World Wide Rally for Freedom – March Equinox 2021

World Wide Rally for Freedom – March Equinox 2021

This weekend through the energy of our March Equinox, humanity comes together for our World Wide Rally for Freedom on March 20, 2021.  

I LOVE how this global day of Unity is also our International Day of Happiness, followed by our World Water Day on March 22…. and here in Australia it is also Harmony Week for diversity, respect & sense of belonging.

Sharing with you a glimpse into the energy of our March 2021 Equinox, plus details of this weekends GLOBAL Rally for Freedom.

March Equinox – 2021

Autumn/Spring Equinox
March 21, 2021 – 7:37pm AEST

Each year as the Sun enters Aries toward the end of March we have the Autumn Equinox (Southern Hemisphere) and the Spring Equinox (Northern Hemisphere).  Read my Equinox Article for a deeper understanding.

As day & night are close to equal length on the Equinox, the Equinox represents our place of transition, that ‘moment’ between the in & out breath, the space between our thoughts/words, the eternal stillness that is present in the simplicity of the present moment.

The Equinox helps us find that stillness, that place of unity, that eternal space that exists within us.   It helps us to find, embrace and become that balance in our lives – balance of the Masculine/Feminine, balance of the Soul/Ego, balance of the Being/Doing, balance of Heaven/Earth and the balance of Spirit/Matter.

Here are some suggestions to help you connect with the energy and celebrate the sacred potential of our March Equinox:

  • Cleaning – This week clean your house, your office, your meditation space, your closet… make space for a fusion of order & balance.  Clutter, unnecessary ‘stuff’ clogs up your life physically/energetically.   Space is need for a rhythm of balance & harmony for flow with Grace & Ease in your life.  Maybe time to get some inspo from Marie Kondo!
  • Detox – At the change of Seasons (ie Equinox) I enjoy starting a detox.  It is my way of preparing my body for a shift in gears, a letting go of the last season, and my way of welcoming in the new.  You could do a juice fast for a day, a week… or maybe just eat a little LIGHTer on the Equinox as your way of gifting more LIGHT into your life as you kick off a new cycle of Spring or Autumn.
  • Journal / Vision Board – In addition to my detox, I also enjoy spending a little time on the Equinox writing & drawing in my journal… and on occasion I may also include some photos of things that I LOVE.   This process helps me to feel into the freshness of the new Season, what do I wish to invite into my life (as well as what do i wish to let go of)… that will ultimately bring more balance, harmony, joy & vitality over coming months. 
  • Rhythm & Harmony – Find space this weekend and with wonderment & curiosity connect with the balance & harmony of rhythm in your life.   You could meditate on your breath – focussing on the in & out breath…. and the expansive ONENESS of the space between the breath.   Walk in nature and feel the rhythms of the natural world – how the songs of the birds, the wind in the leaves & ripples of sunlight on the leaves all harmonically create a symphony of life around you.  Sit by the ocean and tune into the rhythms of the waves – particularly the space between the wave coming in and the flow of the wave going out.   Or even wake up early to watch the Sunsrise and later in the day watch the Sunset and feel the expansive ONENESS of the cycles of life both around and through you.
  • Join a World Wide Rally for Freedom Event in your City !


World Wide Rally for Freedom

This coming weekend March 20, 2021 – in 40 countries around the world people are coming together in UNITY and walking for FREEDOM.  Governments around the world DO NOT have the right to take your Liberty & Justice from you, it is NOT theirs to take.  People are BORN Free through the Grace of the Divine.

View the World Wide Rally For Freedom Website.

Organizers of the Worldwide Rally for Freedom said demonstrators are taking a stand for five important freedoms:

  • Freedom of speech
  • Freedom of movement
  • Freedom of choice
  • Freedom of assembly
  • Freedom of health

Find details of your Country/City Rally here & Telegram also has a more up-to-date list of Cities too!   Find an Event in your city and share the Love, hear the stories and be inspired to standup for your Health Freedom & the RIGHT to be Human in sacred reciprocity with nature.

I will be attending the Sunshine Coast – Noosa River Boat Flotilla & Rally, to all my local friends, see you there !

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