11:11 Gateway + Mercury Transits Sun

By Simone Matthews

Powerful guide into 2020 through our 11:11 Gateway + Mercury Transits Sun. It’s up to you to take note, listen & surrender to the whisperings. Make space to hear what the Earth is trying to communicate with you, what Spirit is longing for you to hear.
Let ALL these communications be felt deeply.  Within your heart.  Through the layers of skin.  Down deep within your bones.   This is it.   THESE are the messages that will guiding you into the next decade starting 2020…

Falling Upwards – Full Moon in Aries – 14 October 2019

By Simone Matthews

Let yourself ‘fall upwards’ on this Aries Full Moon. As the layers shatter and fall away, this doesn’t mean you are broken or less-of in any way. In fact, your ‘falling’ is the exact opposite, it is your awakening to an upward expansion that knows no limits. A heartened experience of falling into the Soul of you.

Sweet Nectar of New Moon in Libra – 29 September 2019

By Simone Matthews

Our October NEW MOON falls in the Zodiac sign of LIBRA.  A Libra new moon is about finding balance in our lives… and then through our hearts serving something greater than us. 
Relationships are the theme for our Libra NEW MOON,  the relationship you have with yourself & the relationship you have with others.  What do you serve? What is your greatest devotion in all of your relationships ? 

Equinox, September 2019 – Healing Power of Love

By Simone Matthews

Read More about Equinox, Solstice & the seasons. This coming Monday 23 September we flow into our Spring / Autumn Equinox.  On the Equinox, night & day are close to being the same length (approx 12 hours). The Equinox is a time of stillness, a space between worlds, a glimpse of what is possible when […]

New Moon in Virgo – August 30, 2019

By Simone Matthews

  I just made a list of all the wonderful things I am doing this weekend… WOW, this New Moon in Virgo energy feels fantastic!   I have already made a start this afternoon with smudging my home with this beautiful lavender & sage (grown, dried & bound by a friend)… what a perfect start to […]

Full Moon in Aquarius {Sun in Leo} – August 15, 2019
Guiding you into Right Relationship

By Simone Matthews

This week our Full Moon is in Aquarius as she radiates the light of our Sun in Leo.  Watch my Full Moon overview Video below… or keep reading down the page 🌕   Full Moon Resources:   Essence of Angels® Vibrational EssencesEssence of Angels® Online Study   FULL MOON Moon in AQUARIUS (22.240) & Sun in […]

Becoming Light 8:8 – Lion’s Gateway – Sun Semi-sextile Sirius

By Simone Matthews

The Sun entered the constellation Leo on the 23 July 2019, and is transiting through Leo until 22 August 2019.  Peak energy of the transit is felt mid-point on the 8 August (8:8), when the Sun & Sirius form a semi-sextile aspect, or tetrahedron of LIGHT aspect with Earth.  This alignment is often referred to […]

New Moon in Leo – July 31 or Aug 1, 2019

By Simone Matthews

Ahh, blessed New (Black) Moon in LEO!!!  When I think of Leo, I feel into a generous and wise Lion, with a Heart of Gold. A Lion that is courageous and lives with whole-heart… so it will be time to really cut-loose, be passionate and put yourself out there in the stage that we call […]

Rhythm of Heart, Sound of Soul

By Simone Matthews

July 25 last week was ‘Day out of Time’, the New Years Eve of the Galactic Calendar – a calendar that calibrates our energy field with the rhythmic cycles of Nature. ⁠ The Galactic Calendar is based on 13 Moons (months) each of 28 days, which create a full year cycle of 364 days. So […]

Full Moon {partitial} Lunar Eclipse – July 16/17, 2019

By Simone Matthews

Our July 2019 FULL MOON {partial} Lunar Eclipse opens a window into yourself, the part that you don’t show to the world, the emotional and deepest part of your psyche.   The word ECLIPSE comes from the Greek word “ekleipsis” meaning “to abandon, to leave, to vanish” – and that’s exactly what we may experience […]

New Moon {TOTAL} Solar Eclipse – July 2/3, 2019

By Simone Matthews

Our July 2019 NEW MOON Solar Eclipse offers a deep portal into your heart. An emotional wave of nurturing, some tender ‘mothering’ and a gentle soft respite into ourselves. This fierce yet tender Solar Eclipse (love that paradox), offers a reverently truthful & honest insight into the deepest aspects of you, and how your present […]

Solstice June 2019 – The Light

By Simone Matthews

This year our Summer/Winter Solstice falls on Saturday June 22, 2019 at 1:54 am AEST – a time of celebration in the Northern Hemisphere (Summer Solstice) and a time of deep inward reflection in the Southern Hemisphere (Winter Solstice). Above Image Credit:  Melanie Magdalena Energy & Meaning of the Solstice The world Solstice comes from […]

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