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Health Freedom Global

Our Health Freedom Global resource page has been created in support of an emerging New Earth Story.   We aspire to contribute to the global conversation of COVID-19 & Vaccinations based upon sincere humility to learn from each other and a willingness to move our global consciousness to a higher place.

May these resources inspire critical thinking, heartfull opening & soulfull expansion of possibility.  And may they guide you in understanding bodily integrity, the preciousness of life and WHY healthcare must remain a personal choice.

Each week we post NEW RESOURCES to this page, see our ALL NEW POSTS category below to read this weeks posts.

The NEW PAGE is currently under construction.
Please visit our old Health Freedom Page to read all Posts which are currently being transferred to this NEW PAGE.

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Transhuman beyond female biological clock

Transhumanist science

Free Woman Biological Clock Transhumanists see that a biological clock is an unfair accident of biology.  Scientists are working on this by converting skin cells...
Transhumanism Posthumanism Technocracy 2

Transhumanism, Posthumanism & Technocracy

Transhumanism & Posthumanism has been a growing movement for over 100 years, and the science of being ‘better’ than nature and becoming immortal beings beyond our...
Dr Sherri Tenpenny Rocco Galati

Human vs Transhuman

Watch this video from 11 minutes onwards, for the discussion of what it means to be human, history of vaccines that cause sterilisation (Eugenics) and the drive...
scientism transhumanism technocracy

Scientism, Transhumanism & Technocracy

Technocracy and Transhumanism are both anti-human.  Advanced science, engineering and technology are the exclusive instruments of progress.  Believe in hijacking evolutionary processes to create a...
elon musk transhuman

Elon Musk

Elon Musk & the Movement to Merge Humans With AI Musk founded Neuralink in 2016 — a company with the stated goal of “developing ultra-high bandwidth brain-machine...
microchip tattoo

Micro-Chip Technology

Resurrects Tattoo Identification + Medical Surveillance “This microchipping method is a way to ensure that all of us are eventually microchipped and able to be...
Childrens Vaccine Biometric

Biometric hash on children’s vaccine record system

Digital identity capabilities from Trust Stamp are now being integrated with Mastercard’s Wellness Pass solution, which it will launch in cooperation with Gavi in West Africa....
Fact Check Fact Checkers

Bill Gates, ID2020 & Vaccine Microchips

Today we are going to fact check the fact checkers regarding many online reports that Bill Gates wants to implant microchips in people using vaccines...
Dr Carrie Madej Transhumanism 2-0(1)

COVID Vaccine

Now that you have watched the first 3 Videos, you may wish to watch this Video to understand what these NEW Vaccines will contain. A deeper insight...
Screen Shot 2020-10-05 at 09.34.57

HomoSapien to HomoDeus

In Yuvals book 'HomoDeus', he shows us where humanity is headed... transforming ourselves into GODs.  Aquiring Divine like capacities to control evolution, and engineer at...

Cyborgs & Biohackers

Discussion Article: As biotechnology advances, so too may our ideas of what it means to be human. Transhumanists -- people who seek to improve their...
Cyborgian Consumer

Cyborgian Consumer

Extending or replacing the biological body with artificial prostheses is therefore a continuation of an evolutionary process. This view, in turn, configures the human being...

Please note that the information presented on this page may not necessarily reflect all my beliefs at this time, but may help you discover viewpoints away from main stream media sources, for you to reflect on & consider within your Hearts.  Please visit this page regularly, as I am adding to these resources every few days.  ALL LOVE, xx Simone

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