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Ancient Lemuria & Crystal Healing

Lemuria was a civilisation in the ancient history of our planet Earth that embodied Peace, Grace and Divine Harmony with the elements of creation.

This collective civilisation honoured and lived in union with the Crystalline Heartfield of Mother Earth, from a place of divine reverence for all LIFE.

On Earth today, we are being called upon to re-remember this time of ‘Eden’ and the legacy our ancient ancestors gifted us.

Ancient Lemuria – the ‘Seeding’

The first ‘seeding’ of Lemuria took place many hundreds of thousands of years ago in conscious thought forms.  However, the first ‘Souls’ to physically birth here on Earth (from the Pleiades) to establish the Lemurian community occurred approximately 100,000 years ago.

These ‘Souls’ chose to come to Earth to work consciously with the evolution of our Earth, Solar System & Milky Way Galaxy… but also to consciously work with the last four ‘Grand Cycles of Time’  (our Solar Systems 26,000 year rotation around the Central Sun Alcyone of the Pleiades – the brightest star in the Pleiades constellation’).

These first Souls to descend to Earth to seed Lemuria, originated from outside of the Milky Way Galaxy, birthing through the Galactic Core of our Milky Way (8 Dimensional frequencies), through Sirius (7 Dimensional frequencies), and merged with the consciousness of the Pleiades (6 Dimensional frequencies.   

These ‘Pleiadian Souls’ then birthed through into Earth’s Atmosphere to experience their Soul’s expression (5 Dimensional frequencies) through the astral gateway of their Hearts (4 Dimensional frequencies) within a physical body (3 Dimensional frequencies).

These Pleiadian / Lemurian Soul’s lived on Earth in communion with the Plants & Animals (2 Dimensional frequencies) and mastered the Crystalline energies of Earth (1st Dimensional frequencies of Earths Core/Gateway and Crystalline Field).  Refer to Diagram below.

Please also see my article on the Dimensions of our Galaxy >




In the Early years of Lemuria, these first ‘seed’ Souls rarely inhabited a physical body as the physical body was unable to contain the full expanse of 5D frequencies.  As the Soul anchored within the physical body, the physical 3D cells of the body would vibrate at such a fast rate that the physical body was no longer visible, but rather the physical body appeared as transparent or transluscent orb of light.

Over thousands of years the Lemurian beings worked with the Crystal Leylines and Portals of the Earth to assist in anchoring their body of light to the Earth in order to support their physical 3D bodies to hold 5D light.   Gradually the Lemurian beings physical bodies appeared more in ‘form’ than of light, though the physical body often had a slight transparency to its appearance.

The Lemurians understood their role here on Earth, and their day-to-day lives were consciously lived in reverence of the highest vibration of their Soul’s purpose.

Their purpose was to birth as a 5D Soul expression here on Earth (called the Soul Star), project out a Holographic image of the Soul (the 7 energetic bodies & physical body – collectively referred to as the Crystalline Matrix) and ground their Crystalline Matrix & hence physical 3D body  to Earth via the Earth Star (the furthest most projection of the Holographic Crystalline Matrix).  The Earth Star was then consciously anchored to the 1D Crystal Grid of our planet.

In anchoring their 5D Soul expression to physical 1D Earth, the Lemurians were divine conduits of Light from the Higher Light Octaves of Creation.  The Lemurians were able to bring these Higher Light Octave frequencies down through the Galactic Core, through Sirius, Pleiades and into their Soul, and run these energies down through their energetic/physical bodies (Hara Line) and anchor these into Earth.

The aim was to be a divine conduit of Light energy into Earth’s Crystal Grid… in order to be an active part of the Conscious Evolution of our Planet.

Crystal Healing in Lemuria

In embracing their role here on Earth, over thousands of years the Lemurian people mastered the art of Crystals and Crystal Healing.   The Lemurians were able work with the Crystals and the Crystal Grid of our planet for telecommunication / telepathy, teleportation, energy generation and vibrational healing.

The 1D frequencies of our Crystal Earth Grid held the key for the Lemurians to anchor their body of light to Earth, in order to work toward being a strong and open channel of Light and eventually enabling the physical body to fully embrace 5D light frequencies.

Crystal Healing or Crystal Consciousness was an ingrained part of Lemurian culture, and through conscious use of both physical and etheric crystals the Lemurian people lived reverent, meaningful and healthful lives.

Dis-ease was not seen as something to fear but rather understood as a sign of imbalance in the energetic/physical bodies.  Illness was thus an opportunity for healing (balancing and harmonising the energetic/physical bodies) in order to raise the frequency of the physical body to hold/embrace more and more 5D frequency light.

In using Crystals for healing, Crystal Healing temples were established and Crystal Healing embodied the use of Sound, Colour, Symbols and sacred geometric frequencies in mastery of the Elements of Creation.  (refer Crystal Light Healing)

Early Atlantis

In approximately 50,000 BC, a number of Lemurians felt guided to break away from their community, to accelerate the rate of change/anchoring of divine Light here on Earth.  This began the seeding of the early Atlantean civilisation.

The early Atlantean years were exquisite, a time of abundance, joy and heightened expression of the Soul within a physical body here on physical Earth.

However in the latter years of Atlantis (approx 11,000-13,000 years ago), greed, ego and power had corrupted the minds/hearts of much of the Atlantean civilisation.. and the mastery of the Divine Emanations of Creation had now fell into the need for control and power.

Lemurian Seed Crystals

The Lemurians were well aware of the pain and separation that was happening on Earth, and worked toward anchoring more and more Light into Earth’s grid to transmute the fear.  However, the Lemurians were unable at the time to anchor sufficient light into Earth to diffuse the pain.   As they had a vision of what was to happen to Earth in the years ahead, they recorded all their teachings/wisdoms within the Crystalline Grid of Earth, and in particular in ‘Lemurian Seed Crystals’ and scattered these physically and etherically around the planet.

These ‘Lemurian Seed Crystals’ recorded the sacred history of our planet, and most importantly an understanding of what happened in the lead up to the fall of Atlantis.  They also recorded a conscious understanding of how we can work with the Earths Grid as we transit into the Golden Age and release the pain of our history within the Hearts/Minds/DNA of humanity.

Prior to the fall of Atlantis, the Lemurian beings chose to move within the Earth (the Lemurian Inner Earth beings) or to move into the Pleiades / Sirius and some even began the first energetic seeding of Ancient Egypt.  The Lemurians chose to work in other dimensional realms to anchor Light into Earth in preparation for this most sacred time on Earth – The Golden Age.

The Return of Lemuria

On Earth today, we find many ‘Lemurians’ have returned into a physical body walking the Earth, to consciously anchor Light and to shift Earth into this next level of Evolution.   As our Earth/Solar System transits through the Photon Belt over next 2000 years, we are here to birth Earth into its next cycle, a new beginning for all humanity.

Humanity is at a crossroads in our evolutionary cycle, but we have a choice.  We have a choice to awaken and embrace Love as conscious co-creators here on Earth, and to release the pain of separation and Fear.   Each and everyone of us holds the key to the quantum shift of Earth… and we make the choice to awaken and be active participants in this shift individually and collectively.  What will you choose ?

©  2015 Simone M. Matthews

Crystal Healing – Crystal Light Healing

CLH Teachers Portrait lr smIf you would like to work once again with Crystal Healing, the Earth’s Crystalline Grid,  and consciously work with your own Soul Star, Earth Star and Crystalline Matrix…. then you can awaken to the deep collective memory of Ancient Lemuria within you through working with Crystal Light Healing®.

Crystal Light Healing®, as founded by Simone M. Matthews, is the art of Crystal Healing of the ancient civilisations, but within a contemporary setting here on Earth today.  If you feel guided to find out more about our Crystal Light Healing Workshops / Practitioner Course or our Crystal Light Healing Teachers Courses then please visit:

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Essence of Angels


Simone M. Matthews is also the founder of the most sacred and empowering healing modality ‘The Essence of Angels®’.

Essences of Angels is the study of creation from the ‘top down’.  The Archangels are the divine keepers of the Elements of Creation (Earth, Fire, Air & Water coming together in the oneness of Spirit).. and they expand their 8th Dimensional frequencies in all directions of time of space.. creating the field of Creation through the breath of God (Spirit, Holographic Field, Divine Matrix etc..).  As they express the light of God,  energy becomes more and more dense creating the 7th Dimension, 6th Dimension, 5th Dimension etc.. down to the 1st Dimension.. which on Earth is the Crystalline Grid (portals & leylines) and Crystalline Heart of Earth.

Thus we are made of ‘Archangels’ … thus for healing/self-empowerment/embrace soul purpose we can invoke the Archangels through us to bring healing of the mind/body/spirit ie be in harmony / equilibrium with the entire field of Creation  ie the Archangels through the Breath of God.

To find out more about the Essence of Angels®:

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Shealla-Dreaming-Book-PileTo embrace the ancient wisdoms of the 13 Sacred Keys of Creation, and the 8 Dimensions of our Galaxy.. we highly recommend Simone M. Matthews new book:  Shealla-Dreaming.

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That Crystal Site

That Crystal Site

Hi my name is Rebecca De Carlo, and I am a Crystal Light Healing Teacher through Universal Life Tools.

I am the founder to ‘That Crystal Site’.  All the crystal pieces you will find within our website have been selected for having that ‘special’ something that made us go “WOW” on seeing it. It may be as simple as form, colour, lustre or size. It may be its overall beauty. Whatever the reason we selected each specimen – that reason will be listed in its description.

Please come and visit our website and find that special something for you.. and if we don’t have it in stock, well they don’t call me ‘Indiana Jones’ for nothing !


Phoenix Gateway – Crystals

Phoenix Gateway

Hi, my name is Emily Kisvada and I am a Crystal Light Healing Teacher through Universal Life Tools.

Phoenix Gateway has been birthed after years of personal hardships, learning and growth.. and the journey has helped me deal with my grief and give me strength to bring up four beautiful children and create healing along the way.

I have a passion for crystals and what they represent on all levels. I use them within my healing practice and I also sell them on line through Phoenix Gateway.  I invite you to visit my website and view my selection of beautiful crystals, minerals & jewellery.. and if there is something special you are after I am more than happy to search the world and find it for you.


Jan Kindred’s Crystals

Jan Kindred's Crystals

Hi, my name is Jan Kindred and I am a Crystal Light Healing Teacher through Universal Life Tools. I feel inspired to provide crystals and supplies to support the CLH (Crystal Light Healing ) and EOA (Essence of Angels) work. I have an affinity for stones in their rough form, and I especially love to seek out unique and harder-to-find crystal types, or common types from unusual locations. I specialize in smaller crystals for chakra and gridding work. I also offer pre-packaged crystals in quantities relevant to CLH, sorted for symmetry and synergy! Feel free to browse through my online Crystal Shop. It is set up as a “Place Your Order” rather than a “Buy Now” web-store, so there’s no obligation to buy until you’re satisfied!  Enjoy!! www.crystallighthealing.ca/Crystal_Shop.php

Crystal Healing: Tanzanite

Tanzanite is a very rare gemstone first discovered in 1967 in the east-African country of Tanzania, near the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro. Tanzanite belongs to the Zoisite family, and its official name is ‘Blue Zoisite’, a calcium aluminium hydroxy silicate, Ca2Al3(SiO4)3(OH).

The jewellery store Tiffany’s unofficially renamed Blue Zoisite ‘Tanzanite’ a short time after its discovery to improve it marketability. Tanzanite is now the common name used commercially around the world.

Tanzanite is a reddish brown mineral that morphs into a bluey-violet colour when irradiated at temperatures around 550-700 degrees celcius.  Irradiation may occur naturally within the earth, though most pieces of Tanzanite on the market today have been heat-treated artificially to alchemically unleash their polychromatic hues.

Metaphysically, Tanzanite is an invaluable healing tool for aligning the heart and mind, and hence embracing ‘Spiritual Intelligence’. Spiritual Intelligence, defined by David B. King and Teresa L. DeCicco in an article published in 2009 in the International Journal of Transpersonal Studies, is an ‘”…. awareness of the nonmaterial and transcendent aspects of one’s existence, leading to such outcomes as deep existential reflection, enhancement of meaning, recognition of a transcendent self, and mastery of spiritual states.”

Thus Tanzanite supports your capacity to contemplate the multi-dimensional nature of existence, the ability to identify and transcend patterns of self, the capacity to create and master your life purpose, and an ability to connect with higher states of consciousness.

Firstly, Tanzanite facilitates the awakening of the pineal gland to promote your conscious connection to dimensions beyond the construct of your third dimensional reality. When used in combination with Selenite during personal meditation or during a healing session, the synergy of these crystals stimulates a greater spiritual awareness and heightened perception of our placement within a multi-dimensional galaxy and universe. You maybe guided to reflect on the first dimensional crystalline energy grid of Earth, the second dimensional intuitive energy of plants and animals, your third dimensional material existence, the fourth dimensional nature spirit realm, the fifth dimensional vibration of your higher self, the sixth dimensional portal of the Pleiades and the seventh dimensional portal of Sirius that brings your awareness into the 8th dimensional black hole of our Milky Way Galaxy and all galaxy’s in all directions of time and space. Through lateral thinking and contemplation, scientists and quantum theorists are everyday embracing new insights of existence, supported by the presence of Tanzanite here on Earth.

Secondly, Tanzanite, through aligning your third-eye and throat chakras, provides you with the opportunity of identifying your old patterns and subconscious beliefs that prevent you from living a fulfilling and authentic life.  Ninety percent of your subconscious beliefs are programmed prior to seven years of age, and day to day we live the majority of the time reacting to circumstances from our sub-conscious programming. Tanzanite, particularly when used with Azurite and Golden Selenite, brings clarity into your old beliefs, and insight into how you can transcend or modify your physical, emotional and mental behaviours in line with a conscious course of action.

Thirdly, with your ability to identify and transcend your limiting beliefs, Tanzanite creates an opportunity for you to create and master your life purpose. Your purpose in this lifetime is to follow the inner-callings of your heart, align these with the wisdoms of your higher-self, and then enact upon the synergy from a place of grace and ease.   When in this place of deep connection, miracles transpire, possibilities abound, and syncronicity brings opportunities or people into your life that guide and further your cause. It is from this place of grace that you live your life purpose, embrace unlimited abundance and fulfil your deepest heart desires.

And finally, Tanzanite awakens your capacity to connect with higher states of consciousness, states of being  beyond the fifth dimensional realm. Connecting to cosmic consciousness accelerates your personal evolutionary journey of self, and hence serves the good of the greater whole. You are free to transcend the limiting beliefs of society, the restricting boundaries that others may place upon you, and envision your life and your purpose in the greater context of all of creation. You are simply free to be you, and free to create from a place of eternal love, rather than limiting fear.

Use Tanzanite in personal meditation, wear it over your heart, or consider drinking an elixir* of Tanzanite in order to entrain with the potency of this divine gemstone.

© Simone M. Matthews 2012

*Please Note:  Many crystals contain minerals which are potentially toxic – forinstance Tanzanite contains aluminium.  Thus we recommend when making an elixir of Tanzanite that the crystal does not come in physical contact with water at any time.  If you would like to learn the ancient art of ‘Archeon’, Crystal Essence/Elixir making using the 8th Dimensional Energetic Template of the Crystal (as opposed to the physical crystal), then you may like to enrol in Crystal Light Healing® Level I.

Simone’s Crystal Article also appears in the current issue of The Art of Healing Magazine:

The above photo was provided courtesy of Rebecca DeCarlo from ‘That Crystal Site’.

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Crystal Healing: Ammolite

Article Image

Ammolite is a rare iridescent gemstone formed from the fossilized shell of Ammonite, a marine invertebrae animal that became extinct on Earth around 65 million years ago.  It is called a biogenic gemstone as it is made from natural processes.  Other biogenic gemstones include pearl and amber.

The primary composition of Ammolite is aragonite. However, calcite, silica, pyrite and a myriad of trace elements may also be present such as aluminium, iron, copper magnesium, chromium and manganese. The iridescence of Ammolite is due to the micro-cellular structure of aragonite forming in layers which refract various rays of the visible light rainbow spectrum.  Ammolites with thicker layers refract more greens and reds, whilst those with thinner layers refract more blues and violets.

The Ammonites which create Ammolite once inhabited an inland sea (the Western Interior Seaway) that split the continent of North America in half during the mid to late Cretaceous Period (between 65 and 100 million years ago). As the seas gradually receded, the Ammonites were covered in layers of bentonite clay. This sedimental clay preserved the shells of the Ammonites, inhibiting their conversion into calcite.  Whilst Ammonites are found all over the world, Ammolites are only found in the Rocky Mountains of North America.

Ammolites have historically been used by native peoples of North America as amulets to assist with hunting and for use in ceremonial work for healing.  In more recent times, Feng Shui practitioners have used Ammolite to promote prosperity, well-being and improve the flow of ‘chi’.

In nature, the Ammolite shell forms a spiral referred to as the  ‘golden mean spiral’ which is a mathematical representation of the fibonacci sequence of numbers.  This mathematical sequence is the foundation upon which nature continually expands and evolves.

In the human body, our DNA twists, our chakras energetically turn and the proportion of our body parts in relationship to each other are all made manifest according to this magical number sequence. Plants grow, flowers bloom and our spiral galaxy turns in relationship to the spiral. This sacred spiral is so deeply engrained in our world that it forms the basis of architecture, music, economics and the aesthetics of art.

Thus Ammolite, as a direct conduit of the energetics of golden mean spiral, is a sacred gemstone which we can work with for our own personal awakening and for the evolutionary consciousness of the planet. This crystal awakens our awareness of the evolutionary shift in consciousness that is happening around the world as we come to the end of many cycles of creation.

On the 21 December 2012, on the Summer/Winter solstice at 11:11 UT (Universal Time), we come to the end of a 225 million year galactic cycle (the time it takes for our solar system to make one complete revolution around the core of our Milky Way Galaxy), we come to the end of a 26,000 year cycle (the movement of our Solar System through every house of the zodiac) and we come to the end of a 5,125 year cycle of the Mayan longcount calendar .   This generation thus sits on the threshold of an evolutionary shift in consciousness, a quantum leap into a new  world as we begin the next evolutionary cycle of our planet and galaxy.

Ammolite is one of the key crystals on Earth today that we can work with in order to be conscious and active leaders of this evolutionary shift. Ammolite assists us in anchoring our energy field into the electromagnetic field of mother Earth, and into her crystalline core to assist us in fully awakening our DNA.  As our ‘junk DNA’ becomes active, we have the potential to grow as a human species in LOVE, consciously Living the One Vibrational Energy that gives rise to all of creation.  As we grow in LOVE we honour our diversity, and come together in unity and enduring peace.

Traditionally, Ammolite is placed over the Light Activation Point (the energy centre just above the third-eye) or worn as a pendant over the higher-heart, to support its greatest potential of weaving the threads of awakened wisdom through every level of being. Within our holographic universe each of us are fractals of the whole, thus as we individually embrace our highest potential, we are the highest frequencies of light, love and illumination for all of creation to do the same.


© Simone M. Matthews 2012

Simone’s Crystal Article also appears in the current issue of The Art of Healing Magazine: www.theartofhealing.com.au

The above photo was provided courtesy of Rebecca DeCarlo from ‘That Crystal Site’. www.thatcrystalsite.com.au

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Crystal Healing: Stibnite

Stibnite is a lustrous grey metalloid which commonly occurs in small deposits in hydrothermal veins. It forms in long prismatic crystals, but can also form in blades. The largest deposits of Stibnite come from China, with smaller deposits in Japan, Peru, Mexico, Romania, USA and Alaska.

The chemical composition of Stibnite is Antimony Sulfide (Sb2S3). Antimony is a toxic chemical element, thus care should be taken when handling Stibnite and as such this mineral is not recommended for internal use.

Stibnite has a long historical use. Since 3000 BC, stibnite has been used in the Middle East to make kohl, a form of eyeliner made from Stibnite and fat. Also there are references in the bible for its use as a medication.  Molten Antimony was historically fashioned in Egypt to make vases and small personal ornaments.

Today, Stibnite is often a component of safety matches, used in pyrotechnics, included in the production of fire retardants and also used to strengthen lead for soldering.

On a metaphysical level, Stibnite facilitates a strong energetic circuit between a person’s auric field and the Earth’s energetic field. This property of Stibnite means that it is a wonderful ally to shift the energetic impact of traumatic experiences and to assist with easing the symptoms of ascension.

Illness is often the result of one or more blockages in a person’s auric field, blockages of energy that are trapped hence no longer in motion. The word emotion literally means ‘energy in motion’, thus when we hold onto the emotional pain of an experience (either from this lifetime or a previous lifetime) the stagnant energy alters the expression of our DNA. It is this DNA expression which in turn creates a particular cellular function, a discordant function we refer to as dis-ease.

Thus if you experienced a traumatic event and did not allow yourself or were unable to fully express and hence release the ‘energy in motion’, then the stagnation of those unreleased emotions may potentially create illness in this current lifetime. However, illness can be seen as a divine gift, a potential to release trapped emotions and support the optimal functioning of our DNA.

Due to Stibnite’s function of creating an electrical circuit between our auric field and Earth’s energetic currents, we can work with Stibnite to help raise our cellular vibration and hence trigger the release and transmutation of old energy imprinted within our DNA. As the Earth’s vibrational resonance is increasing in frequency as we move toward 2012 and beyond, we have the potential to harness these increased currents to consciously transform our DNA for our personal soul growth in this lifetime.

Stibnite is also one of the premier minerals for releasing the symptoms of ascension, the symptoms we may experience as a result of our personal, spiritual, mental & emotional development.

Our auric field is made up of seven different levels, with the last three outer templates specifically relating to our physical DNA expression, our connection with the divine emotion of LOVE and the higher mental capacities we embody referred to as divine wisdom. As our consciousness develops and hence our outer three energetic templates begin to raise in vibrational frequency, these vibrations ultimately filter down through the layers creating changes within our physical, emotional and mental functioning.

During the ‘filtering down’ stages we may experience uncomfortable shifts in our physical states of being, as it takes a while for our physical functioning to ‘catch up’ to our newly evolved higher resonances of our outer three auric templates. We may experience symptoms such as nausea, insomnia, emotional ups and downs, digestive disturbances, fatigue and general unrest in our day-to-day lives.

Stibnite is thus a wonderful aid to support our physical ‘catch up’ to our higher energetic templates, easing our physical symptoms and decreasing the time it takes to anchor our higher frequency template vibrations on all levels of being.

When using Stibnite, it is best placed within your auric field below your feet, as a means of anchoring your energetic field to Mother Earth. You could place a crystal at your feet during meditation, or alternatively place the crystal at the base of your bed as you sleep. During the sleep state, Stibnite is free from ‘conscious thought’ and transcends time and space to support the recalibration of your auric field and hence physical body.


© Simone M. Matthews 2011

Simone’s Crystal Article also appears in the current issue of The Art of Healing Magazine:
Vol 2, Issue 37, 2011

The above photo was provided courtesy of Rebecca DeCarlo from ‘That Crystal Site’.


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Crystal Healing: Golden Calcite & Cavansite

Calcite is a common mineral found on every continent and in almost every colour.  The most beautiful golden specimens of Calcite come from Mexico and the USA, with stunning Calcite/Cavansite deposits found in India.

The chemical composition of Calcite is Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3), containing impurities such as iron, magnesium, manganese, zinc or cobalt, giving the mineral its refractive colours.

When golden coloured Calcites are combined with Cavansite crystals (as shown in the picture), not only is this a rare and stunning formation, but this synergy also holds a high vibrational frequency for healing.  The crystals combine to create a template which has the potential to facilitate powerful changes within a person’s life, thus this is not a crystal to be used by the faint-hearted.

On a metaphysical level, this crystal combination brings a person’s mind and will together as one, helping people to follow the divine calling of their higher-self, with strength, clarity and inspired insight.  What the ‘ego-will’ may see as too hard, the ‘divine-will’ of higher self accepts the challenge with grace and ease.

In following the divine-will of higher self, Golden Calcite/Cavansite helps people to overcome limiting beliefs.   This crystal combination opens your awareness to the infinite expansion of creation, and that each of us is a spark or reflection of the whole.  From this expansive place anything and everything is possible, all you have to do is believe in yourself.  Thus Golden Calcite/Cavansite unveils the unconscious beliefs that may be limiting your full potential, and helps reweave conscious beliefs into your daily awareness in line with your higher vision of your life purpose.

Working via the solar plexus, Golden Calcite/Cavansite also gives insight into power issues, either a giving away of your power to others, or a misuse of power through manipulation or control.   This insight may uncover the origin of this energy imbalance and most importantly guide the way for the loving use of a person’s power for the highest good of self, and the highest good of all.

One of the most poignant, yet rarely used roles for the frequency of Cavansite, is to assist people with accessing the holographic field of potential future realities, and bringing the information into the present moment.  Thus we all have the potential to literally reach into the future, view our gifts, talents, lessons and bring these wisdoms back into the present moment.

This is why Cavansite is often referred to as the stone of transformation, for as we bring these new found wisdoms into the present we alter the field of creation around us, accelerating the growth/ascension of our soul’s journey. In this higher vibratory state, we are then free to access the potential future field to bring the accelerated future into the present in the name of Divine Love for all.  It is minerals on Earth such as Cavansite which have helped to propel the information age and the rate at which the consciousness of our planet is growing.

When Cavansite is combined with Golden Calcite, the transformational energy of Cavansite is magnified to such an extent that the illusion of three-dimensional time and space is released, and the multi-dimensional field of creation is awakened to a person’s conscious reality.   This synergy is confirmed by the markings shown on the crystal in the photo the ‘downward recordkeepers’, the raised downward pointing triangles splattered all over the surface of the Calcite.

These recordkeeper markings on the Calcite are nature’s way of showing you that Golden Calcite/Cavansite opens your awareness to multi-dimensional frequencies, and the potential to move within dimensions through all directions of time and space.   Thus Golden Calcite/Cavansite supports our awarenss of potential future realities, and the bringing forward of these higher wisdoms into the now.   Golden Calcite/Cavansite also reminds us that we are worthy of receiving these higher visions, and inspires us to enact upon these insights with courage and infinite joy in our hearts.

Calcite/Cavansite is a sacred crystal formation to be used with utmost respect, honour and with humble gratitude.  This is a visionary crystal, providing a means of seeing a greater vision for our planet, and how each and everyone of us has the power to transform ourselves and hence the collective all from the inside out.   Use this crystal in personal meditation, or group energy work to anchor this higher vision into the collective field of consciousness to facilitate evolutionary change here on Earth in the name of peace and eternal love.

© Simone M. Matthews 2011

Simone’s Crystal Article also appears in the current issue of The Art of Healing Magazine:
Vol 2, Issue 36, 2011

The above photo was provided courtesy of Rebecca DeCarlo from ‘That Crystal Site’.


If you would like to learn how to work with Crystals for Healing (for your own personal developement or as part of a Practitioner Course), then you maybe interested in our Crystal Healing Workshops >>>

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Crystal Healing: Vera Cruz

Vera Cruz Amethyst is so named as it originates from the Los Vigas Mine, in Vera Cruz, Mexico.  The crystal is now quite rare, as the mine was shut down many years ago.

Amethyst is quartz (SiO2) with aluminium (Al) and iron (Fe) impurities, giving quartz its vibrant purple/violet colour.

Formed in silica rich liquids deposited in gas cavities (geodes) in lava, Amethyst most commonly forms in crystalline masses / clusters.  However, Vera Cruz Amethyst forms as single or clustered stalactites, which are individual elongated crystal points with brilliant lustre.  The points are often double terminated, some have sceptre tips and many contain amethyst phantoms within their crystal shafts.  On rare occasions, a water or gas bubble may also be present within the crystal.

On a metaphysical level, Amethyst is a crystal of awakening and transformation.  It is often the first crystal that people become attracted to, thus synchronistically it opens a person’s conscious awareness to their higher-self and so begins their journey of conscious evolution and personal growth.

Amethyst is used in clearing and protecting the auric field, protection from EMRs (electro-magnetic radiation) and for repairing holes or weakened layers within the seven levels of a person’s energy field.   Amethyst also has a long tradition of being used to alleviate or transform addictions, in particular alcohol abuse.

I personally find Amethyst a divine crystal to place under my pillow at night to promote a restful nights sleep, but also to assist with dream recall the next day.   Also, you may like to place a piece of Amethyst in the prosperity corner of your house (diagonal left hand corner of your home to your front door), as it’s rich vibrant violet hue will attract infinite abundance into your life.

Vera Cruz Amethyst has all of the above properties, but in addition its high energetic frequency lends it to many other uses.   I have found Vera Cruz Amethyst an invaluable ally to use on the third eye to awaken the Pineal Gland, activate the Golden Crown Diamond and stimulate our Primordial cells.

The Pineal Gland sits within the centre of the brain, between both hemispheres. It is referred to as the ‘Seat of the Soul’, for on stimulation it facilitates your deepest memories to flow into our conscious awareness.

When Vera Cruz Amethyst is placed over the Third Eye Chakra, the Pineal gland begins to resonate and awaken.  The Pineal Gland then magnetically attracts universal ‘cosmic light’ energy, down through the Crown Chakra and into the Third Eye and into the Causal Chakra (at the back of the head), side Chakra’s (above the ears) and the Alta Major Chakra at the base of the skull.  This formation builds a ‘Golden Diamond of Light Energy’ around the head.

The activation of our Golden Crown Diamond was an essential tool used by our ancient civilisations of Lemuria and early Atlantis, for consciously working with the activation and attunement of our DNA.

Science of old has decoded the full genome (our complete set of 46 strands of DNA in every cell), and hence  determined that humans only use 10% of their DNA, and the remaining 90% is no longer functioning.  However what the new emerging science is now embracing, is that we have the potential to activate the 90% of ‘junk’ DNA, to improve our health and well-being and to awaken dormant gifts, talents and extra sensory perceptions.

Once the Golden Crown Diamond is activated, it sends pulses of light energy down the Hara Line (the main line of energy running parallel with the spine), and into the primordial cells sitting just above the perineum.  The primordial cells are our first original 8 cells of life, carrying the blueprint of our divine perfection, and the template of our DNA to potentially function at 100%.   Thus when the pineal and primordial cells are linked in this way, we begin the process of initiating the ‘turning on’ of our DNA.

There are many crystals and conscious tools you can use to turn on your DNA, but the energy of Vera Cruz makes it one of my favourites.  Try lying down in a quite place on a regular basis, out in nature would be ideal, and place a piece of Vera Cruz on your third eye.  Consciously walk through the above steps, and allow your DNA to activate in accordance with the highest good of self and for the greater good of ALL.


© Simone M. Matthews 2011

Simone’s Crystal Article also appears in the current issue of The Art of Healing Magazine:
Vol 2, Issue 35, 2011

The above photo was provided courtesy of Rebecca DeCarlo from ‘That Crystal Site’.


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Crystal Healing: Sugilite

Sugilite, pronounced Soo-gi (as in give) lite, is quite a rare mineral found primarily in South Africa, with smaller deposits found in Canada, Japan and Australia.  It is a rather new mineral, found in 1944 in Japan by Kenichi Sugi (after whom it is named) and then becoming a global favourite in the late seventies after large deposits were found in the Southern Kalahari Desert manganese mine in South Africa.

Sugilite is a very complex combination of Potassium, Sodium, Iron, Manganese, Aluminium, Lithium, Silicate mineral, expressed as the chemical formula KNa2(Fe,Mn,Al)2Li3Si12O30 .

The most prized specimens are those with a deep purplish hue, or form in a transluscent ‘gel’ formation.  Crystals are very rare, but absolutely exquisite !  I personally love all the different coloured Sugilites, and my most treasured pieces are those with multicoloured patterns and colours formed by the different combinations of minerals.

Sugilite – Heart/Mind Connection

On a metaphysical level, Sugilite facilitates an awakening of the Heart to ones Higher-Self, or Divine Mind.  If you are feeling fearful, overwhelmed or dis-heartened, Sugilite opens your heart to the infinite potential of your soul, and the innate knowing that when you follow your passion then you can move mountains.

Speaking of passion, Sugilite literally oozes the passion vibe from its energetic matrix.   If inspiration has waned in your life, you have lost direction, or that light at the end of the tunnel feels like it has been extinguished, then Sugilite will not only flick the switch back on, but will illuminate the path even more brightly than you may have ever experienced before.   Have you ever been in a room with a bubbly person and felt the energy like it was contagious?  Well that is what Sugilite is like, it is a passion instigator, and doesn’t give up until you surrender and give in to your divine inspirations.

Sugilite and the Pineal Gland

The pinky-mauve specimens of Sugilite are more strongly aligned with the mind and heart, and then the deeper purple minerals are excellent pieces to use for trance / divination work.  Try placing a piece of Sugilite over the third eye, and allow yourself to move into a deep meditation, a place of absolute stillness within.   As you breathe into your piece of Sugilite over the third eye, the mineral will resonate your Pineal Gland within the brain, and facilitate access to the deeper memory of why you chose this Earthly incarnation and your desires and dreams for this Earthly experience.   With this knowledge, Sugilite then motivates you to pursue without fear your innermost desires and passions.

Sugilites role in stimulating the Pineal Gland is the reason why this mineral is commonly used for protection and strengthening of the auric field.   Sugilite induces the Pineal Gland to emit electrical pulses or waves of violet ray energy, which is often referred to as the ‘Violet Ray of Transmutation & Transformation’.   These electro-magnetic pulses remove unwanted vibrations within your auric field whilst protecting your energy field from taking on unwanted vibratory forces from your environment.   Thus Sugilite maybe used for removing entities, attachments, negative thought patterns and concentration energies from others, whilst preventing the adhesion of these frequencies moving forward.  If you are a sensitive person, who tends to take on the pain,  emotions and negative energy of others, then Sugilite worn as a pendant around your neck makes a wonderful amulet to keep your energy field strong and impermeable by others.

How to use Sugilite

I often place a small piece of Sugilite on my bedside table or under my pillow at night to assist my dream recall, and the symbolic interpretations of my dreams.  I find Sugilite particularly useful if I have a decision to make within my life, as the mineral will assist in bringing forward the answers from my higher self within the dream state and into my conscious awareness on waking.  In addition, Sugilite will then guide you along the steps to take over the coming days, weeks, or months in how to bring that decision into a fruitful and loving reality within your life.

In summary, Sugilite helps you to live from the highest level of vibration and divine inspiration for the evolution of your own soul and hence for all humanity.  As an ascension crystal it brings courage, faith, purpose and zeal to those who choose the path of service, the path of living the dream of a peaceful, loving, compassionate and unified Earth.

© Simone M. Matthews 2011

Simone’s Crystal Article also appears in the current issue of The Art of Healing Magazine:
Vol 1, Issue 34, 2011

The above photo was provided courtesy of Rebecca DeCarlo from ‘That Crystal Site’.


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Crystal Healing: Crystal Enhydro

During the growth phases of a crystal over thousands/millions of years, fluid may become trapped inside the crystal – creating a fluid bubble.  These crystals are often referred to as enhydros.

The fluid bubble is made up of the fluid that surrounded the crystal at the time it became trapped, thus if could me a mineralise fluid/water, oil, salty water etc.

Did you know that the milky bases of quartz crystals is due to thousands and most probably millions of microscopic fluid inclusions…. seems incredible, but true.

There is a certain purity to an enhydro crystal, thus as you most probably have guessed crystals containing fluids are ideal healing tools for cleansing the energetic bodies (especially the emotional body), as well as detoxing the physical body.

The water element relates to emotions & feelings, thus enhydro’s cleanse and purify our thoughts and emotions, allowing one to speak with truth, wisdom and integrity.

Enhydro’s assist in expression/communication of feelings/emotions from a heart level, opening us up to deep levels of Being and receiving Divine Love.

The water element also assists in heightening our feeling/intuitive state of being, thus these crystals assist us in healing, counselling, crystal healing, medical intuitive and all psychic endeavours.

Enhydro’s are beautiful crystals to support a Crystal Light Healing, or maybe place an enhydro under your pillow or on your beside table during your sleep.. to wash away and transform the energy of day.

Here is a short video showing a fluid bubble within a Calcite point.. what a divine crystal !


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Crystal Healing: Red Phantom Quartz

Red Phantom Crystals are Quartz (silica dioxide) that contain Iron Oxides, such as Hematite, represented as the chemical composition SiO2 + Fe2O3.   The hardness of the structure of these crystals varies with Hematite having a hardness of  5.5-6.5 on the Mohs scale and Quartz rating as a 7 (Diamond is 10).

Quartz is the second most abundant mineral on Earth, and Hematite is found throughout every country, however when Hematite is found within quartz and it forms red phantom layers, this formation is quite rare.

Red Phantom Quartz crystals are formed when deposits of iron oxide coat the outside of the quartz crystal point.  Then over the life of the quartz point another layer of quartz grows over the iron oxide layer completely enclosing the iron mineral within.  Thus a ‘phantom layer’ of the iron oxide resides within the quartz crystal point.  When viewed from the side, it appears that a red crystal point has grown inside the larger quartz point- however this is simply an illusion created by the layer of iron oxide coating the quartz point during its growth process.

Metaphysical Energetics

On a metaphysical level, phantom crystals provide access to the inner-realms of your soul, right through to your connection with the divine source of all creation.  As you view through the phantom layer, you part the veil of illusion and you are granted access to the deeper aspects of yourself.  This window into your soul provides you with invaluable information about the dynamics of the Personality versus the Soul.

When we incarnate on Earth, we choose a certain expression of our Soul, often referred to as our DNA expression or our Soul blueprint on Earth.  This Soul expression is referred to as our Personality, and is moulded via the energetic template that was present during our birth (ie the astrological and numerical pathways we birthed through).   Thus our Personality is how we have chosen for our Soul to experience life here on Earth.   In order for our Soul to expand in consciousness, our life’s journey on Earth is about reconciling the differences between the Personality and Soul and striving toward unconditional love, peace, harmony and unity.

Red Phantom Quartz is one of the premier crystals for bringing awareness to the illusionary or phantom separation of the Personality and the Soul, and provides a bridge of unity to reconcile the two.

The crystal stimulates our Earth Star energy centre, the furthermost energy centre that grounds our Crystalline Matrix (energetic bodies) into the Earths Grid.  The Quartz aspect of the crystal refracts the full light spectrum, then the Hematite phantom within the quartz acts like a magnet drawing up the electro-magnetic energies deep from within the Earth, and pulling them up through our main-line of energy into all of our Chakra’s right through to our Soul Star – the top point of our Crystalline Matrix.

Thus Red Phantom Quartz crystals not only anchor our Crystalline Matrix to Earth, but also bring the energetics of the Earth into our Soul.  The illusion of separation is broken through these crystals, as we acknowledge the Hermetic axiom within ‘as above, so below, so below, as above’.

What I love about Red Phantom Crystals is their ability to stimulate energy, vitality, passion and creativity.  Drawing up energy from the core of Earth into our Base, Sacral and Solar Plexus energy centres literally kick-starts these energy centres into a new frequency.  Many people find when they begin to use Red Phantom crystals that fear in their life begins to diminish, expression is free flowing and most importantly people honour and enact upon their divine inspirations.  From a personal perspective, I cannot imagine my life on this Earth without a Red Phantom.

How to Use Red Phantom Quartz Crystals

My favourite method of working with Red Phantoms is having regular baths with the crystal sitting at your feet in the bath, or sleeping with the Red Phantom seated at the foot of your bed each night.  In personal meditation I love to lie on the ground and hold the Red Phantom within my hands as I seek guidance on my journey of the Soul.

Red Phantoms LOVE the Earth & Fire elements, so whenever you have the chance take your crystal outside into the sun and let it sit on the Earth and experience Earth’s physical and energetic frequencies.  As the crystal draws up the energy from Earth the solar rays synergistically cleanse and electrify the crystal, recharging its frequency and bringing the crystal back to its full potential.

© Simone M. Matthews 2010


Simone’s Crystal Article also appears in the current issue of The Art of Healing Magazine:
Vol 4, Issue 33, 2010

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The above photo was provided courtesy of Rebecca DeCarlo from ‘That Crystal Site’.


If you would like to learn how to work with Crystals for Healing (for your own personal developement or as part of a Practitioner Course), then you maybe interested in our Crystal Healing Workshops >>>

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