The 13 Dimensions & our Merkabah Body of Light


The 13 Dimensions & our Merkabah Body of Light

I have received many emails over the last month regarding the energetic impact that the July & August 2013 ‘Merkabah Alignments’ are having on humanity and planet Earth.  Not to worry if you have only just consciously become aware of these alignments… their energetic effects will be felt in the days, weeks and months to come… thus it is never to late to connect in and work with their energetic potentials.

I have written this article to help explain some of the energetic potentials of these alignments and how we can consciously embrace their vibrations for the remainder of 2013.

Before reading this article, I highly recommend that you read my 2 previous articles that will give you a bit of background about the twin Merkabah Alignments AND a greater understanding of our 12 pointed double Merkabah Body of Light + central 13th Heart.

  Article:  12 Pointed Merkabah Body of Light + 13th Central Heart

  Article:  Merkabah Alignments July & August 2013

Once you have read the above articles, then please keep reading below for an overview of the 13 Dimensions and their relationship to our Merkabah Body of Light.

Then finally, toward the bottom of this article, I discuss the impact of the twin Merkabah Alignments of 2013 and how we connect with the energetic potential of these alignments over the coming months.


Metatron’s Cube

Double_MerkabahAs I discussed in the above articles, the twin Merkabah Alignments of 2013 are activating our 12 pointed Merkabah Body of Light (see Diagram right).  Thus our activated 12 pointed Merkabah Body of Light (through the 13th central heart point), is the vehicle that supports our conscious connection with the 13 Spheres of Metatron’s Cube.  It is the vehicle that supports the awakening of our DNA and our quantum leap into enlightenment.

Metatrons CubeAlso, as discussed in my ‘Article 3 – Metatron’s Cube & the Number 13’, Metatron’s Cube is the ancient symbolic representation of the infinite field of Creation, the field that expands in all directions of time and space and contains the infinite ALL.  The field that Metatron’s Cube represents is also often referred to as the ‘infinite intelligence’, the ‘divine matrix’ or the ‘holographic field’.

The field of Creation is comprised of 13 Dimensions, represented by the 13 Spheres of Metatron’s Cube.   These 13 Dimensions repeat infinitely in all directions of time and space as fractals of the whole eg Mandelbrot Sets.

Our Milky Way Galaxy (like all Galaxy’s) is a fractal of the all of Creation, thus our Galaxy is a complete Metatron’s Cube unto itself.  Hence our Milky Way Galaxy as a Metatron’s Cube (as a fractal of the Metatron’s Cube of all Creation) must also be comprised of 13 Dimensions.    Refer to my free Conscious Evolution Videos for more information.


Understanding the 13 Dimensions

To understand the concept of 13 Dimensions, the best starting point is to look at an octave on a piano keyboard.

Within an octave you have 8 whole notes, with the 8th note becoming the 1st note of the next octave.  This is referred to as the Diatonic Scale.

However, if you also include the black keys that are present within an octave, then there are 13 notes that comprise an octave – 8 whole notes and 5 semi-tone notes (black notes).   This is referred to as the Chromatic Scale.  Thus again, the 13th note becomes the 1st note of the next octave.

If that is all a bit confusing, then take a look at the keyboard below to see what an octave on a piano keyboard looks like (the image shown is of the Note C Octave).



Our experience within the Milky Way Galaxy is akin to an experience within an Octave, an Octave comprising of 13 Dimensions (musical notes).

In the future I will be posting articles explaining the science behind these 13 Dimensions… but for this article I will just be discussing the 13 Dimensions as they relate to our experience within the Milky Way Galaxy.


The 13 Dimensions of our Milky Way Galaxy

As discussed above, our Milky Way Galaxy is a Metatron’s Cube, thus as a fractal of all of Creation contains 13 Dimensional resonances of experience… akin to the 13 Notes that comprise an octave.

To understand these 13 Dimensions (or senses) of experience in human terms, it is easiest to discuss these dimensions in their Diatonic Scale equivalent… that is as 8 parts of an Octave (rather than 13 parts).  This simplification facilitates a more organic feel to the dimensions and was the preferred reference method by those of ancient Lemuria & Atlantis.

From our experience here on Earth the 8th Dimension (hence 13th Dimension) is the resonance of the core of our Milky Way Galaxy (the Galactic Centre) and the 1st Dimension is the crystalline core of the Earth (Earth Gateway).  Refer to Diagram 1 below.


Diagram 1 – The 8 (13) Dimensions of our Milky Way Galaxy




When our Soul chose to come to Earth to have a human experience we birthed through the Galactic Core of our Milky Way (8th Dimension).

Moving through the 8th Dimensional portal we then descended through Sirius (7th Dimension), through Pleiades (6th Dimension) and into the atmospheric Matrix/Toric Field of Earth as a 5th Dimensional Soul Star level of vibration. 

As the Light/Love of Creation shines through the Prism of our Souls, we emit a holographic image (Light Body / Auric Field) through the astral gateway of our Hearts (4th Dimension) to create our 3rd Dimensional physical body. 

Humans live on Earth in communion with the Plants & Animals (2nd Dimension) and we walk upon the Crystalline energies of Earth (1st Dimension) via our connection with Earth’s 1st Dimensional Crystalline Core.


The following is a quick summary overview of the energetics of each of the Dimensions. If you would like to understand the 8 (13) Dimensions in more detail then please refer to my book ‘Shealla-Dreaming’ for a more detailed discussion.

8th Dimension:  Cosmic Gateway  – The Galactic Centre of the Milky Way Galaxy.  Our ‘Soul Star’ births into our Galaxy through the Cosmic Gateway.  This 8 (13) Dimensional frequency is the zero point field of all Creation, the connection with the Galactic Centre’s of all Galaxy’s in all directions of time and space.  It represents the ONE HEART of all Creation.  The 8th Dimension is also a mirror reflection of the 1st Dimension (Earth Gateway).

 7th Dimension:  Universal Gateway – Sirius.  This is the archetypal Masculine Gold Solar energy of our Milky Way Galaxy.  It is the Father scribe of universal wisdoms, the keeper of sacred knowledge.  Ancient Egypt was built from the Sirian 7th Dimensional consciousness.

 6th Dimension:  Stellar Gateway – Pleiades.  This is the archetype Feminine Silver Lunar energy of our Milky Way Galaxy.  It is the creative Mother, nurturing, intuitive, our ability to ‘see’ through the veils of illusion and work with the universal wisdoms multi-dimensionally.

5th Dimension:  The expression of our Soul Star (higher self) vibration resonance here on Earth, within the atmospheric electro-magnetic grid of Earth.

4th Dimension:  Heart/Higher Heart.  Our connection through the Zero Point astral field to the Heart of Creation (as above) and to the Heart of the Earth (as below).  These three Hearts of Creation make manifest the field of the infinite ALL.   Refer to my Hearts of Creation Video for more information.

3rd Dimension:  The physical human body and the development of the ego.  Ego offers the opportunity to understand free will, our choice to work from a place of LOVE or place of fear.  We can choose to live our lives in separation (as hard as this may be) or we can choose to live our lives in acknowledgement of Unity consciousness, a Heart field that connects all of Creation.. blissful ONENESS.

2nd Dimension:  The plants and animals – highly development intuitive vibrations to flow with the natural cycles of creation eg circadian rhythms, planetary alignments etc..   Note that every higher dimension incorporates an experience of all the dimensions below it… thus the 3rd Dimension incorporates the 2nd Dimension. The development of ego in the 3rd Dimensions means humanity ‘doubts’ or mentally ‘analyses’ their natural intuitive abilities (of the 2nd Dimension) often to their detriment.

1st Dimension:  The Crystalline field of Mother Earth through & her Heart – The Earth Gateway.  This field is ‘frozen light’ and records the history of our Earth/Galaxy as lightrecords held within her crystalline field.  The wisdoms of our ancient ancestors are all stored within this field that incorporates the crystals of Mother Earth.   On a musical scale the 1st Dimension also the 8th Dimension (within an octave)… thus when we anchor out Light Body’s to Earth we open our Hearts to our full multi-dimensional potentials here on Earth.


Twin Merkabah Alignments – July & August 2013

The twin Merkabah Alignments of 2013 are awakening humanities consciousness to the 8 (13) Dimensional levels of experience of our Milky Way Galaxy.

The first Merkabah Alignment that took place of the 29/30 July activated our singular Merkabah Body of Light – our connections with Dimensions 1 through to 4.  Opening our Heart to the ancient wisdom within the Earth.

The second Merkabah Alignment that is taking place today on the 25/26 August 2013 is activating our second Merkabah (double Merkabah, 12 pointed star) Body of Light – our connections with Dimensions 5 through to 8 (13).  Opening our Heart and expanding our consciousness beyond the limitation of the ego… via the opening our Hearts, with the Heart of the Earth (1st Dimension) with the Heart of the Galaxy (8/13th Dimension).

This second alignment is quantum leaping our consciousness (through the 13 Dimensions of Metatron’s Cube) beyond the suppression of cultural, religious and societal belief systems.  We are awakening en-mass to our galactic nature, our full multi-dimensional states of beingness.

This second twin Merkabah Alignment awakens our ‘Body of Light’ to higher potentials of awareness… such that we can think, be and live our lives beyond the dogma and fear seen on Earth today.  From this place of awakened consciousness we can solve the problems of our planet and embrace a compassionate and more joyful global community of humans reverent of all life on Earth as the ancestors of future generations.

For those that have already travelled far on their path of enlightenment, you may find that in the days, weeks, months after this August 2013 alignment a deeper wisdom will arise from within your heart.  The chatter of the mind will quieten, as the toric field of the Heart grows.   Your Heart will anchor spirit into matter as the veil between worlds lifts… and you will be holding tremendous potential from within your double Merkabah Body of Light.   The remainder of this year will herald much change for many people, as your thoughts, your words, your actions take on a higher vibration, a higher purpose.

Be gentle with yourself and spend much time in nature in order to hold this most divine opening of your Heart space with all Creation.  There will be those on the planet that are still holding onto the old and hence will be challenged with the cranking up of multi-dimensional frequencies at this time.  Your loving heart will be called upon more than ever to gift these people unconditional love, to hold space for those that are unable to at this time and to provide a vision of possibility and potential for those that are feeling lost.

If you are reading this article, then give yourself a hug and acknowledge that YOU like thousands of others on the planet are holding a deepest heart space for self and for the collective all.   There is no longer an ‘us’ and ‘them’ mentality, as we are holding space for a global humanity, a collective all.  We are holding a space within our Hearts for ALL to awaken to our best selves, our kindest most compassionate selves.  As we choose mindfulness and celebrate the precious gift of LIFE itself, our peaceful existence ripples waves of LOVE through the hearts-n-minds of ALL.   We are simply being the change.

To help you to hold this multi-dimensional Heart Space through your double Merkabah Body of Light… please find below some tools to assist you in ‘being the change’.


How can I connect to the energy potential of these twin Stargates ?

1.  Please print below Diagram 2 ( 12 Pointed Merkabah Body of Light + 13th Central Heart ) and then Diagram 3 (Grand Merkabah Alignment Grid – 25/26 August 2013).  Alternatively in Diagram 4 I have merged both diagrams 2 & 3 together, so you may prefer to just print this Diagram 4 instead.

2.  Place Diagrams 2 & 3 (or just Diagram 4)  under your pillow.   Your intention within the dream state each night is to connect with these twin stargates and consciously awakening to the 13 Dimensions of Creation.. hence expanding your Heart field to its full potential.  You may also hold these diagrams during daily meditation (eg sit or lie on the diagrams).

3.  After the 25/26 August Merkabah alignment… the reverberations will be felt strongly on the planet in the comings days, weeks and months ahead.  Thus for as long as you feel guided, continue to work with Diagrams 2 & 3 (either under your pillow or in meditation)… in order to hold a most sacred Heart space for self and all humanity.  I plan on working with these diagrams for the remainder of 2013.

4. On a regular basis to support the anchoring of the 13 Multi-Dimensional frequencies through your Heart, you may also wish to connection with my Galactic Heart Meditation.


Diagram 2 – 12 Pointed Merkabah Body of Light (13th Central Heart)



Diagram 3 – Grand Merkabah Alignment Grid – 25/26 August 2013


Diagram 3 – Grand Merkabah Alignment Grid – 2013





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