Transhumanism, Posthumanism & Technocracy [The Great Reset]

Transhumanism, Posthumanism & Technocracy [The Great Reset]

Without sounding too trite, with every fibre of my beingness I believe we chose to be here for this moment on Earth.   Deep within our Souls we carry the memory of this purpose and every day more & more people are remembering their (re)mission. I believe in the power of the Human Heart to overcome the obstacles of the mind.   And I believe we are here for a reason, to guide one another through a Higher Love.

And even in this global culture of fear, coercion, censorship & uncertainty, there is something deep within us that cannot be suppressed.  A light, a truth, a fierce grace is drawing us upward toward a grander possibility for both ourselves and the entire human race.  

In mirrored polarity of our Oneness with the Divine in all things, there are many millions of people on Earth that follow the path of the Internet of Things (IoT)— with a the greater agenda at play through the The Great Reset & Transhumanism.  Nanotechnology within Vaccines (such as the Pfizer & Moderna COVID-19 vaccine), 5G, 6G, and the scientification of health I believe is the start of this rollout on a larger scale.

If this all seems a little too sci-fi, or straight out of a Black Mirror Netflix episode I totally get it!  Could this really be happening?  However, Transhumanism & Posthumanism has been a growing movement for over 100 years, and the science of being ‘better’ than nature and becoming immortal beings beyond our humanness is not just something of the future, it is happening right now!

I believe the true mask of this COVID moment, in association with ID2020, EarthNow & Nanotechnology through Vaccines (to name but a few) is the catalyst toward a The Great Reset Global Agenda – Transhumanism & Health Technocracy. Its more than improving nature, it’s about overcoming nature.  It’s about transcending the Human Race – Posthumanism – and ‘controlling evolution’ to ultimately build an entirely new Human Species.

On a personal note, I believe we have the capacity to evolve our Human Species to the 5th Dimension & beyond via a more sacred means, AND be able to do ALL of the things that Transhumanism says is possible… and even more!!!   Through our Hearts-Brain-Soul we have the capacity to re-imagine a greater possibility and evolve in loving reverence with Life, Nature & Divinity.  THIS is why I created Lightrition your Life this year, and why I am offering my New Earth Era – Pleiadian/Lemurian transmissions, to assist people in stepping into the highest expression of their Soulful Beingness & cocreating new era in Human Evolution from the Heart.

13 Levels of Transhumanism

To help you understand Transhumanism, I thought the video below would make a good starting point.  Once again, whilst the info in the video may seem very Black Mirror like, there are scientists, bioengineers and nanotechnologists currently working toward these measures as we speak.

I haven’t shared this Video to instill fear, but rather I have shared to empower.  The choices we make today create our tomorrows.  Such that in this very juncture we find ourselves in – where nano-technology vaccines are being trialled for COVID – the question to ask yourself is ‘What does it mean to be Human’?

Do you want to go down the path of controlling nature and creating immortality of an entirely new Human Species ?   Or are you willing to embody a grander cosmic story of awakening our inherent Divinity ?

Listed below are the 13 Life Levels that are discussed within the video.  Interesting number isn’t in, the number 13 ?   All my work over the last 25+ years has been based around the premise of the number 13 – our Merkabah Light Body, our 13 Dimensions, the 13 Levels of DNA Consciousness, 13 Spheres of Metatrons Cube and the 13 Sacred Keys of Creation to name but a few.

Maybe as our consciousness evolves through the Wisdom of Divinity of the number 13, everything that the mind ‘thinks’ it can create through Transhumanism will already be possible through the Heart & Soul. 

13 Levels of Transhumanism

Life Level 1 – Exploring Sex – IVF, Surrogacy

Life Level 2 – Remake Ourselves One Piece at a Time – Growing Organs

Life Level 3 – Cloning Ourselves, Cloning Animal Species

Life Level 4 – Edit our DNA (changing the Code of ourselves)

Life Level 5 – Build entire Genomes, make ‘synthetic life forms’ & Vaccines

Life Level 6 – Life at the Speed of Light – printing ‘biological’ medicines, vaccines

Life Level 7 – Multi-Dimensional Chess Game – alter Brain, Genome, Viruses, Microbiome

Life Level 8 – Create entirely new Gene Life Code – new lifeforms, biohybrid animals

Life Level 9 – Hacking the Brain – Optigenetics with beams of light

Life Level 10 – Store & Reproduce the Brain – Upload the Brain beyond the body

Life Level 11 – Build One Big Brain – Sharing / Melding Memories / Erasing Memories

Life Level 12 – Design an Interplanetary Species – alter Gene Code

Life Level 13 – Design an InterStellar Species – move beyond Solar System would create building New Species of Humanity referred to as Posthuman.


Further Resources –
Transhumanism & Technocracy

Please visit my Health Freedom Global resources and click on the new category – Transhumanism & Technocracy.   

Within this category have I have referenced  a vast number of resources (videos, article, books) that discuss this ‘unsoulful’ path of humanity towards being ‘Posthuman’.

Including many articles on the Moral, Ethical & Spiritual concerns of ending the Human Species and becoming immortal AI’s – where death is seen as a disease that must be overcome.

I plan on updating this category (as well as all categories) within Health Freedom Global on a regular basis, so please do check back often.

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