Our Human Love Story – Life is Sacred

Our Human Love Story – Life is Sacred

I ponder this question each and every day.   I feel it is THE most important question to ask yourself in this lifetime.  The way you answer the question changes your entire experience of life, from your relationships, the work you do, to everything in-between including the nourishing footprint you leave on this planet for future generations.

What is the question?   
The question is:   Why am I here?

I am in awe of the knowingness that as Souls, we chose to collectively be here together on Earth at this time.  To be both a witness to The Great Shift, but also an active participant in this Human Love Story.  The simplicity of asking ‘why’ guides you in being humbled by Divinity breathing through you, whilst also keeping on-purpose toward the grandest expression of Divinity.


Our Inherent Sentience

Last night I attended this years screening of the Banff Film Festival here in Australia.  Eight short-films took us to all corners of the globe, pushing the boundaries of human potential, and expanding the heart-mind of what we ‘believe’ to be possible of the human condition.   

The theme that rippled through each film was consistent in its message – when we step outside of ourselves, our conditionings, what we have believed to be possible for ourselves, THAT becomes the catalyst for great things to emerge.   Rather than view the Human condition as a victim to external forces, when we take our awareness outside of ourselves and observe or experience ourselves as an integral part of something much greater – what may have once been deemed as impossible is lifted to grander heights of awakened potential.   

Why?  Because we become conscious of our inherent Sentience and how we are created through Divine & Sacred Design.  How our lives form integral strands in weaving the fabric of life and the grander evolutionary cycles of consciousness.   We aren’t alone.

When we solve the problems of today from this place of cherished Sentience, this becomes the birth place of miracles, quantum leaps and expansive human potentials, via our work with the very Divinity that breaths us to life.

The following video from Gregg Bradens Pure Human series expresses everything I have just shared and more.  Within each of us lie dormant abilities and extraordinary potentials far beyond what was believed possible in the past.   

[The above Video has been taken down from Youtube, but here is an alternate Videos by Gregg Braden that toucha on the ‘Pure Human’ topic.].

Humans as Machines

However there is also another story emerging here on Earth, a story that views the Human condition in devolutionary ways.  A story that deems the human body to be an inferior collection of cells that have happened by chance to come together.   A belief that humans are weak accidents of nature, a collection of cells that formulate Human Machines – physical systems devoid of consciousness.

Human Machines by their very nature must to go to war against raging armies of Viruses & Bacteria that seek to destroy and conquer humans.   Kill or be killed is the dictate.  Life is about survival of the fittest, competition & control is breeds winners.  Death becomes the losers.

When the Human Body is deemed a weak physical machine that has a limited life-span, then TransHumanism evolves as the natural solution.  A merging of Human Machine with Artificial Intelligence that enables the creation of Humans 2.0.   An expression of cells that are no longer subject to the Laws of nature, but rather have control or dominion over nature.   

Why does the ‘Human as Machine’ create devolution for Humanity?   Humans as Sentient Beings have the capacity to do EVERYTHING that Transhumanism is capable of creating/becoming.  However if we turn our Humanness over to Artificial Intelligence and as a result don’t exercise our consciousness, then we lose our capacity to evolve into awakened states of Human expression, in harmonic resonance with the field.  The old ‘use it or lose it’ scenario.  In essence we actually create Human Machines devoid of Soul.  

Is this what we want as a Human species?
Is this what we came to Earth to do?
How does this feel within your heart and soul?  

If TransHumanism is new to you, please watch the Video below which outlines the 13 Levels of Transhumanism, and also read my earlier post here and my more recent post here.


Life is Sacred

Now reflecting back on my original question Why am I here what comes up for your when you ask yourself that question?   How do you feel?   Breathe into your Heart as you ask yourself that question.  What do you experience?

As I breathe into my Heart in this moment, a smile emerges on my face, a tingling sensation in my skin, and my body feels lighter, far less encumbered, a little like the 100 trillion cells of my body are floating in a sea of Joy.  I can feel my energy field expanding, there is no defined limit where my field ends, and the world around me begins.  The neuro-cardiology of my body becomes alive, and I am able to access an awakened intelligence, a universal consciousness that knows no limits.   The ONLY limits in this moment is my belief in me!

To quote Gregg Braden, ‘we are the technology we have been waiting for’.   It is up to us to believe in ourselves, and love ourselves enough to transform Humanity through the Sacredness of Life, rather than the Shadow of the Machine.

Sharing a video below that I briefly mentioned in last weeks email, but thought to share it here today.  I feel this video dives deep into helping us understand WHY people have forgotten what they are capable of becoming, and how they can heal, transform and evolve with nature.  It is a deep dive into the psychology of the Mind, how people have fallen under a spell of the Human Machine, and offers solutions to be a voice of Soul.


Humanity Hypnotised

In this weeks Humanity Rising Series: Prepping the Essentials, I have uploaded a video to the course dashboard that dives deep into the Psychology of this moment.  Why people are so lost in story of Human Machine, losing their self-agency and self-awareness of what they are capable of becoming.

I then offer solutions on how to be a catalyst of igniting Self-Awareness within the field, engaging people in deeper Self-Discovery and Healing, and ultimately engaging in Self-Mastery within the cosmic dance of life.

Situations like that which is evolving in Lithuania and so many other places within the world is not only immoral, but a step toward a future that drives the Soul out of being Human.  It is up to US to be the change.

To watch the video, would LOVE for you to join our Humanity Rising Series: Prepping the Essentials.


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