Jupiter, Pluto & Pallas Conjunction – 13 November 2020


Jupiter, Pluto & Pallas Conjunction – 13 November 2020

“Well here we are.  In this most extraordinary time on Earth.  Something deep inside you already new this time, this shift, this transition was coming.   Yet somehow, as we wade our way through, that inner-knowing doesn’t always make the physical experience any easier….  The metamorphosis, the transition, the arising of a new narrative is well under-way.  There is no challenge that may come our way that doesn’t serve a higher purpose. 2020 is about dedicating your life to flourishing this shift toward a world more beautiful built upon the foundation of Heart values.”

I wrote these words earlier this year during our Jupiter-Pluto-Pallas back in April 2020, and my thoughts couldn’t have been any more true as we transit into our third & final Jupiter-Pluto-Pallas conjunction on Friday, 13 November 2020.

To help reflect on the energy & meaning of our third & final conjunction, let me first refresh your memory of the meaning of Saturn-Pluto conjunctions (to get a little taste of the impact of Pluto during 2020), and then will discuss the energy of our final Jupiter-Pluto-Pallas conjunction for 2020, which leads us into The Great Conjunction of Saturn & Jupiter in December 2020.


Saturn-Pluto Conjunction – 13 January 2020

We started 2020 with the conjunction of Saturn & Pluto on January 13, representing the final phase of Saturn & Pluto’s 2 year dance in Capricorn. The conjunction of Saturn & Pluto takes place every 33-38 years and lasts for a period of 2 years as the planets both spend time in retrograde transits. 

This conjunction can be viewed as a Global Saturn Return, a shakeup of our very foundations, deep assessments of our core values, and a transformative leap into a New Era for Earth.  

Saturn embodies limits & structure. Pluto is extremes of death & transformation.  Together they expand & contract the other – think feelings of massive oppression, fears of the gravity of our global demise, anger at being controlled by political powers. As the rubber-band stretches to its limit it ultimately breaks… the divide may seem larger than ever.

As I wrote back in January 2020  “This process may be uncomfortable (I am trying to be nice here), as those in power will do their very best to try and maintain control. We may see an upsurge in protests, even riots, activist activity, mass strikes, financial collapses, government upheavels and at the very worst war & bloodshed.”

Well… reflecting back on these words… Saturn & Pluto sure started 2020 by cracking open the caverns of transformational change.   But it doesn’t end there, with both Saturn & Pluto continuing their work during 2020 with the help of other planetary friends!


Jupiter, Pluto & Pallas Conjunction – 13 November 2020

After Pluto’s pivotal start to the year in January 2020, he has continued to weave his influence in very powerful ways.  Saturn has also remained in the wings… but will talk about that soon.  Pluto has been a major player in our three Jupiter, Pluto & Pallas conjunctions all in Capricorn.

  •  1st Conjunction – April 5, 2020
  •  2nd Conjunction – June 30, 2020
  •  3rd Conjunction – coming up on the November 13, 2020

Jupiter & Pluto conjunctions happen every 12-13 years, however the last time we experienced a Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn was back in February 1771, and before that January 1522. 

Jupiter takes us into the expansive wisdom of the Cosmos.
Pluto calls for our transformation through the dark underworld.
Pallas rises us up to a higher-place.  

What I feel has/is the BIGGER PICTURE or theme of this years trilogy of Jupiter-Pluto-Pallas conjunctions, is that we are being shown a choice point. A mirror of potential. An insight into possibility.  And at the end of the day, it is up to US to embrace this visionary insight.

Are we prepared to plant seeds into the fertile ground of this moment that will flourish a New Earth Story ?    By prepared I mean, not planting seeds into the putrid decay of the ‘old system, structure & rules’.    Being prepared means rising up to being a fierce warrior of enlightened vision.  Having the courage to stand up and challenge the systems that are day-by-day chaining us to the past.  And planting our seeds into the Dream, the Soul of life itself... sprouting New LIFE born of our collective Hearts.

As I have been sharing in both my New Earth Era and my Lightrition your Life Online Programs throughout 2020, we are at this PIVOTAL juncture in our Earth’s future.   The choice point is ours… THIS is what Jupiter-Pluto-Pallas are here to awaken within us!  

Pallas the Heroine

Pallas has/is playing a staring role in all 3 of our Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions this year.  Pallas is one of the 4 Major Asteroids (each representing a different aspect of the Feminine).⁠  Pallas represents wisdom & independence – for in Mythology,  Pallas Athene was born from the head of Zeus, and symbolized by the owl and the snake. ⁠

Pallas did not ally herself with any man, but rather was a strong and warrior-like figure who aided men of good will and whose advice was prized for its intelligence.⁠  Pallas represents creative intelligence in combination with ageless wisdom.. and an intuitive use of medicinal herbs & natures elements for healing.⁠

Intuitively, I feel that Pallas is bringing a softening of the thunder-like impact of Jupiter-Pluto.   She is helping us rise to a higher-place.  Questioning the authority of a system that limits the inherent creative potential & soulful genius of people.  As people’s fears move deeper into the void of darkness, Pallas extends a hand of LIGHT-filled insight.  

The question is, is humanity ready to receive it & rise with this Pallas vision of luminous light?

Pallas moves us into our HEARTS to challenge draconian measures.  To speak-up against laws that inhibit our freedom of choice.  And to take full ownership of our values in regards to our personal self-care, nourishment, health & wellbeing.  She upholds full sovereignty of all life-forms, and a breaking away of the archaic shadow of the patriarchy that keep us small.


Asteroid Bennu

And then there is Asteroid Bennu.  Now you maybe wondering why I am bringing Bennu into the conversation ? Let me first reflect on something that I mentioned back in January 2020, then I’ll comment on Bennu.

Back in January 2020, when reflecting on some of the major astrological transits for 2020, I shared comments by Patrick Watson on Jupiter & Pluto conjunctions.   Patrick revealed that when Jupiter & Pluto last conjuncted in Cancer (which opposes Capricorn) in the 1930s, the electron microscope was invented, taking us deep into microcosm of life.   Such that now Jupiter & Pluto are conjuncting in Capricorn (opposing Cancer), will there be a mirror image insight into the macrocosm?  Will we finally ‘see’ the web of life and the fragility of our own mortality ?   Or maybe something even more outside of the box… such as a big reveal of other lifeforms ?

So this is where is Asteroid Bennu fits in.   On the 20th October, NASA’s Osiris-Rex collected a sample from the surface of Bennu, which is over 200 Million miles from Earth.   Our Solar System was formed over 4.5 Billion years ago, and Bennu is thought to have formed within the first 10 million years, such that this ancient asteroid rich in carbon may hold the key to how life originally catalysed here on Earth.  Hmmm… is this our insight into the macrocosm or other lifeforms ?  However we have to wait until 2023, when the sample will reach Earth.

Bennu was named after the ancient Egyptian deity ‘Bennu’, whom ancient Egyptians usually depicted as a gray heron, and was linked with the sun, creation and rebirth.  Quite apt I think!    And interestingly, Bennu takes the shape of the Octahedron too… maybe another piece of the puzzle is being revealed symbolically ?


The Grand Conjunction – Saturn & Jupiter

Over the last months, Saturn is preparing to move out of Capricorn and into Aquarius, preparing for The Grand Conjunction of the two big planets Saturn & Jupiter conjuncting together in late December 2020. 

As I mentioned above, Saturn has spent the year closely in the wings influencing the flavour of many of our astro transits.  Saturn is the planet of limits & structure and is often referred to as the karmic planet – offering us wisdom, life lessons & self-responsibility.

Saturn & Jupiter cyclically conjunct every 20 years, enacting new era’s in our global herstory. They call us to liberate our awakened social purpose.. and in the great humanitarian Aquarius, this is a POWERFUL transit in deed. PLUS Jupiter & Saturn conjunct in the same astrological element every 200 years. The last 200 years have seen the conjunctions in Earth signs, but starting from our December 2020 Jupiter & Saturn Aquarius conjunction we move into 200 years of Air sign conjunctions. The end of one 200 year era and the beginning of another! 

I have so so much more to say on our upcoming ‘The Grand Conjunction‘ of Jupiter & Saturn, the Star of Bethlehem / Lemurian Star – watch out for my blog post coming very soon!


You’ve Got this!.  We’ve Got this!

Change is hard. Humans are creatures of habit and change brings to the surface our greatest fears. Change can unleash the shadow side of people and the structures that have been born of that shadow. And what do some people do when faced with their shadow ? They blame others. They get angry & retaliate. They vengefully co-conspire wars to feed their hunger for power & control. They try to legislate to prevent change from happening. They try to enforce laws that limit the power of the people to rise up and demand change. They lash out. They feed peoples fears. They seek to serve the shadow.

But isn’t that what these Pluto, Jupiter & Saturn with a tinge of Palllas, with a sprinkling of Bennu are all about? Shaking things up. Getting people out of the closet and into the light of an awakened reality. En-masse activation of people to speak up & not just demand change but be powerful agents of the change themselves. Acknowledging there is a problem (bringing the problem into the light), dismantling the structure that created the problem in the first place, and reLOVEutionalising new structures that serves ALL sentient beings.

And as I shared during our June-Pluto-Pallas conjunction back in June 2020…

Lets together dive deep into these uncomfortable yet also liberating astrological transits, may we all sink our ‘tap roots’ down deep into the Heart of Earth.
Listen to Earth’s dance.
Her wisdom.
Her sacred flow.
And as we fall back into love with our Earthly Mother, may we find the courage to rise-up, sprout-up, and unfurl our leaves to the world.

Remember, we are nature. It’s in our natures. We aren’t separate from it. Together lets reforest the planet through our loving natures and regenerate a world that thrives & nourishes the ecology of life. Our kindred Souls.


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