The Great Conjunction – Jupiter & Saturn

The Great Conjunction – Jupiter & Saturn

It feels like the entire year of 2020 has been the entrée to this main course event, the Conjunction of Jupiter & Saturn at 0 Degrees Aquarius on the 21/22 December 2020.   This conjunction, referred to as The Great Conjunction, ushers in an entirely new evolutionary cycle for humanity. 

This soulful annunciation will change the very premise of life here on Earth, the way we connect with one another, nature and the cosmic heavens.   Let’s embrace the energy of The Great Conjunction with open Hands & Heart, and mid-wife the dawn of a New Earth Era.

The Great Conjunction

Jupiter in Aquarius (0.280)
Saturn in Aquarius (0.280)
Pallas in Aquarius (4.280)

Tuesday, 22 December 2020
01:19 am AEST (Australia)
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On the 21/22 December 2020 we usher in an entirely new evolutionary cycle for humanity, through The Grand Conjunction of Jupiter & Saturn.   These two planetary giants are conjuncting together at 0 degrees Aquarius, with Pallas close by at 4 degrees Aquarius – the Age of Aquarius.

The Entrée

Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn & Pallas have been in a jubilant dance together throughout 2020, which feels like the entrée that takes us into our Jupiter & Saturn Conjunction in December 2020.   And I use the word entrée with the french context of the word.

We started January 2020 with Saturn & Pluto Conjunction doing the tango. Then we jived our way through three conjunctions of Jupiter, Pluto & Pallas – first in April, then in June, and finally in November 2020.  And now on the high Love Wave of The Galactic Alignment, we find ourselves in a grand jeté, leaping into a New Age, the Age of Aquarius – as Jupiter & Saturn conjunct together at 0 degrees Aquarius, with Pallas close by at 4 degrees Aquarius.

Just like any birth, the contractions have been both painful, bloodied and intense at times.  Yet through the potency of each spasm, we have been woven into a syntropic realm of New Earth crystallisation.

The Main Course

Riding high on the wave of the Summer/Winter Solstice and The Galactic Alignment, on the 21/22 December 2020 we usher in an entirely new evolutionary cycle for humanity, through The Grand Conjunction of Jupiter & Saturn.   These two planetary giants are conjuncting together at 0 degrees Aquarius, with Pallas close by at 4 degrees Aquarius – the Age of Aquarius.

Whilst the exact conjunction takes place on the 21/22 December 2020, we have been feeling the build up to this conjunction throughout 2020, particularly over the last few months as Jupiter & Saturn has gradually moved closer & closer together through Capricorn.  And now as we come into the EXACT conjunction in 0 degrees Aquarius in December, this symbolic clash of titans will be the ‘big bang’ moment that heralds a momentus transition into a new Herstory of planet Earth.

With our December 2020 conjunction also taking place on the Summer/Winter Solstice AND entering into a new astrological sign of Aquarius, this momentus conjunction is setting the stage for an entire new paradigm of life here on Earth for humanity.

Saturn is a timekeeper that weaves the akashics of Earth’s evolution – from her inception through to the unfoldment of her grander purpose within creation. Saturn has us reflect on our learnings of the past, including past lives & Earths ancestry, enabling us to make wisdom choices in the present about our future.   Saturn is about structure, form, and reflects the governing bodies of our world.

Jupiter on the other hand is an activator that amplifies our visions, dreams, & heartfelt desires into the grander weaving of life.  Unlike Saturn, Jupiter doesn’t resonate with boundary of form… as it favours dreaming outside of the box of Saturn time.

Thus when Saturn & Jupiter conjunct together, their conflict creates a ‘leap’ into a new fabric of Earthly life.  Leadership, systems & structures (Saturn) are challenged as freedom & independence is sought (Jupiter). Hmm.. certainly sounds a lot like 2020!


Our Great Conjunction is also being taken to extraordinary heights of potential through a simultaneous GRAND CROSS, as well as a GRAND TRINE  (see images below).  We will be talking in depth about these alignments & aspects during our LIVE The Great Awakening Event, we would LOVE for you to join us!



I believe ALL of these synchronistic alignments that converge on our Great Conjunction transit is paving the way for the opening of the 5th Chamber of the Heart, the Aetheric Heart of Humanity.      

I will be talking more about this during our upcoming The Great Awakening Event.  And in my Numerology for 2021 blogpost (will be posted on 1 January 2021), I will also talk more about the Aetheric Heart of Humanity as we enter our Universal 5 year in numerology for 2021.   Please join our free Community Newsletter to read more about the 5th Aetheric Heart Chamber in 2021.



Herstory of Saturn & Jupiter

Saturn & Jupiter dance together in a great cosmic love story.  Their syntropic rhythms help weave the cosmogenetic strands of our Herstory tapestry.  Their conjunctions are known as both markers of time, and are collaborative symbols of transits into New Era’s of Earthly consciousness.

HERSTORY – 20 year cycle

Jupiter & Saturn cyclically conjunct every 20 years, giving birth to a new era of planetary genesis.   The last time Saturn & Jupiter conjuncted, was back in May 2000, in the sign of Taurus, an Earth sign.  And now with our December conjunction taking place in Aquarius, an Air sign, we are in fact entering the dawn of a new age.

The 20 year conjunctions of Jupiter & Saturn represent both endings & beginnings of ages – which is amplified to an even greater extent with our 2020 conjunction occurring on the December Summer/Winter Solstice.  Solstices are celebrations of LIGHT, a unifying yin/yang synergy that move us across the threshold of a new cycle.  Oh how I love that both these ‘new era’ transits are taking us deep into death & rebirth this December.

HERSTORY – 200 year cycle

When Jupiter & Saturn cyclically conjunct every 20 years, they do so within the same element for a period of approximately 200 years.   The last conjunction back in May 2000 was the last Earth Sign conjunction of the previous 200 year cycle.   And our 2020 Jupiter & Saturn conjunction in Aquarius, marks a new foray through Air signs until the last Air sign conjunction in 2199.

By way of note, each 200 year cycle through a particular element is broken partway through the 200 years, where by Jupiter & Saturn conjunct in a different element.  In this case, in 2159 Jupiter & Saturn will conjunct in Scorpio (a water sign), and then will continue their remaining 20 year conjunctions up to 2199 in air signs.  After which, the next set of 200 year cycles will be in water signs.

We are coming out of a 200 year Earth Sign Jupiter & Saturn Herstory, that embodied practical, grounded, & somewhat structured growth.  Over the last 200 year we have witnessed the creation of a material structuring of society, legal frameworks and the procurement of orderly way of life by governments.   And as we merge into a NEW 200 year cycle through Air signs, an entirely new paradigm is being born.  

We had a glimpse of what an Air sign ‘feels’ like when our last 200 year Jupiter & Saturn cycle was broken partway through when they both conjuncted in Libra (an Air sign) in 1980.   This era 1980 to 2,000 herald the beginning of a transformative revolution in how we communicate.  From computers, mobile phones, the birth of the internet and later online shopping, we began to communicate, transact business and live our lives in more ‘air’ type ways.  This exponential explosion in technology did however become curtailed when Jupiter & Saturn moved back to Earth sign in 2000, leading to the dot-com stock market bubble crash.

So now that we are leaping into a new 200 year cycle, what in the way of ‘air’ technology, communications and way of life is ready to be birthed.   I will return to this thought a little further on.

HERSTORY – 800 year cycle

Whilst Jupiter & Saturn conjunct within the same element for a period of approximately 200 years, the conjunctions take place in different signs.   However, every 800 years Jupiter & Saturn conjunctions return back to the same astrological sign.

The last time Jupiter & Saturn conjuncted in Aquarius was back in 1405 (after a brief conjunction in Aquarius Taurus in 1206).  This era is aligned with Renaissance, the transition from the middle ages to modern times, and the philosophical understanding of humanism.

I find it fascinating, as we now transition through the next 140 years of Jupiter & Saturn conjunct in air signs, and reflect back on the last time Jupiter & Saturn conjuncted in the air sign of Aquarius, here we find ourselves in 2020 defining what it means to be human!   With governments, health agencies, philanthropists & globalists vying to vaccinate us with nano-particles, track us, create cashless societies and bathe us is 5G toward a grander (for want of a better word) progression toward The 4th Revolution and the push for Transhumanism – the choices we make today will certainly create our world of tomorrows.

I am heartened by the fact that Aquarius is an independent lightkeeper of humanitarian pursuits.   An individualist, intelligent in thought, and rebounding in virtuous endeavors.  Aquarius desires to live through open heart, to serve, to uplift and connect people together in pursuit of a higher purpose.   Aquarius is ruled by Saturn & Uranus – Saturn is structure & Uranus is the opposite, preferring disruption & the unexpected.

My prayer is that this new foray through Air signs, beginning with Aquarius, will engage with what in means to be human in life-revering ways.   And the Star of Bethlehem will be my guiding LIGHT of possibility & purpose over the coming cycle.


The Star of Bethlehem

The Star of Bethlehem was said to guide the Three Wise Men (The Magi), to travel to Jerusalem for the birth of Jesus Christ.  It is thought that that Jupiter & Saturn conjunction at around 6/7 BC was in fact The Star of Bethlehem, as the these two astral giants created a luminous starry glow within the night sky.   This 6/7 BC conjunction took place in the watery sign of Pisces, representing the age of all things spiritual, and the birth of Jesus Christ the Saviour who reconciles humankind to God.

Here is a graphic example of the Star of Bethlehem.  Note the 8 points of the Star represent infinity, syntropy and the 8 Dimensions of our Cosmos.


Delving deeper into akashic records of Earth, preceeding the Star of Bethlehem was the Lemurian Star, an 8 pointed symbol of LIGHT of the Ancient Lemurians.  Our Ancient Lemurian ancestors greeted one another with this symbol of LIGHT, an illuminated 8 pointed star that shone from the pineal gland (and later from the palm of the hand) as a gesture of saying ‘I see you, I am you’. 

This symbol of LIGHT meant more than any words (such as ‘hi’, ‘good morning/good evening’, or ‘how are you’), but spoke to the Heart, the eternal Soul and the source of which connects all of us… we are all ONE.   As we leap into this new Earth Era through our Jupiter & Saturn conjunction in Aquarius, I believe this Lemurian Star will once again be our heavenly guide into a new Age.

As the Lemurian Star, our Christmas Star appears once again on the 21/22 December 2020 at 00 Aquarius,  together we enter a New Era for Earth, the Age of Aquarius. Humanity awakens to the Light of Love of their Divinity – peace, joy, freedom & healing for all.    During this time, we are being asked to hold within our Hearts a deep & reverent LOVE for Mother Earth as we envision a world more BEAUTIFUL. To have our feet upon the Earth, surrender & breathe in the wisdom of the Aethers, and to joyously sing-up the leylines of Gaia into this New Era.


The Great Awakening

Join me for my The Great Awakening LIVE Stream event where I will be talking in depth about the Shift of the Ages that is occurring in December 2020, the Grand Alignment on the Galactic Plane, the Great Conjunction Lemurian ‘Christmas’ Star, and what I believe is possible for humanity as we begin a new year in 2021.   I will also share with you sacred practices and insights how to work with the Aquarian energy, and engage in the sacredness of our tender humanity.  PLUS we invite you to download our The Great Awakening Meditation to help you rise-up to the possibility of this moment.

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