Spirited-Travellers – Intention Ceremony

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Spirited-Travellers – Intention Ceremony

Last Friday evening, on the ‘2 sleeps eve’ of our Spirited-Travellers World Tour a group of very special friends came together with my family to connect in ceremony.

Our vision was to set the intention and divine higher purpose of our Spirited-Travellers Tour and to seed this vision into the Crystalline Field of Mother Earth.

Our small gathering came together under the stars, by the light of the moon, barefoot upon the Earth as the heavens opened and gently sprinkled a fine mist of raindrops on our ceremony.

A beautiful Si-Star of mine and Teacher through our school ‘Suzie Joy Coombes‘ led the ceremony with her husband Garry.  Together they played crystal bowls, tibetan bowls and using their voice harmonically connected us all to Crystalline Earth.

Collectively we seeded into Crystalline Earth the highest intention of our tour… to open peoples hearts so they can see/feel/be the LOVE and awaken to the POWER of the DIVINE from within.

To complete our ceremony, we dedicated over 10kg of crystals used in this ceremony as our Spirited-travellers ‘BLESSED EARTH CRYSTALS‘.

Blessed Earth Crystals

We are carrying our ‘BLESSED EARTH CRYSTALS‘ around the world during 2105/16 to work with people in ceremony.

We are releasing ‘Blessed Earth Crystals‘ into Earths Waterways (Oceans, Lakes, Streams & Waterfalls) and we also burying crystals into key ley-line grid points around the world.  

Crystals hold a memory and they amplify our thoughts, intentions, words and sacred actions.  Thus the release of our Crystals that have been blessed through prayers of LOVE, Compassion, Kindness & Sharing, will be gifted from our Hearts in support of the awakening of Humanity’s Heart.

View our Blessed Earth Crystal Photos from around the world.

It is also our intention to facilitate during our tour many GLOBAL EARTH BLESSING CEREMONIES.

Connecting with our Blessed Earth Crystals in ceremony will empower people to:

  • Embrace COURAGE and not let fear hold you back from living your dreams
  • Transform your VULNERABILITY into your greatest STRENGTH
  • HEAL yourself from dis-ease and patterns of limitation & low self-worth
  • Foster unification of the Divine FEMININE & MASCULINE within
  • Connect with ANCIENT WISDOM & the cherished secrets of our Ancestors
  • Bless the WATER and BE the CHANGE.

We sit at a critical time in Earth’s evolutionary history, as our population has increased from 1 billion to 7 billion in the last 150 years, we use resources at a 30% greater rate than is sustainable, 25% of todays animals species will be extinct by 2050 and every 3.6 seconds someone dies from starvation on this planet.

BUT… it doesn’t have to be this way !

We have the power within us to evolve and awaken into a kind, compassionate & mindful humanity of world citizens.  As we practice kindness to self, gratitude to others and reverence for our planet, collectively we will transcend the pain of separation and unite into a global family of conscious Souls, living and breathing a heaven here on Earth.

I invite you to join me in ceremony at my Essence of Angels® or Crystal Light Healing® workshops and have the have the opportunity to connect with our Blessed Earth Crystals and dive deep into yourself, connect with Ancient Crystalline Wisdom and remove the blocks that inhibit your experience of joy, freedom & abundance in order to awaken to your natural state of  health, healing and vibrant vitality.

Thank you for supporting our Spirited-Travellers World Tour and helping us to foster Peace, Happiness, LOVE & Connection with our global brothers & sisters.

Please view my 2015-16 Schedule of Events and find a talk/workshop in your city/country:

A big thank you too to our Crystalline Sponsor Vicki Anderson for helping us make the transport of these crystals around the world possible.

Meditation & Intention Setting Ceremony

Sharing with you photos of our Blessed Earth Crystal Ceremony as well as photos from many of our community members connecting into our ceremony from around the world ♡








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