forms in crystals, often […]

Ancient Lemuria & Crystal Healing

By Simone Matthews

Lemuria was a civilisation in the ancient history of our planet Earth that embodied Peace, Grace and Divine Harmony with the elements of creation. This collective civilisation honoured and lived in union with the Crystalline Heartfield of Mother Earth, from a place of divine reverence for all LIFE. On Earth today, we are being called […]

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