Article 1 – Awakening your Pineal Gland


Article 1 – Awakening your Pineal Gland

Over a 4 Part Series of Articles, I share with you the ancient wisdom of DNA Activation & Attunement including the awakening of your Pineal Gland-Primordial Cells communication patheway.
Article 1 – Awakening your Pineal Gland (see below)
Article 2Primordial Cells – Powerhouse of Qi  >
Article 3Pineal Gland-Primordial Cells Pathway >
Article 4Quantum DNA Activation & Attunement >


Article 1 – Awakening your Pineal gland

The Pineal Gland is a small endocrine gland located near the center of the brain, between the two hemispheres. It is only a small gland 5 to 8 mm and is shaped a little like a pinecone. The Pineal Gland produces a serotonin derivative called melatonin hence is involved in the wake/sleep cycle and seasonal functions. Energetically the Pineal Gland is referred to as the ‘Seat of the Soul’. Our Pineal Gland receives the deepest memories from our Soul Star ( I AM Presence) and brings this flow into our consciousness, meaning it is a gateway to access the wisdoms of Higher Self. The Pineal Gland gives conscious access to multi-dimensional states of awareness, hence being able to ‘see’ beyond the illusionary veil of separation.

Within the Pineal Gland is an etheric structure called the ‘Master Crystal Cell’ (MCC). The MCC is the access key to the Soul Star, facilitating a conscious awareness of our original etheric blueprint and our divine perfection. Resonation of the MCC activates a communication pathway with your primordial cells, providing a fertile ground for the activation & attunement of your DNA (refer to Articles 2 to 4).  

Healthy Pineal Gland Function

As we age, calcification and fluoride deposits accumulate within the Pineal Gland, limiting the function of this energetic body. Active and regular stimulation of the Pineal Gland helps to transmute these build ups, and assists optimal Pineal Gland function both physically and energetically. There are many practices that can easily be incorporated within your life to enhance the physical & energetic functioning of your Pineal Gland.

  1. Water – Avoid chemically laden, chlorinated, fluoridated water as it causes calcification of the Pineal Gland. Choose pure water as close to nature as possible (eg spring, stream, rain etc)
  2. Food – Avoid irradiated, genetically engineered, chemically grown, packaged and long-term cold storage food. Eat food that is in season, organic and eaten as close to its natural state.  Decreasing your toxicity is important as the Pineal Gland isn’t protected by the blood-brain-barrier (like the brain).
  3. Environment – Try to limit the toxicity in your environment, EMRs (Electro-Magnetic Radiation), noise pollution etc..  Walk barefoot upon the Earth often, bath yourself in the sweet sounds of nature, limit your time on technology and detox your home (ie use natural cleaning products etc).
  4. Drugs – Limit pharmaceuticals where-ever possible an choose energetic medicines such as herbal medicine, homeopathy, vibrational essences or seek the support of a body/mind/medicine practitioner to facilitate your optimal health & well-being.
  5. Observer – Become the observer of your life, that is live your life through your ‘I Am Presence’. As the ‘observer’ you stimulate the pathway of ‘Soul Star Presence’ into your Pineal Gland and support neuroplasticity of your Brain in alignment with your awakened consciousness.
  6. Light-Activation-Point-DNASunshine – Spend time each day (or at least on a regular basis) greeting the early morning sun. Sunlight stimulates the Pineal Glands production of seratonin, reducing longer-term calcification.  Also, as the Sun rises, photon energy is received through the Third Eye & the Light Activation Point (sits at a 42 to 45 degree angle between the Third Eye & Crown).   Receptors within the Pineal Glands MCC ‘receive’ this photon energy and they respond by opening the MCC Stargate into multi-dimensional time and space ie bridging the physical with the spiritual.
  7. Moonshine – Spend time each day (or at least on a regular basis) under the stars and become conscious of the cycles of the moon.   The darkness of night and ‘star energy’ stimulates the Pineal Glands production of Melatonin, which improves our sleep and our Stargate travels during the ‘dream’ state.
  8. Meditation – On a regular basis, within meditation, consciously stimulate/activate your ‘Golden Crown Diamond’ and amplify the potential of your Pineal Gland.


Golden Crown Diamond

The Golden Crown Diamond is a sacred diamond of electromagnetic energy that surrounds the head.  When this Diamond is resonated (through breath, meditation, crystals etc), the Diamond’s resonance activates the Pineal Gland, ignites the MCC and hence opening of the Pineal Glands ‘Stargate’ portal into our Dimensions. The 6 energy centres that form the points of the Golden Crown Diamond are:  Crown Chakra, Third Eye, Causal Chakra, Side (Ear) Chakras and the Alta Major.

Upon awakening of the Pineal Gland/MCC, we become direct conduits of our Soul Star 5th Dimensional Light presence through us and awaken our awareness into a higher state of consciousness. We move beyond the limitation of our physical senses and move into a heightened state of awareness where we can ‘see’ beyond the visible light spectrum, ‘hear’ the sounds of creation greater than our physical ears can hear and also smell / taste / touch from a place of heightened intuition.

Through awakening of the Pineal Gland/MCC, you are no longer bound by physical laws, thus astral travel and lucid dreaming are natural states of beingness. Creativity, imagination and manifestation are also heightened with a fully awake and activated Pineal Gland/MCC. 

Through creative visualisation in meditation or lucid dreaming you become the master of your Soul Evolution and a co-creator of your reality. Finally, the awakening of your Pineal Gland/MCC opens the communication pathway with your Primordial Cells providing a fertile ground for the activation & attunement of your DNA (refer to Articles 2 to 4).

xx Simone

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