Merkabah Activation – July & August 2013


Merkabah Activation – July & August 2013

In July & then in August 2013 we will experience within the celestial heavens a stargate ‘Merkabah’ portal… set to quantum leap our DNA.  This is a VERY RARE twin Merkabah alignment of most divine potential !

Firstly…on the 29/30 July 2013, on the last quarter waning moon, our planets will align in a 6 pointed star formation within our skies commonly referred to as a Star of David formation.  The synergy of this alignment will activate the Star of David forming an energetic counter-rotating Merkabah (refer to my article on the Merkabah to understand this formation in more depth).

Secondly… on the 25/26 August 2013, a second Star of David and energetic counter-rotating Merkabah will be formed by the planetary alignments.

Merkabah Activation – Video

I have created the following video to provide a summary of the divine potential of these twin Merkabah Alignments in July & August 2013.

Then please keep reading further down the page for more detailed information on these two alignments in July & August 2013.

These formations are helping us to transcend the divide between the personality and the Soul as they create a bridge to Spirit through our Hearts… ultimately helping us to anchor a Heaven here on Earth,

These Merkabah portal gateways are providing opportunities for humanity to move beyond fear, pain struggle… and expand our consciousness beyond the limitations imposed by cultural, familial and societal belief systems.

We have the opportunity at this time to consciously bathe every cell of our physical bodies in the liquid light sacred codes that are channelled by these planetary formations  in order to attune (quantum leap) our DNA into a higher levels of resonance.

The effect of these formations will be to awaken our ‘Body of Light’ to higher potentials of awareness… such that we can think, be and live our lives beyond the dogma and fear seen on Earth today.  From this place of awakened consciousness we can solve the problems on Earth today and embrace a compassionate and more joy global community of humans reverent of all life on Earth as the ancestors of future generations.

Please keep reading for a more detailed understanding of these 2 Merkabah Formations and also to download FREE Crystal Grids to connect with theses divine astrological alignments.

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29/30 July 2013 – Merkabah Activation

On the 29/30 July as the moon sits in 4-5 degress Taurus and the Sun in 6 degrees of Leo, the following planets are set 60 degrees from one another forming a Grand Sextile (ie Merkabah Formation) within our celestial skies.

Mars at 10 deg & Jupiter at 7 deg (both in Cancer)  (Mercury is also having a play in there at 17 deg Cancer), Moon at 4-5 deg (in Taurus), Neptune at 4 deg (in Pisces), Pluto at 9 deg (in Capricorn), Saturn at 5 Deg (in Scorpio) and finally Venus at 8 deg (in Virgo).

I have demonstrated this alignment in the astrological chart below (Diagram 1).  Please note that I have darkened lines on this chart to highlight the alignment.

Diagram  1- 29/30 July 2013 – Merkabah Alignment




Here is a summary of the events by Carol Ann Ciocco

  • As the Moon transits through the first 10 degrees of Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces it completes the dots, forming a Grand Sextile, then a Star Tetrahedron, then the Merkaba or Light Body vehicle.
  • The GRAND SEXTILE begins when the Moon sextiles Neptune in Pisces at 9:45 am EDT (AEST 11:45pm 29 July). The Grand Sextile has its own vibrational energy, different from the Star of David, so pay attention for an energy shift at this time. Specifically, this is the moment that SPIRIT is called in to the Stargate, i.e. the HEAVEN aspect of the Star. The Heart chakra is activated.
  • STAR TETRAHEDRON is activated at the exact moment the Moon squares the Sun in Leo (forming the LAST QUARTER MOON in Taurus), which occurs at 1:43pm EDT  (AEST 3:45am 30 July). i.e. there is a burst of energy when the Moon completes a perfect square with the Sun. This is the peak moment of the Star’s energies, when the two great lights combust and the 3-D Star Tetrahedron ‘pops’ into view, encircling the planet.
  • MERKABA then morphs into being when the Moon trines Venus in Virgo at 5:48pm EDT (AEST 9:48am 30 July). I believe this is when the Star Tetrahedron becomes suddenly intimate and personal! It morphs into the MERKABA which is literally custom-designed and personal to YOU, to each of us. It is as if the Star Tetrahedron – still hanging in space, vibrating around the planet, pulsing Light – sends a beam of energy right into your aura! The Merkaba leaps into form around you, around each of us, around everyone on the planet.
  • NOTE:  The above times are EDT in the USA, convert to your local time zone here


29/30 July 2013 – Merkabah Activation –
Crystal Grid

Yesterday (28 July 2013) I created the following Crystal Grid to help people connect with the multi-dimensional astrological alignment on the 29 July 2013.

The crystals I used within the grid are my own personal crystals that I have sourced from every continent on Earth… and many of the larger crystals were used in the making of my Merkabah Crystalline Grid during the Harmonic Concordance on the 8/9 November 2003.  My Harmonic Concordance Crystalline Grid was integral in the making of the Essence of Angels.

You could print this Crystal Grid and meditate with it, or sleep with it under your pillow.   The grid will help you to activate your DNA from the 29 July 2013 until the next Merkabah alignment on the 25 August 2013.



25/26 August 2013 – Merkabah Activation

On the 25/26 August a twin Merkabah is formed (a twin is a Merkbah formation within one month of the first Merkbah).  The last time a twin Merkabah was seen was in 1996.

Here is a wonderful summary of the events by Carol Ann Ciocco:

  • In the second Merkabah formation, Mercury will inhabit the Virgo point of the Earth Trine – where Venus was on July 29/30.
  • Mars maintains a connection with the Cancerian point of the Water Trine.
  • Jupiter in Cancer has moved out of range.
  • Venus (women’s issues) and Jupiter (justice) are shifting in a power struggle during this month-long span of time.

With Mercury becoming more of a player in this Star, communication will be the crux upon which the power struggle turns. Thinking especially does make it so during these 30 days. Keep in mind that behind every watery emotion is a thought from which it springs. Trace the difficult emotion back to its originating thought and apply Higher Wisdom to changing that thought.

I have written more about this alignment in my August Article on the Merkabah Alignment & the 13 Dimensions of Creation.

I have demonstrated this alignment in the astrological chart below (Diagram 2).  Please note that I have darkened lines on this chart to highlight the alignment.

Diagram  2- 25/26 August 2013 – Merkabah Alignment



25/26 August 2013 – Merkabah Activation –
Crystal Grid

Please read my new August 2013 Article provides more detail on this Merkabah Activation and how to work with this powerful stargate for the remainder of 2013.

The grid will help you to Attune your DNA (raise it to it’s highest level of frequency) on the 25/26 August 2013 and for the remainder of 2013.



What do these formations mean ?

These twin  ’6 pointed Merkabah Star formations’ are together activating our 12 pointed Merkabah Body of Light (see Diagram 3).

Thus our activated 12 pointed Merkabah Body of Light (through the 13th central point), is the vehicle that supports our conscious connection with the 13 Spheres of Metatron’s Cube.  It is the vehicle that supports the awakening of our DNA and our quantum leap into enlightenment.

These twin Merkabah formations are thus awakening the 13 Divine Laws of Creation through us  (the 13 Sacred Keys, refer to Shealla-Dreaming), opening our Heart-n-Minds to a more conscious way of being and co-creating as a global humanity.

The Merkabah field formation connects the conscious Heart to ‘zero point’, the connection of ‘as above, so below’ thus through INTENT healing takes place from the 1st Dimensional (Crystalline Field – Earth Gateway) through to the 8th Dimension (Centre of the Galaxy – Cosmic Gateway).

Diagram 3 – 12 Pointed Merkabah Body of Light
(refer to Merkabah Article for more info)



How can I connect to these twin Merkabahs during these Stargates ?

1.  On the days of each Merkabah formation, then on a regular basis during the period between the twin Merkabahs, connect with the FREE Galactic Heart Meditation by Simone M. Matthews.
View the Meditation for free >>

2. Work with the Crystal Merkabah Grids as described above.

3.  Enrol in our Shealla-Dreaming Self-Study Course, to understand more about the 12 (plus 13th central) points of the Double Merkabah and how to consciously activate the wisdoms of each point within your life.

4. Enrol in our Soul Evolution Self-Study Course to work with the Double Merkbah to consciously Activate & Attune your DNA.

5. Read more about this alignment with my beautiful friend Kyrona & join in with her MASTERY INITIATION & LIGHTBODY ACTIVATION EVENT’

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