Part 2: Sounds of the Cosmos – The Healing Sounds of Colour

Part 2: Sounds of the Cosmos – The Healing Sounds of Colour

Sound creating Colour

Now that I have discussed the basics of sound in Part 1 (if you haven’t already, please read Part 1: Sounds of the Cosmos), lets now look at how sound correlates with colour.   I can sum it up in one phrase:  Sound creates Colour !

Let me use the Heart at 256hz as an example.  If I was to ‘sound’ the Heart Chakra (I could sound OM or AH with my intention of resonating the Heart), energy would harmonically move in octaves (512hz, 1024hz, 2048hz etc).   Once the energy has harmonically resonated through 42 Octaves, at the 42nd Octave you reach the vibrational hertz frequency within the colour band of Green.  Yes that is right, the Heart Chakra at 256hz creates the resonance of the colour Green at 570 Trillion Hz = 570,000,000,000,000 hz =  570 x 1012   (refer to the image below).

To understand this sacred dance of sound creating light, let me first share a little background of the our ElectroMagnetic Spectrum & Visible Light Spectrum.

The Electromagnetic Spectrum is the full hertz frequency spectrum of all know frequencies.  Within the Electromagnetic Spectrum, the only frequencies that are visible to us are those that fall with the Visible Light Spectrum (rainbow spectrum)  – whereby the frequencies fall between the colour RED at 430 000 000 000 000 hz (430 Trillion = 430 x 1012) through to VIOLET at 750 000 000 000 000 hz (750 Trillion = 750 x 1012) –  refer to the image below.   Everything we physically see with our eyes is made up of one or more colour frequencies within the visible light spectrum.

When we resonate each of our Chakra Energy Centres (through their ancient sound codes/tones and their corresponding musical notes), energy harmonically moves in octaves, such that the ‘sounds’ of each chakra create form – the ‘colour’ of each chakra (refer to the image below).


Each individual Chakra (through it’s Ancient Tone/Sound/Colour relationship) relates to a particular set of DNA Codes within our body, an Organ, a Nervous System Plexus, Hormones etc.  Thus we can use Sound & Colour to change the FORM of a system/region with the body that is experiencing dis-ease and through the energetic application of Sound & Colour transmute the discordant energy sounds and harmonically align the body once again into a state of health, vitality and wellbeing.  

Essence of Angels® & Crystal Light Healing® is the study of energetically harmonising the Sound & Colour vibrations within the body with the greater cosmos – to create an awakened DNA/Cellular FORM that supports a healthy body, mindful thoughts/emotions and awakening to your greater Soul Potential.


Sound creating Form

Cymatics is another way for us to visually see how sound molds/moves matter and creates form.

Dr. Hans Jenny (1904-1972) was one of the early founders of the science of Cymatics – a study that demonstrates how sound creates form.   Dr. Jenny created the ‘tonoscope’ – he would place sand, liquids, iron filings and dust particles onto steel plates or membranes and vibrated the plates with different frequencies. What he found was that sound frequencies created form.

He experimented with different sounds and substances, and found they made geometrical patterns when exposed to different vibrational frequencies.  The higher the frequencies, the more complex the shapes produced, with certain shapes having similarities to traditional mandalas and crop circle designs (I talk about this indepth in Crystal Light Healing® Sacred Ancient Wisdom).

The videos below are great examples of how SOUND molds the aetheric field of potentiality and creates the FORMs of our physical world.  You can see how sound creates the galaxy’s, the planets, our physical bodies and all life-forms.   


Sound, Colour & our Health & Wellbeing

If everything above sounds a bit technical, lets get practical now and relate sound & colour to your everyday life.

Sound & Colour are energy – hence the Sounds & Colours of your environment have a direct impact upon your health, wellbeing & consciousness.

Lets look at colour first.  The colours we wear, the colours that surround our environment and the colour of the food we eat are all ‘energy frequencies’ that affect our body, mind & spirit.

For example,  if you were wearing a green shirt, the vibrational frequencies of that colour are sending out waves up an infinite level of Octaves into the Cosmos. You are connecting with the infinitesimal cosmic green and bathing your energetic field in a green sound bath. Green is the colour of calm, peace, coolness and healing. The best way to test this out is put on a Green shirt for a while, then switch to another colour (for example red – heating, strength, courage, stability, foundation) and see if you can feel the difference.

Now lets look at sound.  The sounds within our environment – from the music we listen to, the sounds of nature, traffic noise are all creating ‘form’ within our bodies

As we ‘hear’ the music of our environment, a myriad of harmonics are also being sounded up the octave scales, through the hz for the vibration of colour and through to the cosmic levels. Our connection with these energies then affects our vibratory experiences in this world. When harmonics are soothing, we feel peaceful and centred as the vibrations balance our energetic bodies. When the harmonics are discordant (eg city noise, high decibal construction noise etc ) it can create dis-ease within the body – it simply sounds and feels bad.  Reflect on how you feel after a day of walking through a rainforest compared to a day of walking through busy city traffic… how do you feel physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually ?

Many ancient traditions have for thousands of years supported healing within the body by using Sound & Colour.  For example – in Ayurvedic Medicine each region/organ/tissue of the body has a unique Sound Code/Tone that specifically brings harmonic balance to that area of the body.  In traditional herbal medicine & essences –  the energy signature of plants have unique sound & colour frequencies that raise the vibratory patterns of DNA/Cells to support the body to heal itself.    And in Crystal Healing the molecular energy signature of a crystal amplifies a sound/colour spectrum into the environment which changes the physical/energetic function of DNA/Cells within the body.


The Sounds & Colours of your Words

We can see how changing your diet, spending time in nature, or changing the colour of your clothes changes the energetic vibrations of your environment hence can support optimal cellular function, health & wellbeing.   But there is so much more to sound & colour…

What about your thoughts, your words, your mental patternings & your beliefs.   ALL of these are ENERGY and contribute to the energetic melting pot of frequencies that you bathe yourself in 24/7.  

Every thought you have, every belief, every action you take and every word spoken creates both SOUND & COLOUR…. ALL of your words/thoughts/mental patterns are thus energy and they create FORM.   YOU create your reality by everything you think, say & do. 

You can have the most pristine diet (organic, seasonal, full rainbow spectrum of fruit & vege) and you can surround yourself daily with natural sounds (the healing sounds of insects, birdsong, ocean waves etc)…. BUT if you continue to think negative thoughts, become a victim to your hurtful self-talk or do harm through thought, word or deed to others… no amount of external sound/colour can counter-act the discordant energy of dis-eased sound/colour being generated from the inside out.

The energetic SOUNDS/COLOURS that you produce within your body – from your thoughts, emotions, words and actions – are creating the FORM of your body, the health, vitality and optimal homeostatic balance of your cellular function.   Essentially you become what you think/say/do.


Healing our World through Sound & Colour

We sit at an incredible juncture here on Earth today.  We are at a critical point with our climate, our resources and the extinction of flora & fauna to name but a few.   A global divisive ‘us’ & ‘them’ mentality has created a discordant field of separation, a virus of sorts that harmonically is widening the divide within our human race. 

The sounds & colours created through our hurt, our anger, our hatred and our pain are not just creating dis-ease within our own bodies, but also is polluting the planet through its cancerous proliferation of fear. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Each and everyone of us holds the template of a unique sound, a gift of light, a sacred energetic purpose of Soul.   YOU came to Earth with your divine blueprint of SOUND & LIGHT to be a part of a evolutionary birthing of Earth into a new story – a story that your Heart knows is possible.

It is time to step-up and let the music of our SOUL sing a new world into FORM…. don’t let yourself fade into the background or die with your music still inside of you.  We NEED YOU.  YOU are here for a reason… let the music of your Heart bring healing to the world.


xx Simone











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