What do you Believe ? COVID-19

What do you Believe ? COVID-19

We are all experiencing this COVID-19 moment in Earth’s Herstory differently.   This glimpse in time being coloured by the foundations of our beliefs.

Who we believe ourselves to be.
What we believe is our relationship with the world.
And what we believe is the purpose of our lives.

Essentially this means our life-transit over the last six months has been painted by our fundamental beliefs about the grander meaning of life itself.    So, what do you believe ?

What I believe about Life…

For me, I believe we are a Soul having a Human experience on this vibrantly alive Earth.  We aren’t separate, but rather an integral part of the herstory of this evolving planet.

Our 100 Trillion cells come together through the breath of our Souls to create our Human Bodies.  We each have our own sacred blueprint of purpose & potential and this is the energy we emanate out into the world.  Our frequency, our Soul Song tuned in harmonic resonance with the orchestra of life.

And conversely the human body is also a ‘cell’ in the grander ‘organism’ that is Earth.  Just like an organ in the Human Body, we thrive when we congregate with our tribe of like cells, supporting each cell (person) to express their greatest potential.    Within the organ of community we find both personal fulfillment, and experience a life well lived greater than the sum of the individual parts.

We are here because the Earth called us.  Our service to this planet as ancestors of the future is about exploring regenerative ways of living that serve not only our individual Soul Purpose, but also the grander evolutionary Soul of Earth.   It’s simple really, all we need do is listen to her call and surrender to her flow.  It’s our human mind that makes it hard.

What I believe about our Bodies…

We are breathed into a form that is exquisitely beautiful.   I don’t mean in the glitter-n-glamour sense, I mean in the sacred sense of the divine experiencing itself through us.

Our bodies are intelligent expressions of the Cosmos, and in fact the building blocks of our bodies are made of the stuff of stars.  Light is the intelligence that fires our cells and transforms the human experience.

As our bodies are ‘cells’ of the organism of Earth, we are in constant communication with every aspect of nature (whether we are consciously aware of it or not).    We are in community, in relationship with life.  A sacred reciprocity with the whole.  

We are here to nourish our bodies, open our minds and evolve our souls. We have two homes to care for as temples of the divine – our individual Human Body and our Earthly Soul Body.   When we choose to live & flourish in sacred reciprocity between the two, we experience a life that is overflowing with vitality, tender purpose & joyous love.

Health is not an end point, but rather an evolving expression of our Soul throughout our Earthly lifetime.

What I believe about Illness…

Our body is inherently intelligent and intrinsically knows how to heal.  We are more than just a conglomeration of mechanical parts.  We are a living breathing, biophysical phenomenon that seeks to thrive. 

The cells within our bodies are continually dying, birthing & healing.  And it is our connection to nature that guides both the regenerative & evolutionary thriving of our cells through the holistic body of Humans & the Earth.

Dis-ease is the result of living out of flow with natures inherent intelligence, and the sequestering of belief systems that inhibit the nature flow of grace.   Dis-ease in the body then becomes a gift – a gift that enables you to discover the root cause of where you are out of flow with life.

What I believe about Pathogens

I believe that the Microbiome (Pathogens) of Earth – the Bacteria, Fungi, Viruses (virome) & even parasites – are an essential part of a regenerative & evolving Earth for ‘all’ her cells, including us humans.   Whilst viruses aren’t technically microbiome (as they are non-living genetic strands), I still do believe they play a important, actually a vital part within our thriving microbiome.

Everyday our lives are immersed in a wild ferment that is the microbiome – from the air we breath, the ocean, forests, the food we eat, the soil we walk upon and even the natural water we drink.   In fact there are more pathogens here on Earth than there are stars in the Galaxy.   And in the Human body itself, our internal microbiome out numbers our own cells 10:1.    In fact, 99% of the genetic material with our body is not our own, it is the genetics of pathogens.

Earth’s Microbiome has played an integral role in her evolution.  Even the Mitochondria, the powerhouses of our cells, evolved from bacteria.   And the genetics of our Mitochondria even closely resembles a virus.  And did you know that there are more than a quadrillion quadrillion individual viruses in existence on Earth, in fact there are more Viruses on Earth than stars in the universe!

I also believe that there is nothing to ‘fear’ out in the world – such as microbes trying to kill us.  With those kinds of numbers out in the world, if the pathogens wanted us gone, they could have easily accomplished the job a long long time ago.  Instead there is a much bigger, grander & loving connection between us and the Microbiome.   It is just the majority of humans haven’t recognised this yet within their belief systems.

What I believe about COVID-19…

As humans neglect the Earth, and live out of flow with her inherently intelligent regenerative ways, the immune system of the planet – the Microbiome – seeks to bring harmonic healing, balance back to her cells.

That is what the Microbiome does, it seeks to transform.   Viruses, genetic pieces of mRNA, become messengers to the cells.   Altering a cells genetic expression such that it can transform.  Transform into a new energetic language that fosters resonance with a changing Earthly environment.

Humans become ill not from the Virus itself, but rather from processes within the body that inhibit flow.  This could be a high toxic load within the body of heavy metals, plastics or pesticides such as roundup (glyphosate).   Existing morbidities that are the result of lifestyle choices such as poor diet, fluoridated water, high stress, chemical cocktail of pharmaceuticals & the use of antibiotics.  Emotional trauma/stress to the body that has been held onto and never released.  Or even a programmed belief system that creates a psycho-emotional-spiritual experience of being unloved, unworthy, alone, not good enough… and that ‘others’ know better than yourself.   Leading to a loss of self-identity, sovereignty and the experience of separateness… suppressing the bodies ability to ‘receive’ the light & love of healing.

I believe this virus, COVID-19, is here to engage us in a conversation of critical thinking & intelligent discourse.  Learning.  Re-remembering.  Waking us up to our sacred relationship with Earth.   When we let go of our fear of Earth’s Microbiome, our need to be anti her life-evolving grace (you know, anti-viral, anti-biotic, anti-microbial etc), then we create the space to meet her wisdom with whole heart.

What do we need to change within our own lives that supports the flourishment of all life ?  What do we need to change in our lifestyles and how we live & walk upon this Earth that is killing the nature of our thriving ?   And what do we need to change in belief systems, our relationships to ourselves and each other that are keeping us separate and that cut us off from our inherent & venerable capacity to heal, grow & thrive ?

What I believe about Us…

I truly believe that this moment in herstory is a turning point, a grand wakeup call for humanity.  What has been hidden in the dark for so long is coming to the light.   We are here to experience beauty, love, kindness & the fibres of our beingness through joy. 

Whilst it can be dark & most uncomfortable within the portal of transformation, it is the wings of your awakening consciousness that keep you in flight and enLIGHTen your passage through the Great Shift.   Yes there are those who are desperately trying to clip the wings of awakening, but that is what the old guard does.  It is the only thing the old guard knows how to do.  Fear & Control.  Both of which ignorantly presume superiority over nature & her supreme intelligence.

But I believe this is our time.  This is what we came her for.  This is what we know within our hearts.  We are hear to help mid-wife a glorious passage into a New Humanity, a New Earth, a New H-EART.

How can I help ?

On a personal level, this COVID-19 moment has been transformative. 

On the one hand, I have deeply grieved for humanity & for our Earth.  And at times, I have also felt frustrated (it was originally hurt & anger) at how the old guard has weaved its spell, desperately clawing at the last unravelling threads of control.

But on the other hand, I can see the perfection, the joy, the radiant flow of this moment.  Nature has our back.  Nature is guiding to us to listen.  LIFE is waking us up to our greater potential… what an incredible time to be walking this Earth and engaging in the cocreation of an awakened reality.

If you too are feeling this call.  Yearn to be a part of this movement, this flow into a greater possibility for humanity, for life itself.  Then here are three ways you can find within you an awakened truth, an evolved belief in who you are, your relationship to Earth and the intelligence that resides within you that longs to express itself On Purpose.

  1. Join me for my Online Lightrition your Life Course.  Discover who you are in relationship to Earth, and move into sacred flow with LIFE.  
  2. Join me for my Online Lemurian New Earth Era Course.  Envision & Co-Create a new possibility for Humanity.
  3.  Watch the following videos below that may shed some light, a fresh perspective or an enLIGHTented understanding of this moment.   I love these humans dearly, visionaries of a grander possibility for humanity when we choose LOVE & believe in ourselves.



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We plant 10 trees with every purchase

With every purchase, you help replenish native forests &  alleviate extreme poverty through our environmental partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects


We plant 10 trees with every purchase

With every purchase, you help replenish native forests &  alleviate extreme poverty through our environmental partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects



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