LARGEST Full Moon of 2019 – 19 / 20, February
Keeping the flames of our Passions alight!

LARGEST Full Moon of 2019 – 19 / 20, February
Keeping the flames of our Passions alight!

This week we have the LARGEST (Super) Full Moon of the year, when the Moon makes it’s closest approach to Earth for 2019.  The Moon will look a little larger this week and up to 30% brighter too!

The theme of our February Full Moon is vibrantly delicious with the flames of our greatest passions being set alight.   This is a strong, uplifting & courageously empowering Full Moon that is being fanned by the wings of the Feminine.

Top Image Credit: Laurens R. M. D.


The Energy of our VIRGO Full Moon

Moon in Virgo (0.420) & Sun in Pisces (0.420)
Wednesday, 20 February 2019 – 1:53 am AEST (Australia)
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Our Full Moon in VIRGO (organised, practical, diligent, cautious, sensible, exacting) is reflecting the light of the SUN in Pisces (Sensitive, psychic, dreamy, creative, charitable, impressionable).

I LOVE this Full Moon Lunar mix… calling us to let-go of the need to control every minute detail of our lives and to ALLOW the dream to foster magic through our Hearts.

It is great to have a plan, to write down your goals and create a sequence of steps to bring these to life… Virgo after all LOVES a good detailed plan and big long to-do list.   But this ‘logical or mental’ side of planning is only one side of the coin.

Pisces is influencing the lunar energy, reminding us whilst the physical goals/plan are important… remember to invite into your planning space for creativity, play and divine magick..  In fact, the full brilliance and soulfull fulfillment of a plan cannot come alive UNLESS the Goddess, the Feminine, the intuitive, the sacred is imbedded in your vision, your thoughts, your words & your deeds.


Dancing with The PRIESTESS this Full Moon

What makes the energy of our February Full Moon a little more spesh (apart from it being the largest Full Moon of the year hence it’s energy is amplified),  the Fixed Star Regulus is conjunct our Full Moon and the asteroid Vesta is in a weak conjunction with the Sun.   Oooh, ahhhh…. LOVE this powerful combo!

VESTA is the brightest asteroid (minor planet) visible from Earth.  Vesta represents the Sacred Feminine Flame in all of us – The High Priestess who fans the eternal flame of our Hearts, our Homes and hence our global home – crystalline Earth.  Vesta the virginal Priestess (virginal not meaning celibate, but rather not married or belonging to anyone) – guides us towards devotion, to commit to our highest aspirations, our greatest desires and helps us to keep the flames of our passions alight.   The lower octave of Vesta is presented by Earth’s Moon (Feminine) and the higher octave of Vesta is represented by the Alcyone, the brightest star within the pleiades (Silver Feminine Ray of Creation).  

With VESTA (9.020 Pisces) dancing with our Sun (0.420 Pisces) this Full Moon , hence ‘reflecting’ her highest vision over our moon… we are being gifted insight into new, kinder, more compassionate and nurturing ways of enacting our dreams.   You maybe guided to let go of some of the steps of your masculine ‘plan’ and surrender to a more gentler path of least resistance.   Self-care is every bit as important in your plan as the physical action steps.

Fixed Star Regulus  at (0.060 Virgo) is in a strong conjunction with our Moon (0.420 Virgo) this Full Moon.  Regulus is the brightest star in the Constellation Leo – in fact it sits over the Heart of the Lion.   It’s a royal star of spirited energy, of luck, abundance, power, authority, self-belief. In it’s shadow it can trigger violence, retaliation, and fighting… though I feel this Full Moon supports Regulus in her higher octave of potential.   As Regulus is being being bathed with VESTA / Solar Energy, she is revealing a strength of the Feminine, a wild independence, free thinking, free doing… becoming aware of our fears, standing up and facing them head on!   


Overall meaning of our February 2019 Full Moon

Whilst this Full Moon is weaving a tender & nurturing hand of the Feminine… it doesn’t make this Full Moon any less potent… in actual fact it is a sublimely POWERFUL Full Moon… and a great followup to the New Moon (Year of the Pig) of luck & abundance we had earlier in February.

There is a Grace to this Full Moon, but also a strong, resilient, maybe even defiant will to break free from the masculine/mental roles in society.    Change is in the air this Full Moon.   There will be a big letting go of ‘stuff’, and a rising of forces unseen that are igniting the flames of our Heart to new levels of luminosity. 

You may find the plans that you made earlier in the New Year (resolutions, dreams, desires, manifestation boards), may need a bit of tweeking this Full Moon.   There is a new ‘shine’ that is being shown to you/us, a deeper, richer and more grand vision that aligns the Heart & Mind as one.

The Priestess is calling to each and every one of us this Full Moon, sparking a light, a vision, an intuitive knowing about your path forward in the weeks to come.  Listen to her call.  Breathe in her wisdoms.  Dance her song.  She is beckoning you to rise up to your royal self… and believe that ANYTHING is possible… all you need do is believe in YOU.


xx Simone M. Matthews


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