Article 2 – Primordial Cells – Powerhouse of Qi


Article 2 – Primordial Cells – Powerhouse of Qi

Over a 4 Part Series of Articles, I share with you the ancient wisdom of DNA Activation & Attunement including the awakening of your Pineal Gland-Primordial Cells communication pathway.

Article 1Awakening your Pineal Gland >
Article 2 – Primordial Cells – Powerhouse of Qi  (below)
Article 3Pineal Gland-Primordial Cells Pathway >
Article 4Quantum DNA Activation & Attunement >


Article 2 – Primordial Cells – Powerhouse of Qi

The Primordial cells are a persons original 8 cells of life, the first 8 cells that are formed after fusion of the Egg & Sperm and subsequent cellular replication.

These 8 original cells, that are positioned in-between your Base & Sacral Chakras, are maintained throughout your life-time via the holographic field of your Crystalline Matrix (auric field).


Primordial Cells & Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry is the Universal Language of Creation. This language communicates the Universal Truths of an infinitely expanding potential field and how our consciousness molds this field and creates our reality, hence our physical experience here on Earth.

As a symbolic language based on the study of patterns through geometric form, Sacred Geometry transcends the limitation of beliefs, customs and cultural nuances here on Earth. It is a language that knows no boundary, unlike the systems of words we use as language on Earth today.

Sacred Geometry thus helps us to embrace the premise that we are an inseparable part of the whole and hence guides us in our personal and collective evolutionary journeys.

Everything in Creation is manifest into form through Sacred Geometry (infinite intelligence), from Galaxies, to Solar Systems, our Physical bodies right down to sub-atomic particles.

Our Primordial Cells, our first 8 cells of life, are mirror reflective of the ‘Egg of Life’ in Sacred Geometry, the template that brings form to Metatron’s Cube.

To understand more about Sacred Geometry & our Creation Story please refer to my Conscious Evolution Video Series (Parts 1 to 6) and view the images below.



Function of the Primordial Cells

Our primordial cells are an intelligent store house of Qi (Chi, Prana, Hara, Energy) within the body.

To understand the function of our Primordial cells, lets first look at the other 2 primary store houses of Qi within the body – the Pineal Gland and the Higher Heart.

Hara-line-dan-tienAs discussed in Article 1, the Pineal Gland is located in the near centre of the Brain. This energy centre is a store house of ‘Mental Qi’, and enables us to harness the intelligence of our higher-self, our Soul Star. As our Soul Star is a fractal of the field (we are God expressing itself), then our Pineal Glands are also able to harness the infinite intelligence of the field through the core our Galaxy (and all galaxies in all directions of time and space.

Our Higher Heart is located within the Astral of our Crystalline Matrix (auric field) and is a store house of ‘Emotional Qi’. This energy centre enables us to harness the divine emotion of LOVE and express this as our natural state of beingness within the ONENESS field. This energy centre of the Zero Point field is a channel of infinite potential and is an accelerator of our individual and collective ascension.

Our Primordial Cells, are an intelligent store house of physical or ‘Manifest Qi’, where the un-manifest potential becomes manifest, where energy emerges as matter.

When we choose to live a SOUL realised life, we activate our Emotional Qi (Higher Heart) and become a direct conduit of Mental Qi (infinite intelligence via the Pineal Gland) along our Hara Line. We then have the capacity to consciously harness our ‘Manifest Qi’ of our Primordial Cells and become co-creator of our reality.

As this micro alignment of the Pineal Gland-Higher Heart-Primordial Cells embraces the macro alignment of the Galactic Heart-Higher Heart-Earth Heart we have the capacity to express the highest potential of Creation through us.   The merging into one of the micro and macro alignments transcends physical time-space and provides a quantum soup potential of DNA awakening (refer to Article 4).



Primordial Cells & Sound

Our Primordial Cells have a resonant sound frequency of G# expressed at 210 hz. Vibrating your primordial cells at 210 hz (thought intent, toning, crystal bowls, light language, sacred sound codes etc) activates this energy centre and fosters alignment of the Primordial Cells along the Hara Line with the Pineal Gland & the Higher Heart.

In this state of innate and graceful flow, your Hara becomes a counter-rotating Fibonacci spiral of energy from the Heart of the Galaxy (C to C#) through your Heart/Higher Heart (C to C#) and directly into your Base Chakra & Primordial cells (G & G#).

The reason G & G# is activated, is because energy flows in octaves, or harmonics of the fundamental / unison tone.   As your Hara awareness opens to the Heart of the Galaxy (C to C#) energy flows along the Hara and awakens/energises the Heart/Higher Heart (C to C#) and continues its flow toward the Earth at the next harmonic of the ‘perfect fifth’ (a Fibonacci ratio and harmonic interval) of the Primordial cells (G & G#) and then into the final harmonic of the Earths Heart (C to C#).

Conversely, as the Heart of the Earth is activated (C to C#), spiral energy is drawn up (through a counter-rotating cork-screw spiral) into our Heart/Higher Heart (C to C#), and into our Soul Star & Pleiades Portal at the perfect fifth (G & G#) back into the Heart of the Galaxy (C to C#).

In Article 3 I will discuss how living as one with Earth through your I AM Presence / Consciousness awakens your Hara-Connection ‘as above, so below’ in sacred harmony with the field of the infinite all.

xx Simone


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