Part 1: Healing Power of Sound

Part 1: Healing Power of Sound


Sounds of the Cosmos

Our Cosmos is a living breathing symphony of sound (energy).  The origins of life and the density of our Earth came into form through Sacred Sound.

In the Old Testament in Genesis ‘And God said, Let there be Light, and there was Light’  it was God’s spoken divine word (sound) that created the Light and hence all of Creation (form).

Thus Sound and Light harmonically create our Universe and in fact the entire Cosmos through the powerful vibratory resonances of OmAhOm.

In this ‘Part 1: Sounds of the Cosmos – Healing Power of Sound‘ article I share with you an understanding of Sound and working with sound for healing – OmAhOm.

Then in my ‘Part 2: Sounds of the Cosmos – The Healing Sounds of Colour‘ (read here >) I will share with you a deeper insight of how Sound creates Colour and how we can work with colour for healing – OmAhOm.


What is Sound?

We are bathed in a sea of sound in each every moment – everything is sound !

Everything vibrates from sub-atomic particles, planets revolving around the sun through to Galaxy’s…. and it’s these vibratory patterns that create sound. The vibratory ripples send out ‘waves’ and these waves of energy are measured in terms of ‘frequency’.

Frequency (or sound waves per second of time) are measured in ‘hz’ (hertz).  

For example, if a sound had a measurement of 100 hz, this would mean that the sound created ‘100 waves’ per second of time.   Or if a sound had a measurement of 300 hz, this would mean that the sound created ‘300 waves’ per second of time.    The greater the number of sound waves per second of time then the higher the pitch sound, conversely the lower the number of sound waves per second of time then the lower the pitch sound.

Whilst everything creates sound, not all sound can be heard by the human ear.  Humans typically can hear sounds from between 20hz to 20,000 hz (though once we age the range decreases, with most adults only hearing up to 13,000 to 15,000 hz).  

Sounds below 20 hz are known as infrasound and sounds above 20,000 hz are known as ultrasound.   Many animals have the ability to detect ultrasounds (dogs up to 45,000 hz, cats up to 64,000 hz, bats up to 110,000 hz, whales up to 123,000 hz and dolphins up to 150,000 hz) and elephants have the ability to detect infrasound (down to approx 16hz).

You can check your own range of sounds below.  Please note it is best to use headphones to do this test 🙂


Harmonics – movement of Sound

When sound moves in waves (measured in hz), these waves affect the environment through harmonics.

When any note is played on an instrument it is referred to as the ‘fundamental’ note, it is the first and most prominent sound you hear. However, the vibratory rate of that sound also induces many other notes to harmonically sound at the same time. Thus when you play a single note, hidden within that sound is the sound of many other notes playing at the same time ie harmonics

To understand harmonics, I’ll refer to a piano keyboard (I could have chosen any musical instrument, but this is the easiest to ‘visually’ demonstrate harmonics).

Imagine playing the middle note ‘C’ on a piano keyboard.  Presuming the keyboard is perfectly tuned, when you play the middle note ‘C’ key, the hammer at the back of the piano hits the string and causes the string to vibrate 256 times per second – hence creating the sound of 256hz – musical note C.

But there is so much more to this story of sound.  When you play note C at 256hz, the vibrations of the string send out sound waves to the environment and harmonically resonate (vibrate) the string of the musical note C exactly one octave up – C at 512hz (one octave up is a doubling of the hertz frequency).  But it doesn’t stop there, the next string one octave up also vibrates (C at 1024hz) and one octave up again (C at 2048hz)… and this process continues infinitely.   All these musical notes that resonate upon a person playing a single note (referred to as the fundamental note) are called harmonics of the fundamental.  See image below.

Harmonics give instruments their uniqueness, as they shape the sounds we hear (different instruments magnify different overtones (although all are sounded), hence different sounds are produced. A musical instruments fundamental note and its harmonics are referred to as its ‘timbre’.

There are also many many other harmonics that resonate upon the playing of the fundamental note and these can be calculated as fibonacci ratios of the fundamental.  But I won’t go into the detail of all of that here… that is getting a little to complex for this post (though I do cover this in Crystal Light Healing® eCourse if you are interested).  However, the one point I would like to make here is, when you play a fundamental note due to the magical quality of harmonics, ALL sounds are ultimately sounded through harmonics… resulting in the sound of the primordial ‘OM’ of creation through the One Heart ‘Ah’.


Healing through Sound

When we make a sound, be it on a musical instrument, with our voices, movement of our bodies etc… we are in fact vibrating other sounds or notes up to an infinite levels of octaves. What this means is the sound we make resonates up to the higher celestial levels and we are in fact communicating with the heavens through all multi-dimensional levels of creation.

When we say the words I Love you, and say them with purity of intent, the notes sounded from our vocal cords/mouth and the associated harmonics created, travel up and up through an infinite level of octaves (where the hz are in the trillions of trillions etc..) and connect our cellular vibrations to the cosmic levels – the primordial ‘OM’.   These cosmic vibrations are then mirrored back to us through the harmonic octaves – opening our Hearts, activating our DNA, awakening our consciousness and ultimately flourishing our health, vitality and wellbeing.

Conversely, if you say the words I hate you, a discordant range of harmonic notes are sounded (a little like scratching your nails done a chalk board), which ultimately reflects an energetic environment back to you that does not resonate harmoniously with your energetic fields.   These discordant vibrations can manifest as ‘dis-ease’ within that body, or foster disharmony with your emotional or mental levels of beingness.

What this means is your ‘Sounds’ are what mold the environment and create your reality.   Becoming conscious of your thoughts, self-talk, what you say aloud, and all ‘sounds’ you make, help you to align with the vortex of what you wish to create within your life.   What you focus on, or what you ‘sound’ is ultimately what you become. The good new is, you have the power to change these vibrations in your world at any moment, with each and every breath, the choice is yours.

A great way to start the day would be to sound OM (with your voice, or though your intentions) three times and direct this sound into the Earth.   The Heart of the Earth vibrates at 128hz (once again it is a little more complex than that, but I discuss this indepth in Crystal Light Healing®)… and as energy moves in octaves, this opens your Heart at 256hz and ultimately opens your Heart to the Heart of the Galaxy (512hz).  


Please note that in Crystal Light Healing® we actually work with a band of frequencies:  Earth’s (Heart) Gateway (128 to 136 hz), Heart Chakra (256 to 272 hz) and Cosmic (Heart) Gateway (512 to 544 hz).  These bands take into consideration Solfeggio frequencies – for example the  Cosmic Gateway resonates at the band of frequencies 512 hz to 544 hz, with the mid-point being 528 hz (which is the Solfeggio frequency for Transformation, Miracles & DNA repair).

Simply by sounding into the Earth each day, you open your Heart to the field of infinite intelligence (the Aetheric Field) and live your life as an expression of the LOVE of Creation through you… rather than through the limitation of your story / imprinted beliefs.

Sounding OM each day is EASY, anyone can do it.  You can do this in bed, in the shower or whilst travelling to work.   Just try it and I know you will experience profound shifts in your health, vitality and wellbeing.   


xx Simone















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