InnSæi : The Power of Intuition

InnSæi : The Power of Intuition

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of watching the movie ‘Innsæi: The Power of Intuition‘.

Innsæi (pronouced  Inn-Sigh-Ee) is an Icelandic word that means INTUITION.  The ability to sense/feel from deep within ourselves and perceive the world beyond our logical mind and five senses.  In actual fact, Innsæi has multiple meanings in Icelandic:

The sea within.
To see within.
And to see from the inside out.

The Sea Within… is the borderless nature of our inner world, a constantly moving world of vision, feelings and imagination beyond words.

To See Within… means to know yourself, and to know yourself well enough to be able to put yourself in other people’s shoes.

And to See from the Inside-Out… is to have a strong inner compass to navigate your way in our ever-changing world.


The multiple meanings of the word ‘Innsæi’, foster a deep richness & divine connection – helping us to understand how we can embrace & flourish our Intuition.

Intuition is a natural & mystical part of being human.   When we harness the power of tuition, new doors of potential & possibility open as we let go of living/thinking from ‘within-the -box’ and begin to create solutions to life’s challenges from a higher place of awareness.

It sounds easy, but in such a busy fast-paced world, people are becoming more distracted from their feelings every day.  There is such a rush of information that is over-stimulating our senses, more and more people are turning-off to how they feel just to be able to cope in a world that is so ‘noisy’.

Distractions may take the form of technology, busy lives (no one seems to have time any more), the use of alcohol & drugs to numb the pain of feeling and sleep deprivation as a means of control/to get things done.  People tend to live their lives on remote control, in their heads, cut-off from their emotions.  Feeling is often ‘shut-down’ in order to cope in such an overstimulated time-poor world.

So how do we embrace Intuition, whilst functioning in the world today ?

Your Intuition Muscles

You have probably heard the saying ‘use it, or lose it’  or even ‘practice makes perfect’.  Well, we can view Intuition the same way.  If we are to step into the greater potential of Intuition, then we must flex our Intuition Muscles on a daily basis… and in fact create lives that incorporate Intuition in everything that we do.

Just like water, Intuition is essential for life… or at least essential for lives that are fulfilling, joyous and connected in body, mind & Spirit.

In the movie Innsæi,  Malidoma Patrice Somé, a West African elder and author, stated that “intuition binds us together. Without it we lose our sense of purpose and belonging.” 

I couldn’t agree more.  In a world accelerating at a deliriously fast pace, we must never forget each other, our connections, our feelings, our belonging… and it is intuition that guides us back every time to what really matters.  People.  Humans.  Hearts.  Feelings.  Connection.  Empathy.  Wisdom.

A personal experience…

After the watching the movie Innsæi, I accompanied our daughter to the stationery shop to purchase her back-to-school goodies.  And I too had a few things to pick-up, there is something exciting about new stationary to start a new year (but that’s another story!).

As I walked down one of the stationery isles, suddenly a small silver ruler caught my attention.  Now I had no rulers on my list, I wasn’t in any need of a ruler what-so-ever and so my rational mind proclaimed ‘no, you don’t need this, don’t put this ruler in your shopping trolley’. 

But then something within me, a soft voice, a feeling, a gentle nudge was urging me to purchase this ruler.  Reflecting on the movie Innsæi that I watched the previous day, i did put the ruler in my trolley and said to myself ‘this will be interesting, lets see why this ruler needs to come home with me!’

On our return home, our daughter started unpacking all her stationery and readied her bag for school the next day.  Suddenly, a big ‘Oh No’ came booming from her bedroom.  She was upset that she had forgotten something on her list.  I am sure you have guessed what that was (or may have intuited), it was a ruler.  But not a standard plastic/wooden ruler, the ruler that she had on her list was a silver 15 cm ruler EXACTLY like the one I had purchased hours earlier.  As you can imagine, she gave me a big hug when I declared ‘well this ones for you then!’

Whilst this small personal experience may seem insignificant (there is so much more to life than rulers), when we extrapolate out the bigger impact & role that intuition can play in our lives, we can see that from little things, big things grow.

As Marina Abramović, the grandmother of performance art stated in the movie Innsæi,  “in order to create something new human beings need to go into the unknown”.  Intuition is the guide that takes us there and reaches out a helping hand to show us the way.

Flourish your Intuition

With so much knowledge available at a fingertips at any one moment, intuition can help us filter through the noise of information and guide our daily lives from a place of wisdom.

To help you flex your intuition muscle, lean into intuition and invite intuition into your daily rhythms, here are some thoughts to flourish intuition in every aspect of your life.

  • Silence.   Start your day inviting silence into your space.  Turn off all the noise – tv, smartphone, all the things that beep, buzz & ring, EVERYTHING.  Intuition cannot be heard/felt when we are overwhelmed and stimulated by stuff.  Invite silence to start your day either in the shower, a short meditation in bed, a cup of tea watching the sunrise or as you watch that early bird in the tree.  Quiet the mind and invite your inner-voice to guide your day – that soft, loving, gentle, yet powerful wisdom of truth.   See how your day gracefully moves into flow when you start your day guided by something greater than the physical/rational mind.
  • Breathe.  We all do it, yet we rarely feel into our breaths deeply and connect with the breath of divinity.   During your time of morning silence – breathe.  Breathe a breath that draws up deep from within the Earth and into your Heart.  With each breath, feel the breath of life, of wisdom, of love, of infinite intelligence streaming through you.  To breathe means to be alive, to be connected to something greater than you from a place of Grace.  Breathe the Great Cosmic Breath of Life.
  • Presence.  Put down that remote control (and I don’t just mean the Tv kind).  Periodically throughout your day simply stop, breathe, feel and check-in with yourself.  What are you thinking?  What is your mental chatter saying?  What are you doing?  How are you feeling?  Become aware of yourself in the present moment, your breathing, tension in the body, emotions etc.   As a non-judgemental observer, determine if you are going about your day as if on remote control.  Do you find yourself mulling over the past or having anxiety or stress about the future.  Have you ‘checked out’ of your sense of feeling in order to dutifully perform daily tasks, cope with family stressors, or that challenging boss.  If you find you aren’t present, then invite in silence, breathe and bring your awareness, your attention back into the now.  Notice how being present & honouring how you feel begins to dilute the stress and offer solutions with gratitude & ease.
  • Nature & Instinct.  Nature has an innate intelligence and is a catalyst for us to get in touch with our own.  A bird knows when to fly North, a plant knows when to flower and a dog knows to eat grass/fast if feeling unwell.   This same instinct, this same intuitive knowing, this same connection to a greater wisdom is our natural state… but noise, life, busyness, ego chatter & distractions blot the intelligence out.  Spend time Earthing, being Silent, Breathing & becoming Present in Nature – ideally daily, or at very best on weekends.  Let a force of LOVE from the natural world guide every thought, word & deed in your daily life.   As we come into our Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 31 January, consider using Celestite (Crystal Light Healing®) to help foster tenderness, sensitivity & intuition.
  • Trust.  Start small.  Find your own ‘ruler moments’ and build your innate ability to tune into the soft guiding hand of intuition.  Become aware of how your intuition speaks to you – is it a feeling in your stomach, a soft whisper, a strong pull toward an outcome or an all over body feeling of simply ‘knowing’.  Watch what happens when you dismiss a moment of intuition and observe what happens when you follow intuition.  Simply surrender to the magic, water it, fertilise it and watch it flourish.


xx Simone


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