Cancer Full Moon – December 2020


Cancer Full Moon – December 2020

Our LAST Full Moon for 2020 falls in the Astrological Sign of Cancer on December 29/30.  

Our Cancer Full Moon is an emotional & deeply reflective Full Moon.   Cancer is the sign of HOME, such that we will be called to review the year that was, and reflect on how our personal values & stories have changed during 2020 regarding the HOME of our bodies within the greater HOME of our Earth.

If you are still longing to return to the ‘old ways’, or yearning to ‘return to life as it used to be’, then you may find the energy of this Full Moon deeply painful as the enormous weight of your emotional burdens will feel too gruesome to continue to bear.

However, if you have invited in change into your life during 2020, shattered the old ways of experiencing the world and risen up to the challenge of living in service to the Heart / HOME of Nature herself, then this Full Moon will be a most refreshing gift indeed.   It may feel like a kiss from Mother Nature, as the light of the Full Moon infuses your soul with the sweetest of tender caresses after a challenging year.  Indeed a most nourishing & soothing balm for the Soul.

It may feel like a kiss from Mother Nature, as the light of the Full Moon infuses your soul with the sweetest of tender caresses after a challenging year that was 2020.   Indeed a most nourishing & soothing balm for the Soul.

Full Moon in Cancer

Moon in CANCER (8.530)  &  Sun in CAPRICORN (8.530)
Wednesday, 30 December 2020
1:28 pm AEST (Australia)
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Moon – Past, Unconscious, Intuition, Feeling
Sun – Now, Conscious, Identity, Expression
Cancer (water) – nurturing, family, sensitive, emotional, psychic
Capricorn (Earth) – Practical, realist, reliable, hard worker

Full Moon in Cancer

During our CANCER Full Moon, the moon is reflecting the light of the Sun in CAPRICORN. 

Our FIRST Full Moon for the year on 11 January 2020 was in Cancer, now our LAST Full Moon of the year is also in Cancer.   Whilst the first Full Moon of the year was a VERY intense Lunar Eclipse, our December Cancer Full is softer & much more receptive, a deeply introspective & healing balm.

With our FULL MOON in watery CANCER, feelings & emotions are amplified this Full Moon.  You may find yourself much more teary, sensitive or overcome with emotion.   Tears of Joy.  Tears of Sorrow for what has been lost.  Tears of relief that the year is coming to an end.  Let this feeling Full Moon move the emotion through you with graceful ease, helping you to surrender to the present & be grateful for the gift of life itself.

The SUN in CAPRICORN is reflecting back to you all the hard work that you have put into 2020.  Allow yourself to acknowledge all that you have achieved this year in terms of personal growth & soulful awakening.  Don’t let yourself get bogged down in all that you didn’t achieve (Capricorn can get a little pedantic with those checklists), but rather focus on all that you have embodied & risen to in quite an extraordinary year of change.

Chiron, Uranus & Vesta

Our Moon is making some interesting aspects this Full Moon, revealing her qualities and greater potentials as we bring 2020 to a close.

The Moon is making a strong square (900) to Asteroid Chiron (the wounded healer).   This aspect moves us into the temple of our Hearts to experience ourselves as whole & complete just the way we are.   Whilst growth (healing) is part of everyone’s journey here on Earth, it doesn’t mean that you are broken or less than in any way by yearning to Heal.  Chiron reminds us this Full Moon to not get caught in living in the future version of you (the HEALED version), to instead be grateful for the present YOU that chooses to grow, learn, awaken & evolve.  Life is a journey, NOT a destination… and your journey is unique for YOU…. never forget that !

The Moon is in a strong sextile (600) with Uranus.  Uranus is like a wildcard of the pack, unpredictable, original and out of the box thinking. Uranus can spark revolutions as it has its gaze on more humanitarian, freedom loving and unconventional pursuits.  In this aspect with the Moon, it may guide you into a deeper appreciation of what freedom, sovereignty & bodily integrity means for you… and impassion you to stand strong in your Heartfelt beliefs of Health & Wellbeing.

And finally the Moon is quintile (720, 1/5th circle) with Asteroid Vesta.  Vesta commits us to the inner-flame of service, and this aspect with the Moon heightens your commitment to fulfilling your Soulful Purpose as part of something much greater than yourself that you can feel within your Heart.   In the face of others not ‘seeing or understanding you’, Vesta helps you to rise up to all you know, feel & believe in possible toward a world more beautiful


Full Moon Potential

Feeling into this Full Moon, my heart feels very Full for all that she is offering us as we bring 2020 to a close.   Cancer is ruled by the Moon, so the Moon is most at home when transiting through Cancer, and expresses herself through deep Heart feeling.

The Moon is asking us to sit in our Hearts in quiet reverence for all that we have achieved this year in terms of resilience, growth & transformational change.   And she is reminding us to nurture ourselves, the temple of our bodies, the HOME of our Souls.   To sit in awe of the miraculous nature of the body to Heal itself.   And to follow our intuitive guidance, returning to our true natures as part of nature.

Gentleness, quiet reflection, and joyful celebration of life is the theme of our Cancer Full Moon.  And as we take this time out to pause, and move within the Heart of our Bodily HOME, this Full Moon will guide us to discover a LOVE that not only heals, but has been present within us all along.  A LOVE that will have us flow into 2021 more awakened, enlightened, courageous & passionate than ever before!

Happy Full Moon, and Heartful New Year blessings for all.
xx Simone 

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