Libra Full Moon – March 2021 – Your Event Horizon Moment

Libra Full Moon – March 2021 – Your Event Horizon Moment

Our April Full Moon in Libra, reflecting the LIGHT of the Sun in Aries and marks the first Full Moon of a new Astrological year. 

I feel this Full Moon, which is the FIRST of three Powerful Full Moons is like an Event Horizon moment in our lives.  How far are we willing to be lead past the point of no return?  When will our inner-warrior RISEUP (Aries) and take a stand for actioning truth through connection, resiliency, empathy and togetherness (Libra)… as together we embody a greater potential for ourselves/humanity.

This Full Moon will call for us to gain illuminated clarity on what we stand for AND using our collective voice/actions to create a tsunami of change.   As I shared in my latest article, how far do we have to travel before the tipping point takes us over the edge of no return ?

Full Moon in Libra

Moon LIBRA (8.180)  &  Sun in ARIES (8.180)
Monday, March 29 – 4:48 am AEST (Australia)
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Moon – past, intuition, unconscious, emotions, feelings
Sun – now, identity, consciousness, self-esteem, expression

Libra (Air) – Romantic, indecisive, harmony, social, helpful
Aries (Fire) – Leader, risk taker, action-oriented, outgoing

Full Moon Libra Energy

Whilst the energy of a Full Moon can cause tension & uncomfortable friction as the Moon & Sun oppose each other in the sky (where do you think the name ‘lunatic’ came from), at the same time a Full Moon can ignite a greater amplification of vision & potential possibility.   

With the Sun in Aries & the Moon in Libra this Full Moon, combined with other planetary aspects of Chiron, Venus & Ceres, I am very much feeling the power of her greater potential !

Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and exudes a wilful independence, a pioneering spirit that presents to us as the feeling of anything is possible.  Aries is ruled by Mars the GOD of war, bloodshed & fighting.   Aries is all about ‘Me’ and what do ‘I’ want. Opposing this fierce energy is our Libra Moon,  encouraging us to walk our paths in harmony, co-operation & blessed community. Libra is ruled by Venus the GODDESS of Love, beauty & harmony.  Libra is all about ‘Us’ and what do ‘We’ want.

Our Libra Moon reminds us that under our physical facades, we are all the same… and united in our commonality we can change the world for the better.  It is our amazingly unique diversity (Aries) that creates the whole in balance and harmony (Libra) – so lets all join together in a Heart-Space this full moon and have gratitude for the amazing array of life on this planet… and YES that also means ALL pathogens – Viruses, Bacteria, & Fungi – as part of the Divinely Harmonic Web of LIFE.

Influence of Chiron, Venus & Ceres

Looking at the Astro Chart above, the Sun at 8.180 Aries this Full Moon is being strongly influenced by Chiron at a close 8.490 Aries as well as Venus at 8.560 Aries, and then to a lesser extent Ceres at 13.540 Aries.   PLUS is being amplified by the Grand Trine of the Moon, Mars & Saturn.

CHIRON is an asteroid and is referred to as the Wounded Healer.  Chiron embodies the wounds that we bring into this life, as well as the many wounds we experience throughout our life.   These ‘chiron’ wounds remain with us throughout our lives, but through Chiron we learn how to riseup from their pain, such that the wounds no longer own us, but instead reverently serve us.  Chiron helps us to heal the trauma around our wounds, gaining clarity of their greater gift, and in fact how they have been a catalyst in our growth, awakening & greater soul evolution.

VENUS represents the archetypal Divine Feminine, the inner-Heart resonance of harmony, pleasure, beauty, Love. As an archetype I am referring to both Men & Women and how we emotionally, & psychologically integrate, manifest and express the Divine Feminine within our daily lives.  Venus is often experienced as the great attractor – both how we attract things into our lives and our attractions to things in our lives. By things I am referring to relationships, resources, possessions, & money.  In Aetheric Healing™  Venus is the ruler of both Libra & Taurus, influencing what we value in our lives, where/how we place our energy in matters of the heart and the way we give and receive love.  

The conjunction of both Chiron & Venus with our Sun on this Full Moon, is compelling us to heal, be gentle with ourselves, to forgive what we may have deemed the unforgiveable.   We maybe called to reflect of how deeply LOVE has hurt us in the past, but we also remember & allow LOVE to rise us up to a higher place and heal all.   If we keep a tight armor around our Hearts to keep ourselves ever getting hurt again, the only thing this does is prevent us for ever letting LOVE flow on in, or for that matter letting oodles of Love flow on out.

And my intuitive feeling is that this Full Moon offers us an opportunity to LOVE ourselves so implicitly, every unique nook-n-cranny of our quirky natures, that we let go of a need to please, fit in, conform, or follow the crowd… for something deep is awakening with us that shows us the GREATEST LOVE we can gift to the World is to deeply LOVE ourselves and in true Aries Warrior mode shout that LOVE from the mountain tops!   Don’t let yourself wither & die in bland conformity whilst suppressing the LIGHT of the Music that sings you into greater realms of possibility

And I do LOVE LOVE LOVE how Ceres is sitting in the wings of the Sun/Chiron/Venus… feels like a BIG Cere’s hug is helping us to feel everything WILL be ok.

CERES is one of four major asteroids (the other three being Juno, Vesta & Pallas), that represent different aspects of the Feminine.  The energy of Ceres can be described as ‘Earth Mother‘ a deep nourishing love that exists within all of us.  Ceres represents fertility, nutrition / lightrition and how we experience nourishment in our lives through radical self-care.   Ceres is reminding us to rise up beyond the current division in our global relationships, and to step away from the fight of who is right or wrong.  Ceres guides us to rise above all the dysfunction that is coming to the surface through Mars, Saturn & Pluto… by putting our attention to the LIGHTed path that is showing us HOW to build a new model.  Fighting the old is exhausting.  Coming together with people of like Heart & Soul is energising, empowering & gracefully uplifting.  Cere’s reminds us that we don’t live ON the Earth, but rather we are OF the Earth… and that is the key that opens the doors of reLOVEutionary change.

And if all that Sun/Chiron/Venus/Ceres LOVE is not enough, well the GRAND TRINE of Moon, Mars & Saturn becomes the glorious icing to this cake of a Full Moon.  Grand Trines are when three planets sit at 900 from each other, forming an equalaterial triangle.  The Moon (our inner, feminine, intuitive world), Mars (energy & passion), and Saturn (life lessons & wisdom).

Grand Trines are harmonious aspects, and I feel that this Full Moon Grand Trine serves to empower us even more.  To heal.  To get in touch with our intuition.  To not let the past rule us.  To have the strength, courage, willpower and gumption to face-up-to AND callout those in our life that are peddling lies, deceit and mandates that DO NOT have our best interests at heart.   

This Full Moon Grand Trine will move you to a place of least resistance.  A place of possibility, not impossibility.  And new doorways will open as you realise that the only thing holding you back is that OLD belief that those doors weren’t for you.  In fact… you will discover YOU were the keepers of the Keys all along.   For the KEYS are the belief in yourself.  Your committment to healing/growth.  And your desire to move forward in the direction of your HEART.


LIBRA Full Moon – Christ Full Moon

Our Libra Full Moon is referred to as the Christ Full Moon in Theosophy (Alice Bailey).   And our Christ Full Moon, (Sun in Aries reflecting the light of the Moon in Libra) is the first of three powerful Full Moons of the year.

1. Christ Full Moon – March 29, 2021   (Sun in Aries, Moon in Libra )
Honour of the Christ within all of us / within all of Creation
Celebration of the LIGHT within & connection to the Higher Realms.

2. Wesak Full Moon –   April 27, 2021 (Sun in Taurus, Moon in Scorpio)
Buddha’s birthday, honouring the God within all of us / within all of Creation.

3. Goodwill / World Invocation Day Full Moon – May 26, 2020  (Sun in Gemini, Moon in Sagittarius). 
TOTAL Lunar Eclipse
Honouring of Spiritual Unity in humanity.


The three powerful Full Moons form a trinity, a sacred trine of potential for birthing a vision into physical form.

  • Christ Full Moon (Sun in Aries) is the instigator of ideas, mental thoughts or ‘sacred envisioning’ from the Heart. 
  • Wesak Full Moon (Sun in Taurus) awakens the desire, emotional intensity and practical fulfillment of the sacred vision. 
  • Goodwill Full Moon (Sun in Gemini) creates the aetheric divine pattern in order for the sacred vision to be manifest in physical form.


Engaging with our LIBRA Full Moon

It is Sunday afternoon here in Australia, and coincidentally I am writing these last paragraph as the Moon is rising above the horizon here on the East Coast.  The Sun is setting, the clouds are pink and I can feel the intensity of the Moon building as she rises higher into the sky.

Intuitively I feel with this Full Moon we have the potential to catapult major changes in your life over the next 3-6 months.   There will be much deep soul searching, wound healing, and letting go of stories that you once thought to be true.    Whilst painful as you realise that the world (be it governments, power-structures etc) may not really be the way you have been led to believe, this truth moment, this realisation of old stories crumbling, this will be a POWER moment that we be a catalyst that fires your INNER-WARRIOR into sacred action.

This FULL MOON will be an EVENT HORIZON moment for many.  A point where a line is drawn. The word NO becomes empowering.  A NEW VISION of possibility will gain deeper clarity of insight as the trajectory of your life changes, and paves the way for a grander story of possibility to emerge.

Happy Full Moon my blessed friends.  As I sign off, I am headed to the kitchen to make a nourishing meal to eat under the Full Moon, feeding ourselves with the LIGHT & WISDOM of a New Chapter for humanity.

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