Merkabah Activation & the Number 13


Merkabah Activation & the Number 13

Sharing with you my article on the resonant vibration of our Octahedron & Double Merkabah Body of Light (Stellated Dodecahedron) and how this comes into sacred geometric form through the Pentagram.

The following courses maybe of interest if you would like to connect more deeply with our Octahedron & Merkabah Body of Light – Crystal Light Healing® or my  Crystal Light Healing® Sacred Ancient Wisdom.


Our Octahedron Body of Light

As discussed in my article 13 Dimensions of Metatrons Cube, when our Soul chose to come to Earth to have a human experience we birthed through the Galactic Core of our Milky Way (8th Dimension), through Sirius (7th Dimension), through Pleiades (6th Dimension) and into the atmospheric program imprint of Earth as a 5th Dimensional Soul level of vibration.

In order for your Soul  to express itself within a physical body, this 5D vibrational consciousness holographically radiates out a Crystalline Matrix of energy, much like a data-projector emits images.  This is referred to as our ‘Octahedron Body of Light‘. Refer Diagram 1.

OctahedronDiagram 1 – Octahedron Body of Light

This field of energy emitted from the Soul Star is made up of 7 different layers which gradually increase in density to create your 3D physical body through the 4D field of your Heart.

Here on Earth, through the astral gateway of our Hearts (4th Dimension) we then live in communion with the Plants & Animals (2nd Dimension) and we walk upon the Crystalline energies of Earth (1st Dimension) via our connection with Earth’s 1st Dimensional Crystalline Core… at our Earth Star.

The furthest most point of your Crystalline Matrix, the area below your feet, is referred to as your ‘Earth Star’ Energy Centre.

The Earth Star anchors your Crystalline Matrix to Earth, akin to a tree putting down roots deep into the Earths crust.   This energy centre fosters strength, vitality and feeling of ‘belonging’ through every level of the Crystalline Matrix, through to the physical body.

When the Earth Star is fully anchored, activated and harmonically open to allow a two-way flow of energy, Cosmic Energy can be channeled down from the Cosmic Gateway (down via the Universal & Stellar Gateways) through the Soul Star and down into the Core of Earth, the Earth Gateway. Conversely energy can then be transmitted from the Core of Earth back through the Soul Star and into the Cosmic Gateway.


Octahedron Light Body Transformation

We have the potential to transform our Octahedron Body of Light into a conscious Merkabah field formation in order to facilitate transformational healing through the 13 Spheres of Metatron’s Cube.

The Merkabah field formation connects the heart chakra to ‘zero point’, the connection of ‘as above, so below’ thus through INTENT healing takes place from the 1st Dimensional (Crystalline Field – Earth Gateway) through to the 8th Dimension (Centre of the Galaxy – Cosmic Gateway) – in all directions of time/space


What is the Merkabah ?

The Merkabah is an ancient symbol, which represents ‘One with All’.  The symbol is represented by two tetrahedrons (ie two three-dimensional equilateral triangles), which oppose each other and are merged together to form the six pointed Merkabah (also called a Star Tetrahedron).  Refer to Diagram 2.

MerkabahDiagram 2 – Merkabah Body of Light

‘Mer’ means Light, ‘Ka’ means Spirit and ‘Ba’ means Body.  Thus Merkabah means the Spirit/body surrounded by counter rotating fields of Light.  Counter rotating means the upward (male) tetrahedron spins anti-clockwise and the downward (female) tetrahedron spins clockwise, hence forming a divine ‘orb’ of light.

It is this ‘orb’ Merkabah vehicle that transports our Spirit/Body from one dimension to another. Thus the Merkabah helps us to fully activate our Light Body Crystalline Matrix multi-dimensionally through the 13 levels of experience (dimensions) of our Galaxy – ie Metatron’s Cube.


Our Merkabah Body of Light

As mentioned above, the Merkbah is the merged opposition of 2 three-dimensional equilateral triangles to form a six pointed star.   However, how can our Octahedron Body of Light create a Merkabah formation when it is made of more than 2 Tetrahedrons ?  Lets explain this phenomena….

If you were to draw a three-dimensional Octahedron, you would find that it is comprised of not just 2 Tetrahedrons, but in actual fact 8 Tetrahedrons.   The top half of the Octahedron is made of 4 Tetrahedrons coming together to form a 4 sided pyramid, and then the bottom half of the Octahedron comprises another set of 4 Tetrahedrons in mirror image.

Thus when our Octahedron Body of Light is activated to form a Merkabah Body of Light, 4 Merkabahs are actually created (4 sets of 2 Tetrahedrons).

These 4 Merkabahs then merge together to create 2 sets of Merkabahs (as per the Law of Polarity – refer to Shealla-Dreaming), represented as a 12 pointed Stellated Dodecahedron held together via a 13th central zero point field.  This formation is also called a Double Merkabah.    Refer to Diagram 3.

Double_MerkabahDiagram 3 – Double Merkabah Body of Light


Thus our activated Merkabah Body of Light, our 12 pointed Stellated Dodecahedron of Light (through the 13th central point), is the vehicle that supports our conscious connection with the 13 Spheres of Metatron’s Cube.  It is the vehicle that supports the awakening of our DNA and our quantum leap into enlightenment.

Please note, that many healers ‘see’ the Merkabah Body of Light surround the physical body as a six pointed star formation, however the energetic meridians of this formation in actual fact run energy via 12 points, through the 13th zero point field of the Heart – this is the zero point field of the triple Heart – ie the Heart of the Galaxy, Heart of the Earth and our Heart.


Merkabah Body of Light – Stellated Dodecahedron

As discussed above, our Double Merkabah Body of Light is also called a ‘Stellated Dodecahedron’.   The above ‘Diagram 3’ demonstrates our Double Merkabah Body of Light drawn as a ‘flat’ 12 pointed star.  However when viewed in 3D (from all directions), our Merkbah Body of Light looks like the diagram below (source Wikipedia) – a Stellated Dodecahedron.

In sacred geometry, the Dodecahedron represents the symbol of Spirit – whereby the elements Earth (Hexahedron), Fire (Tetrahedron), Air (Octahedron) & Water (Iscosahedron) come together in oneness through Spirit.

The Dodecahedron (see Diagram 4 below) has 12 flat faces, with each face have 5 sides (ie a pentagon).  In fact, if you take 12 Pentagrams (5 pointed stars that have pentagon central face), and then join all of the 12 faces together (by folding the 5 triangular points of each Penagram inward into the centre) – you create a 3D Dodecahedron.

Stellated Dodecahedron Crystal Double Merkabah Light Body

If you then take that 3D Dodecahedron and join a second set of 12 x Pentagrams onto that original Dodecahedron (by joining the 5 sided face of each Pentagram to one of the 12 x 5 sided faces of the Dodecahedron) and then point the 5 triangular points of each Pentagram outward into an apex point (hence 12 x apex points in total) – you create the Stellated Dodecahedron.

Thus in summary, our Stellated Dodecahedron Body of Light is thus a series of 12 x inward pointing Pentagrams PLUS a further 12 x outward pointing Pentagrams – collectively together creating our Double Merkabah Body of Light through Spirit.

In ancient times, the Double Merkabah Body of Light (or Stellated Dodecahedron) was referred to as OmAhOm – referring to the fact that we are made in the image of all Creation- each of us are fractals of the OmAhOm field of the infinite all through the 13 Sacred Keys of Creation.  See Diagram 5 below.

Double Mekabah OmAhOm

©  Simone M. Matthews












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