Australian’s Say NO to Forced Vaccination

Australian’s Say NO to Forced Vaccination

What is happening in Australia right now can only be described as a medical apartheid, where basic human rights are being removed on the basis of a person’s vaccination status. This discriminatory treatment is deeply divisive and traumatic for many, especially those who are being coerced or forced to be vaccinated, by threats of job loss. 

Forcing a medical intervention is unethical, immoral and we believe disproportionate to the threat. It is also seriously lacking in scientific merit, and has created a trail of disaster which has compromised our society, economy, public health, sovereignty and bodily autonomy.

There are many critical questions of law that need to be tested before the courts, but in the meantime; we find ourselves in a situation where we may lose our jobs and be denied many basic human rights, because employers and business owners are being made to believe they are required to be the enforcers of mandates.

We say that we will not be bullied into taking a medical intervention that:

  • does not stop transmission,

  • has no medium to long-term safety and efficacy studies,

  • it’s too extreme a response, since there is low prevalence of covid-19 here,

  • it has been shown that natural immunity is far superior, and

  • especially, when these vaccines pose a real risk of serious injury or death.

In spite of what Australian State and Territory Public Health Directives say, we are protected by Common Law, our Constitution, the Federal Biosecurity Act and several International Treaties relating to Human Rights. 

If we submit to these mandates, government or otherwise, we not only compromise our health, but we also lose our freedom to choose, and if we lose our freedom to choose, we are no more than slaves.   If you are threatened by, or impacted by the loss or change of employment, because you have chosen not to be vaccinated, please visit.  for what you can do.  



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