Lions Gateway 8:8 Portal – Becoming LIGHT


Lions Gateway 8:8 Portal – Becoming LIGHT

The Sun entered the constellation Leo on the 23 July 2021, and is transiting through Leo until 24 August 2020.  Peak energy of the transit is felt mid-point on the 8 August (8:8) with the rising Sun forming a semi-sextile aspect with Sirius Sun or tetrahedron of LIGHT aspect with Earth. This alignment is often referred to as the Lion’s Gateway 8:8 Portal.

Becoming LIGHT is the theme of Lion’s Gateway 8:8 Portal.  Recognition of your self-worth, self-agency & sovereignty. Opening yourself to a higher wisdom (Sirius), receiving the LIGHTcodes of Sirius into your Solar Plexus… and courageously opening your Heart to your Divinity.  Your True Self.  Your Sovereignty.  Your Soulful Purpose.

Following on from our Aquarius Full Moon/Sun in Leo, our annual Lion’s Gateway alignment also plays an important role in the evolutionary awakening of humanity.  Awakening to a higher wisdom, a greater potential for ourselves, and cherishing a reverent reciprocity with life, with each other.



Sirius LIGHTcodes

During the Sun’s transit through Leo, we embody the higher LIGHTcode frequencies of the Fixed Star Sirius.  Sirius is 8.6 Light years from Earth (approx 81,362,000,000,000 km), and is 25 times more luminous than our Sun. 

These LIGHTcodes structure the water within our bodies, imbuing us with crystalline water capacity to transmute old cellular memories, shift the expression of our DNA and support the body to naturally heal.  

Ultimately raising our consciousness to a hyper-state of cosmic intelligence. Gifting & inspiring us with visionary insights of how we can co-create a New Earth Story for humanity.   How we can individually be this reLOVEutionary change.

Per images below, I talk in depth about Sirius & becoming Crystalline Beings of Light in my Essence of Angels® and Crystal Light Healing® and Aetheric Healing™ online courses.


How to embody 8:8

During the window of the Sun’s transit during Leo, and in particular most definitely on the 8 August 2021, take your mind, your heart, your awareness to places that you have never before seen.  

Visualise colours that are not yet ‘visible’ to the human eye. 

Listen to sounds that are not yet ‘heard’ by human ears. 

Taste/smell flavours that are not yet ‘tasteable’ by your taste buds/nose.  

And let your Heart be touched by the Heart of the Earth (Earth Gateway) and the Heart of our Galaxy (Cosmic Gateway), opening to a Greater Possibility for Humanity.  A Possibility that solves the problems of this moment from a greater level of consciousness.

Let yourself be a vessel of Cosmic Flow through you and simply show up in the world beaming LIGHT.   Let LIFE breath you, beat your Heart, and uplift your Spirit to new heights.



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