Moderna CMO: We are Hacking the Software of Life

Moderna CMO: We are Hacking the Software of Life

I shared this Video with a friend last week.  Personally I found the discussion by Moderna CMO (Chief Medical Officer) Dr Tal Zaks a sobering watch indeed.

In this 2017 TED Talk, Dr. Zaks talks passionately about how Moderna is hacking the software of life through mRNA vaccines.   Or put another, they are taking the steps towards hacking the Human Genome toward transhumanism.


Youtube has taken down the above video, but I have found a copy on Rumble 🙂



In the above video, the Moderna CEO mentions that the adverse health events of mRNA technology is minor.  Please read this page for a deeper dive into adverse events from mRNA jab

After sharing the video, I then discovered this commentary on  Here are a few excerpts which you may be guided to reflect on.  Zaks stressed that in 2017 his company was working on a vaccine that would not act like any previous vaccine ever created.

“Imagine if instead of giving [the patient] the protein of a virus, we gave them the instructions on how to make the protein, how the body can make its own vaccine,”.     Zaks said it took decades to sequence the human genome, which was accomplished in 2003, “And now we can do it in a week.

He then proceeded to reveal, in 2017, his company’s plans to make individual cancer vaccines, tailored to the needs of individual cancer patients, “because every cancer is different.”  Interestingly, one of the most potentially catastrophic side effects of the mRNA vaccine is its interaction with cancer cells. According to a study at New York City-based Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, the mRNA has a tendency to inactivate tumor-suppressing proteins, meaning it can promote the growth of already existing cancer cells.


mRNA Vaccines are NOT Vaccines

Patrick M.  from Technocracy News goes on to state the following.   One thing you will absorb [when watching the video below], even on the first listen is this: The injections being supplied by Moderna and Pfizer are NOT VACCINES.

“It was necessary for gene therapy companies to change the definition. Why? First, to escape liability from “vaccine” injury lawsuits. Second, to allow cities and states to mandate injections during a health emergency.”

Essentially what this means is that the Moderna & Pfizer Vax’s are NOT actually Vaccines according to the traditional definition of induced immunity.   These Vax’s are medical drugs (which are still experimental) and are in fact Gene Therapy – agents that forever change the expression of the Human Genome.


“Let’s make sure we’re clear on something. Let’s stipulate that this is not a vaccine. We need to be very clear that we’re using the term vaccine to sneak this thing in under public health exemptions.

This is not a vaccine.

This is an mRNA, packaged in a fat envelope, delivered to a cell. This is a medical device designed to stimulate the human cell into becoming a pathogen creator. It is not a vaccine. Vaccines are actually a legally defined term. And they’re a legally defined term under public health law. They’re a legally defined term under CDC and FDA standards, and a vaccine specifically has to stimulate, both an immunity within the person receiving it but it also has to disrupt transmission.

And that’s not what this is.

They have been abundantly clear in saying that the mRNA strand going into the cell is not to stop transmission. It is a treatment. But if, it was discussed as a treatment it would not get the sympathetic ear of the public health authorities because then people would say well what other treatments are there?   [and hence it would be unable to get Emergency Approval for use]


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