End of the Medical System as we know it!

As shared in my The Medicine Keepers, as the hidden-shadow of our world is ‘seen’ and brought to LIGHT, something powerful shifts within the field.  Individually we grow/evolve through a grace-filled divinity, and collectively we discover ways to create an entirely new vision of our world.   As the old-systems begin to crumble around us, the […]

Time for Civil (peaceful) Disobedience!

Rather than give a big long introduction, I feel I will let this video below do all the talking! Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. explains why we all need to stand up now and resist with civil disobedience.   Why?  Because the science shows that the vaccine has no positive impact on overall mortality but puts […]

The Conversation the Media Buried – but it will Never Die!

The media have tried to bury the reality for nearly a year and a half now – but the truth will out. You cannot fool all of the people all of the time. Here we lay the reality bare with a panel of experts – enjoy and share! In this Fat Emperor conversation, a panel […]

Dr Reiner Fuellmich – Update July/August 2021

In late 2020, Dr Reiner Fuellmich announced to the world that he, along side a team of Lawyers Globally, were initiating legal action against this ‘Corona Scandal’    You can listen to his announcement here. In the video below, Dr Fuellmich gives an update on how his collection of testimony is proceeding.  Thank you to Oracle […]

Dr Reiner Fuellmich – Video DELETED from YouTube

Dr Reiner Fuellmich takes testimony from Dr Bryan Ardis about the potential killing of people via their treatment for COVID. This is a very sobering watch indeed.  In fact I shed a tear or two for humanity.  For those who have lost loved ones to COVID, my heart is certainly with you.  I do believe […]

COVID Jabs – Not Legal, Ethical or Moral – UK Lawyer Anna de Buisseret

Anna de Buisseret is a senior UK lawyer and a retired Army Officer with nuclear, biological warfare training. “That’s why I’m standing up and speaking out. I’m upholding my Oath to We the People to ‘Protect and Serve’,” she says. She has previously also worked as a management consultant at Pfizer. For the past year […]

Might COVID Injections Reduce Lifespan?

Dr Joseph Mercola interviews Dr Vladimir Zeleko where they discuss an incredibly serious concern, one shared with at least two other highly credible experts — Michael Yeadon, Ph.D., a life science researcher and former vice-president and chief scientist of allergy and respiratory research at Pfizer, and professor Luc Montagnier, a world-renowned virologist who won the […]

VAXXED Virtual Tour – August 11-25 – Australia

Message from Meryl Dorey, President, Australian Vaccination-risks Network Inc: The criminals in our Australian government and the unelected bureaucrats who collude with them to keep this pandemic lie going have now decided that they need to expand their reign of terror. Starting tomorrow, all children from 12 years and up will be targeted with an […]

CANADA – A Letter to the Unvaccinated

OCLA researcher Dr. Denis Rancourt and several fellow Canadian academics penned an open letter to support those who have decided not to accept the COVID-19 vaccine. The group emphasizes the voluntary nature of this medical treatment as well as the need for informed consent and individual risk-benefit assessment. They reject the pressure exerted by public […]

OPEN LETTER: Dear Doctor, Health Professionals and Fellow Australians

The COVID Medical Network of Australian Doctors released an OPEN LETTER on Monday August 2, 2021.   Raising serious concerns of injury and death from the COVID Jab, and highlighting the availability of alternative treatments, they seek to remind ALL Doctors & Health Professionals of their Oath ‘First do no Harm’. https://www.covidmedicalnetwork.com/open-letters/first-do-no-harm.aspx Open Letter Dear Doctor, […]

Halt COVID Vaccines in Adolescents Immediately

In my article last week – Deaths from COVID ‘incredibly rare’ among Children & Teenagers – I shared the reasons WHY are children should not be jabbed.  I also included the link to the 20 page report from Doctors for Covid Ethics, calling for an IMMEDIATE halt re the Pfizer COVID Vax in adolescents. Since […]

New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out – NZDSOS

NZDSOS are a group of New Zealand Doctors, Dentists & Scientists who are concerned about the roll-out of the COVID19 jab to the general population.  50 Medical professionals have joined together to protect the right of people to decline a medical intervention – ie the COVID jab.  This right is paramount in the Nuremberg code.   […]

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