Amazon Fires, a Metaphysical View

Amazon Fires, a Metaphysical View

There have been record number of fires burning this year in the Amazon, up 84% from this time last year. And as I write this post, there are also catastrophic fires burning in Siberia and fires in Alaska have been burning since April this year.

Earth’s forests are carbon sinks- removing carbon dioxide from the air through Carbon sequestration- converting Carbon Dioxide (CO2) into fuel for growth through photosynthesis and locking up carbon in tree trunks & branches. Our beloved forests are the lungs of our Earth, and in fact the Amazon River Basin is home to the largest rainforest on Earth, absorbing about 25% of the total carbon that is absorbed by the land each year.

I highly recommend recent docos 2040 or National Geographics One Strange Rock, that reflect on Earth’s Lungs, and the interplay of land forests, sea forests (seaweed) & the fantastical algae Diatoms.

However, Earth’s carbon sinks are on the decline. Deforestation and the burning of fossil fuels-coal, oil, natural gas are both reducing the carbon sink and increasing the output of CO2 into the atmosphere. Why is this bad? Rising CO2 levels is a major driver of global warming, and the resulting catastrophic effects to our plant.

A Metaphysical look at our Lungs

It has been heartbreaking to see the fires that are burning in the Amazon. A feeling of helplessness and a deep sorrow for the death of countless lifeforms, the loss of medicinal plants & an ecosystem that supports our planet in immeasurable ways.

I am in the middle of writing & compiling my new LIGHTrition Online Learning course… so my awareness today of the Amazon was drawn into a more metaphysical understanding of what is happening to the Lungs of the Earth.

Within our body, our Lungs relate to our emotional expression, our heartfelt feelings (they lie close to our heart) and how we sync with the ebb & flow of life through the Great Cosmic Breath.

Our lungs are the biggest organ of our body that are in contact with the world. Our lungs contain on average 480 million alveoli (where gas is exchanged), roughly meaning a conversion of 48 square meters. In comparison with our skin which is roughly 1.8 to 2 metres squared.

Many body-mind-medicine authors have postulated the emotional/mental states that may contribute to dis-ease within our lungs:

The ability to take in life. Depression. Grief. Not feeling worthy of living life fully.

Louise Hay, You Can Heal your Life

Self-Suppression… full of family taboos, social restrictions, moral inhibitions, unexpressed passions… no sense of freedom or ability to communicate feelings…

Michael J. Lincoln, Ph.D., Messages from your Body

If you have problems with the lungs, make sure you are doing things your way!” (In other words don’t live someone else’s life, be true to you, don’t let others control you, speak up & be seen. Modifying your life/work to suit others may keep the peace on the outside, but breeds illness in the lungs in the longer term).

Annette Noonti, Body is the Barometer of the Soul

breath is the umbilical cord through which life or prana flows…” (so problems with our lungs maybe a sense of unworthiness, feeling restricted, controlled, freedoms curtailed, a perceived inability to fulfil our Soulful purpose).

Ruediger Dahlk, Thorwald Dethlefsen, The Healing Power of Illness

Reflecting on the above insights from some of my favourite authors, you cannot help but draw a correlation with what is happening in the Amazon Rainforest at this time… to how humans are feeling in this moment on Earth.

Our inner strangulation & suffocation

The Lungs of our Earth, the forest of the Amazon is not only shrinking in size, it is taking up reduced amounts of CO2 per square foot (ironically due to higher levels of CO2 in the atmosphere) and there are record number / expanse of fires killing the very breath of the Amazon.

I see these Amazonian fires as a reflection of our inner-combustion, a mirror reflection of our inner-houses on fire. So many people are feeling strangled by the strong hold that governments, politicians, corporations have over our lives. The loss of self-agency. Anxiety about the state of the world, the future of our planet. Fear about the type of world our children are growing up in, or even will there be a world? We may literally & metaphorically be grasping for breath as we cope with not only the daily struggles of our individual lives, but also the bigger issues facing our planet today.

For some people, this loss of self or perceived inability to be a voice of reason in the world may lead to depressive grief, a feeling of giving up or ‘what is the point’, the world is f#@ked anyway! This deep mournful sorrow leads to shallow breathing, restriction of the depth of our soul breath, the breath of life itself. If you were to liken the alveoli within our lungs to the trees within the Amazon, with less and less alveoli interacting with the world, the ‘forest’ of our lungs & their interaction with life is being reduced. We are suffocating.

I find it interesting that we have approximately 480 Million alveoli in our lungs, could this represent a microcosm of the macrocosm of the Amazon which has over 400 Billion trees ?

Whilst some people may turn their deep grief about the Amazon inward, there are those that get ‘fired up’ about the devastation and angry at governments and their lack of cohesive action. This rage, this fire on the inside, this inner-combustion maybe seen mirrored in the fires of our world. We are seeing on the outside what we feel on the inside. We are burning alive.

Interconnectedness of All Things

Whilst Earth & humanity face huge challenges at this point in history, I really believe that healing & enduring change is possible.

Each of us are not separate from the Earth, but rather we are intimately connected with the spirit of all things. We are part of the evolution of this planet, living in sacred kinship to serve a greater story of possibility of unfoldment, a heartful evolution of Earth.

With our soulful knowing of interconnection, we can in fact embrace this wisdom to be the change. In fact, we can reflect and learn from nature itself, to guide us in being this change.

Within a forest we have a community of trees. This community does not live in isolation- but rather is a family that supports one another to wholeness. The roots of a tree are its neurons that intertwine with the neurons of all trees in the forest. Hence planet Earth becomes the cranium that houses the ‘brain’ of the tree of life of Earth.

What if we took a leaf out of natures book, and simply changed our behaviours to emulate that of trees ? When we feel isolated, alone, helpless… the grief in our lungs causes us to suffocate. From this place of breathlessness we are unable to be pioneers of change.

But if we join together as forces of good, remember who we are to Earth, who we are to each other we embrace a greater intelligence of nature & the cosmos. We become the imaginal cells of a new Earth’s story, an emerging transformation of the butterfly. As the transcedental meditation studies of the 70s unveiled (the Maharishi effect), it takes less than 1% of the square root of the worlds population to create a tipping point of change… which today equates to roughly 9,000 people.

It takes a community to heal a planet

So what can you do, what can we do, to embrace the wisdom of trees ?

Here are a number of ideas- groups, community ventures, projects, dreamings- that seek to cohesively bring people together in ripples which collectively create tsuanmis of change.

Every little bit helps. Everything you do on a daily basis in the direction of a group/community vision makes a difference. In fact, studies have shown ‘action’ is an antidote to the grief/anxiety/rage you maybe feeling over the state of the Earth… so maybe your lung/heart healing through positive action will be the microcosm incubator of global healing.

  1. Take an action today!
    I came across this article today of ways you can help out. Ok, so these measures don’t directly put out the fires, but they are instrumental in putting your energy/thoughts/awareness into the field of healing. They connect you with people of like-mind/heart, and they begin to build reconnective bridges of healing.

  2. Become empowered.
    If your anxiety/grief/overwhelm at the state of world feels insurmountable, then check out these resources by the APS. Become empowered about what you can do to make a positive difference in the world.

  3. Activate a Plan
    Join a local community group, or become part of a global community group… spend time with people doing/talking/thinking/feeling in solution orientated behaviours. Here is a start to get the ball rolling ‘What’s your 2040

  4. Awaken the Dreamer
    Connect with people from around the globe through and play your part in bringing forth the dream of an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, and socially just human presence on this planet.

  5. LIGHTrition online study
    Join me later this year for my new Online Study course in LIGHTrition. When you ‘see & experience’ the natural world in a different light, it profoundly changes who you believe yourself to be in this world. Your healing, becomes global healing… the key is your connection to the Spirit of all Things.

The Gift of this Moment

Earth is currently sitting at the dawn of a New Earth Era, on the brink of a epic shift toward a Universal HumanityMany paths of possible futures are both converging & being birthed.  The choices we make now, what we bring to the world in this moment becomes the creative force that materialises our NEW collective story for Humanity.

In response to the call of the Pleiadian Mothers, the guidance of the Lemurian Inner-Earth Beings & the emissaries of  Crystalline Lemurian LightCodes held within the Earth - I am co-creating a number of Resources, Meditations, & LIVE Zoom events to support you at this time.

My sharings directly address the deeper experience of this moment, what it means for each of us individually and the greater spiritual experience of COVID-19 and the global rollout of 5G.   How we can use the gift of this moment to transform ourselves both personally, planetarily & cosmically as we awaken to our inherent 5D divinity.

There is a deep rising of a World more Beautiful, lets together BE the CHANGE.


During this eLOVEutionary 2020 experience - Lightrition will help you make sense of this moment in Herstory - the bigger picture of Humanity Awakening.   Lightrition is a KEY accelerator of personal & planetary consciousness & connects you with the inherent healing intelligence of your sacred body temple.

Lemurian Wisdom ONLINE

New Earth Era – Lemurian Wisdom Guiding us Home ONLINE Course is facilitated by Simone Matthews in response to the call of the Pleiadian Mothers, the guidance of the Lemurian Inner-Earth Beings & the emissions of the Crystalline Lemurian LightCodes held within the Earth.  

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Lightrition guides you in stepping into your power.  Reclaiming self-agency of your life.  Discovering that healing is possible & that you were born to thrive.

Lightrition White Med Exp

Lightrition your Life

Alchemy of Wellness

Lightrition guides you in stepping into your power.  Reclaiming self-agency of your life.  Discovering that healing is possible & that you were born to thrive.


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