The Danger of the Single Story

The Danger of the Single Story

Never have I found myself so engulfed in living a ‘Single Story’.  The ONE story that explains this COVID moment.  Deviate from the Single Story narrative and you will rapidly find yourself shamed, ridiculed, publicly humiliated and ultimately censored at best.  At worst arrested and jailed for the audacity to step out of line.   Legality is becoming a matter of power, not justice.

When did our world ever become a ‘Single Story’?  To quote novelist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichi,

‘Stories matter.  Many stories matter.  Stories have been used to dispossess and to malign.  But stories can also be used to empower and to humanise.  Stories can break the dignity of a people, but stories can also repair that broken dignity.’

The stories of our world are what contribute to the expansive menagerie of life.  Stories help us to learn about selves, each other, the world around us.  Stories help us to grow.  Stories help us gleam wisdoms from the mistakes of the past.  Stories help us embody a more beautiful future.  And stories develop our emotional capacity for empathy, connection, humility and guide us to strive to be better people.

My heart has been broken into a thousand pieces this year and I have cried oceans of tears of deepest sorrow over a world that is fast becoming a sausage factory of Single Story.   Single stories are dangerous.  They erode critical discussion, lateral thinking and expansive creative awareness.  The road down the Single Story ultimately leads to control, power and a loss of freedom to embody a story that flourishes our individual lives in life-giving ways.

The Single Story is not a new concept. 
Think of Slavery. 
The Holocaust. 
The Stolen Generation.  

I have had many people turn their back on me this year.  All because my story doesn’t align with their story, the orchestrated ‘Single Story’ narrative that I am expected to adopt.  This has hurt deeply.  Firstly, because the realisation is their love for me is conditional.  Secondly, those who espouse the Single Story have not taken the time to say to me ‘hey, I don’t really get where you are coming from, could you please take the time to share with me your Story.  I would really like to try and understand your point of view.  I may not ever agree with it, but I am interested to learn more.’  

It’s interesting isn’t it.  It is so easy to disparage and humiliate someone who does not toe the line of the Single Story.  Knock them down as a ‘conspiracy theorist’.  Call them ‘killers’ for endangering lives.  And as a self-righteous flag bearer of the Single Story, adopt metaphorical public stoning, crucifixion and burning at the stake as the ultimate punishment for their sins.  Sound familiar ?

And by way of contrast here and for true clarity, I have also witnessed the same kind of de-humanising behaviour by those who adopt an opposing story to the Single Story.  You may have seen it too… ‘Sheeple’ and many many other words & phrases that I really don’t wish to reiterate.  

If I may, I would like to share a few versions of Story.   This sharing is inspired from an experience that touched me deeply.   An old friend from high school days (hey Mish) reached out to me via messenger last night, asking ‘I sincerely would like to understand your point of view’.  This friend is an ardent vaccinator, a lover of all things pharmaceutical, and believes the lockdowns, masks, distancing etc is what MUST be done to save lives.    Here is a summary of my response…

The Single Story – Germ Theory

The Single Story that forms the media sensationalised narrative of this moment, is based on the premise of Germ Theory.  A theory that was developed by Louis Pasteur in the 1800s, and forms the basis of Allopathic Medicine of today.   Pasteur was later discredited for many of his findings, yet the theory stuck.   It’s a theory based on the premise of Materialism, essentially that that matter is the fundamental substance in nature, and that all things, including mental states and consciousness, are results of material interactions.

Germ Theory is an easy theory to pharmaceuticalise.  It can easily be placed in a box and sold for profit.  Any theory that can mechanise/materialise the body and advocate health through magic bullets is both easy to implement & sell to the public.  In a simplified form, there are killer bugs out there and we must develop drugs that will destroy the enemy in order to save lives.  We must hold a superior war mentality against nature and become ‘anti ‘the enemy – hence ‘anti-biotics, anti-microbials, anti-fungals, anti-virals’.   Cure is the ultimate aim no matter the cost.  Self-responsibility is unnecessary, as you hand your health over to others that you believe know your body better than you and you accept their written script for your health.   This is the medical pharmaceutical model of health.

Note the word theory.  Yes, Germ theory is just that, a theory.   And the philosophical evolution of modern medicine over the last 200 years is based on that theory.  It’s a theory that suits for many people.  It’s a theory that brings them comfort.  It’s a theory that takes the stress away from self-responsibility.

Whilst I am not a proponent of Germ Theory, I do believe everyone has a right to choose this theory as their personal definition & guidebook of health.   If you choose to vaccinate, medicate, and hand over your health to someone else that is your right.  Who am I to say that ‘that is not right for you, or what you are doing is wrong?’.

In saying all of this, I would also like to acknowledge that Allopathic Medicine has also made many amazing contributions to healthcare in the last couple of hundred years – such as acute medicine.  If I was to break my leg, or find myself in acute trauma, I am grateful for modern day advancements. 

However, for pro-active health care, understanding of the relationship of the body to the natural world and the management of chronic health conditions, my heart certainly lies elsewhere… with Terrain Theory.  And just like the name entails, Terrain Theory it is a theory too.

Another Story – Terrain Theory

Around the time of Pasteurs work with Germ Theory,  Antoine Bechamp and Claude Bernard created their work with Terrain Theory. In my experience, Terrain Theory is a derivative of Gaia Theory and in fact has formed the basis of natures inherent medicine since the beginning of time.

As discussed within our Lightrition™ Online Course Terrain Theory is the expansive understanding of how life is interconnected and seeks to thrive in evolutionary ways.  There is a sacred intelligence that permeates every morsel of nature, and every strand of the web of life is integral to the expansion of the greater whole.  Nothing is superfluous.  Nothing is a killer in nature. Everything strives to support one another towards wholeness.

In fact, without pathogens of our world—in Lightrition™ I refer to this as the Anima Realm— life on this planet would die!   Bacteria & Fungi for example are essential for healthy vital soils (including the ‘soils’ of our body), and Viruses are the evolutionary RNA codes that help us evolve with a changing environment.  And in true social style, the pathogenic family of Bacteria, Fungi & Viruses are able to communicate with one another to support a flourishing of their ‘combined work’ on Earth. 

The destruction of pathogens through herbicides such as Glyphosate, antibacterial gels, or pharmaceuticals is a mass murder of pathogens, the lifeblood of the natural world.  Terrain Theorists feel a part of them dies every time this slaughter is enabled, encouraged and even mandated as essential.   Considering 99% of the genetic material within our bodies is pathogenic, then this feeling stands for good reason.

In Terrain Theory, you do not ‘catch’ a bug.  Illness occurs when the body is out of balance, either physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually.  Dis-ease then becomes the bodies communication tool that ‘tells you’ where the imbalance lies, and hence empowers you to embody changes that will guide you back to health.   Think about all of those times when you had been stressed for prolonged periods at work, and then as soon as you took a holiday you came down with a cold.  Or maybe you have noticed that your recurrent bladder infections first started around the time of your bitter divorce.   Or that weight you are holding onto began to pile on after you experience a trauma.

Wellness then is not the lack of disease, it is a lifelong process of living in harmonic balance with an ever changing environment.  It means self-responsibility.  Learning.  Growing.  Intutiively connecting with nature, the world around you.  Embarking on radical self-love and self-care practices that keep you in sync with life itself.

And what may help bring the body into balance with the natural world and enhance wellness you may ask?  

Breathing fresh air from a variety of natural environments.  Breathing the pathogenic biome of the planet to help flourish the immune-enhancing micro-biome of the human body.  Masks deplete immunity in Terrain Theory.   Bare feet upon the Earth.  Grounding.  Lying on the Earth to absorb frequencies.  Laws that prohibit mindful lying upon/meditating on the Earth (eg lying in a park under a tree, sunbathing on the beach) greatly supress immunity.

Touching, hugging, kissing, belly laughing, dancing, playing socialising… all of these are life-giving qualities that ensure exposure to pathogens (bacteria, fungi & viruses) are maximised for immune health.  Not to mention the psycho-spiritual elements of immunity through connection.   Social (I prefer the word physical) distancing destroys the fabric of who we are.  We are wired for connection, and without it we gradually wither and die. 

Spending as many hours each day in the Sun (preferably with as much skin exposure as possible) is essential for Vit D and immunity.   Consuming foods that are nutrient dense & as close to nature as possible.  Drinking water free of contaminants such as fluoride.  Limiting exposure to blue-light, fluorescent light and sleeping in sync with our solar/lunar/planetary cycles all boost immunity and help humans to thrive in reciprocity with pathogens.  Deep regenerative sleep.  Be inspired by possibility rather than having your power diminished through fear.  And importantly, connecting with the natural biorhythmic energy waves of nature/our planet, away from artificial mm waves of 5G, or lifeforce depleting smartmeters & wifi.

Terrain Theorists welcome with open arms Viruses/Virome, as these intelligent RNA sequences are an essential part of natures ever evolving genetic codes.   Viruses aren’t to be feared, they are to be revered.  And conversely all that I have touched on above (and there is so much more to the story) are THE things you need to do during the time of an outbreak to allow the Virus to do its sacred work.   Through sacred ceremony with life you harmonically align with nature to then minimise any possible uncomfortable symptoms of genetic upgrades.

The Quandary of the Single Story

Now I get it.  If a Germ Theorists reads what I have written so far, they may say But hey, just suck it up for a while. Cast aside what you believe in.  Wear the mask.  Slather up with antibacterial gel. Stay inside. Limit air & sunshine.  Keep your distance from those you love.   Don’t even kiss your partner you live with.  Do this and you will save lives. Don’t you care about our elderly & vulnerable?’

But that is the problem there in black in white.  When a Germ Theorist ‘listens’ to a Terrain Theorists ideologies through the filter of their own beliefs, then the life-enhancing beliefs of a Terrain Theorist are deemed as selfish, irresponsible, and indeed a threat to society.   Tarnishing the Terrain Theorist with disdain.  Branding Terrain Theorists enemies of the State.   Suspicions begin to grow among fellow compatriots, until the old dob in your neighbour if you think they are not upholding the Single Story’ seems a logical next step.

Yet, a Terrain Theorists sees their beliefs & practices as the most LOVING thing they can do to help not only themselves, but also others to be of greatest service to the health & wellbeing of others.   And they see the exploitive commoditisation & commercialisation of Germ Theory as an erosion of what in means to be human and to thrive within the natural world.

Rather than lockup healthy people in open air prisons and make them fearful for their lives (and even each other), Terrain Theorists are advocates of directing resources to help the more vulnerable in our communities to modulate their immunity.   Supporting the vulnerable from an overload of pathogens that their weakened immunes] systems may not be able to cope with, whilst also ensuring EVERYTHING that is the Terrain, EVERYTHING that is reverent connection to life itself is enhanced for ultimate wellness.

Allowing our elderly to die alone.  Cutting off our elderly from connection.  Government policies that are directly blocking ‘medicines that have been proven to boost immunity is not only disgraceful, but is inhumane.  When a society loses connection with the sacred process of death, the celebration of a life and the right to die with dignity, what does that say about our morals?  Our consciousness?  Our future?  

Whether you are a Germ or Terrain Theorist, surely we can meet in a place where the sanctity of the transformational process of death is deemed a cornerstone of an awakened & thriving society?


And another Story & another Story…

And just like life itself, there aren’t just two stories.  There are many many stories.  Stories that intertwine.  Stories that only take smidgen parts of Germ & Terrain stories.  And maybe even stories that debunk everything I have written about and catalyse a completely different viewpoint. 

There are stories about agendas.  Stories of power grabs.  Stories of megla-maniac philanthropists.  And stories about sociopathic engineering of one world order, transhumanism and the catastrophic treatment of our children.  And the stories go on, and on, and on, and on…

The question has to be raised, when we suppress stories, we lose our collective ability to discover and discern truth.  And if you aren’t a ‘follower’ of the Single Story that is being imposed upon you, in effect your life has been taken from you.  It really is a form of strangulated death.

As I mentioned to my friend in messenger, we must never forgot that ALL Stories can be deemed as theories, based upon our experience of what you/we believe it means to be human & cohabit with nature.  Sure your story is real to you.  You may even believe your story is THE ONLY story that is the right story.  And sure science can probably prove your story a thousand times over.   But the interesting part is, the same can be said of many stories.  There is always someone learned who can ‘prove’ your point of view.

For communities to thrive, what if we stepped away from our indignant need to prove that ‘I am right and you are wrong’, and instead find ways that accommodate the views of many.  Ways that keep us connected.  Ways the engage us in a respectful longing to learn from one another despite our differences.  To allow ourselves to be vulnerable enough to cast aside our differences and set-in-stone views, and really listen to one another with open heart.  

What we may discover is that our own stories are enriched by the experience.  We may even modify the black-n-whiteness of our stories.  Or we may learn new ways to support the stories that go against everything we believe in, simply because we have matured enough to know that everyone has the right to embody their own story.

Opening the Heart & Mind through Story

A soul-sister that I love dearly (that’s you Tash!), sent me a link recently to the TEDx video titled ‘The Danger of a Single Story’.   I had watched this video a good decade ago now.  I remember the feeling I had when watching it, and reflecting on my own story of ‘whiteness’ and how that colours my world.  

However, when I re-watched the video (story) a couple of weeks ago, it had an even greater impact on me this time.  Maybe I have matured (I am certainly sporting more greys).  Maybe this moment of life in the Single Story is so pronounced that the real impact the single story can have, not just within this generation but for generations to come has really hit home.   And maybe I also saw within the ebb & flow of Earth’s Herstory, of the how when Single Stories ultimately shatter, they emboldened awakened Stories that ‘empower & humanise’.    I have posted ‘The Danger of a Single Story’ video below, would love to hear your feedback.

The second video below looks at Terrain Theory through the lens of Germanic New Medicine (GNM 101 – introduction to the 5 biologic laws).  For an ardent Germ Theorist this may be deemed as complete codswallop (isn’t that a great word).  But maybe a word, phrase or sentence may offer expansive insight into your own story.  And for that alone, diving into anothers story can be most rewarding.

Here’s to a resplendent lifetime of story telling, story listening, and story weaving our lives, our futures, and our world through Love.

xx Simone



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