My Personal Commitment towards 2040. What’s Yours ?

My Personal Commitment towards 2040. What’s Yours ?

Last week I attended a special screening of the film 2040 (an Australian Film, that will be available globally very soon). Now I have watched many many films of late that highlight the plight of climate change, extinction and threats to our water & food supply etc… but this film touched me in ways that I haven’t felt before.

In the film, Damon Gameau shares a visual letter to his 4 year old daughter of what the world could be like in 2040 if we simply embraced the best solutions that are ALREADY AVAILABLE to us on Earth today.

Its great to watch a film and come away inspired…. but then what ? That’s were Damon has taken his 2040 Film to the next level.

After watching the film, you are invited to visit and join the global solution movement. Resources that help connect you with groups, online forums & free study modules – plus how to activate your own plan for 2040!

YES, it is that simple. The solutions are already here, its NOW about implementing these today. Together we can not only reverse the damage to the planet, but also create regenerative systems for generations to come.

Shealla-Dreaming BookShealla-Dreaming 2040

The year 2040 is significant is so many ways – including a Golden Astrological Conjunction on the 8/9 September 2040 – a geocentric alignment of six planets, all grouping together at less than 10 degrees apart in the sign of Libra. I talk more about this in book Shealla-Dreaming.

If you attended my Book launch of Shealla-Dreaming back in 2012, you may recall that everyone in attendance (there were over 100+ people, what a fun night it was… I still get emails about THAT chocolate fountain)… wrote down their visions for 2040 and placed them in our DREAMING 2040 TIMECAPSULE. Cannot believe that nearly 8 years have passed already… and now in 20 years time, your dreams will become manifest in 2040. It’s not too late to add your ‘Dreams & Action Pledge’ to our Timecapsule either!

Since watching 2040 Film, I have been reflecting on what more I can do to be the change in this moment. What further ACTION PLEDGES can I make now, to ripple out a flourishing regenerative Earth by 2040.

Sometimes change can be uncomfortable as we may need to change our habits or modify our creature comforts… yet the results of doing such not only bring rewarding change, but also instill within us a personal sense of fulfillment. A sense of humble pride that we are being ACTIVE is co-creating a flourishingly regenerative 2040 !

So I have decided that EVERY MONTH, I am going to implement something new in my life that makes a difference. Something that contributes to something greater than me.

Something that aligns my life, my heart, my soul, with my greatest vision for 2040.

Something that creates ACTIVE STEPS toward towards my grandest version of 2040

Essence of Angels® Mist Sprays

My ACTION PLEDGE for July 2019

Since we are currently in Plastic Free July, I thought what better place to start!

I will be posting regularly on instagram, the ‘little things’ that I am doing this month to inspire you to go plastic free. And maybe not just for July, but to make changes that are enduring for years to come. I will also tag #action2040 in my instagram & facebook posts… would LOVE you to also use the tag when sharing your own inspirational ideas and personal action pledges.

I have also made a VERY big decision regarding a particular product within our eShop. I am always looking at ways within our eShop to be as environmentally sensitive as possible. For instance we use SENDLE for shipments (as it is a certified B Corp company that is Carbon neutral). And we pack/wrap your order using recyclable products, and we do our very best to limit our use of paper (with invoices emailed & not included in your parcel). However ONE of our products I feel is no longer aligned with our recycling / regenerative ethos 🙁

I have LOVED LOVED LOVED creating, making & sharing our amazing Essence of Angels® Mist Sprays with people around the world. Our Mist Sprays contain not just Essential Oils, but also Essence of Angels® Sacred Liquid-Light Template Vibrational Essences… hence are powerful instigators of healing, health & well-being.

I have tried my best to try and source Mist Sprays pumps that are fully recyclable, but alas I have not been able to source recyclable pumps anywhere in the world. Over the years I have recommend people to re-use the Mist Pumps (such as for cleaning products, airfresheners etc), but I feel this is no longer an option toward the goal of a regenerative 2040.

So with a heavy heart, but also a LIGHTfilled Soul, I have decided to discontinue my full MistSpray product line. For the month of July, I am offering a Buy 3+ Get 1 FREE special on all our MistSprays until our stocks are sold out.

To receive this special, simply add a minimum of 4 Mist Sprays to the cart
and you will receive a 25% discount on your order (ie Buy 3 + Get 1 FREE).
You can add any mix of Mist Sprays, the choice is yours !

Please use the following Coupon Code during checkout
to receive your 25% off: mist25

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This offer is available until stocks have sold out.

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