Truth makes all things Beautiful

Truth makes all things Beautiful

I love to approach life with curiosity & wonderment.  Questioning everything.  Ruminating on every morsel of life experience, from the deepest states of sorrow, the flutter of a butterfly, to the sheer magickal intelligence of a seed sprouting.   If everything in creation was birthed through grand design (divinity), then that would mean nothing in life happens by chance.  EVERYTHING has a meaning.

Now putting that into context of this Earthly moment can be quite the challenge indeed!   If EVERYTHING has meaning, then what could be the meaning of such perverted injustice to human rights, the trauma being inflicted on so many, and the dark future agenda of ‘you will own nothing’?

To help me make sense of all of this, I try to stand outside of myself and view our Earth from outer-space, looking down on the planet from a ‘higher level of awareness’.   I envision in awe the rainforests, vast oceans, swarms of birds migrating and witness the rotation of Earth creating an endless cycle of sunrises and sunsets.  The mystery, reverent joy, and love is palpable.

Slowly I zoom in on the planet and witness those that are unable or incapable of beholding this beauty.  That have lost touch with Soul.  Those that are so far distanced from the miracle of life that they have in fact severed their connection with an eternal love & intelligence that permeates all things.  They are so far gone they even take delight in transforming human design into AI Machines!   For some this darkness appears like ink-spots, for others the darkness has fully impregnated the fibres of their beingness.  It feels cold, damp & life-less.  I feel such sorrow for those that live their days in perpetual gloominess, not even cognisant of their separation & pain.  I truly hope peace will one day flower all over the world.

Yet the miracle of life continues on regardless. 
After-all, love has no beginning or end, it just is.

I have come to a place of comfort in my life where those with severed connections to life are perfectly placed for ‘their life’s mission’.  It is not my place to convince others, to try and lead them to light, or try to change their ways.   Their life’s mission is between them and God.

Instead, I continue to walk my own life’s mission with curiosity and wonderment, and share My Truths in my own meagre yet big-hearted way.   There is much I am here to learn, and much I am here to share as I embrace the wisdoms of Edward Counsel“TRUTH makes all things beautiful”.


What is Truth ?

In a world of fake-news, astro-turfing, media-buyout, and big-everything, money & power ‘control’ the TRUTH of day.   So how do we find the TRUTH?     

Again, I use curiosity & wonderment to be my guide.  I take the attitude of ‘believing nothing’ told to me and instead I tune into how I feel about a situation, a topic, a headline or another Government intrusion on my privacy.   I let my consciousness, my spirit, my connection with something greater than myself be my guide.   This may lead me down a path of diverse research, or even meditation, or time in nature.   Truth can be found in many places. 

I know when I encounter TRUTH as my body feels strong, alive, awake, and full of light.   And in the face of a dis-Truth, my body feels week, I feel powerless, I feel a deep despair.   These feelings then become my life’s geiger counter towards unveiling even greater truths and wisdoms within all things.

Below I have shared a number of videos from the last week that speak to a ‘Truth’ being unveiled of the situation here in Australia & around the world.   I invite you to listen, feel in, and find YOUR TRUTH in all of this.   And let this TRUTH be your guide to making our world a more beautiful place.

Australia’s Response to COVID-19

Listen to this parliamentary address regarding our Australian Government’s response to COVID-19, including TGA, ATAGI & AHPRA.   Please don’t let your political bias taint this video.  I recommend listening, contemplating and discerning these ‘truths’.

Legal insight into Australia’s ‘Health’ System

In this video, Julian Gillespie a retired lawyer & former barrister gives testimony to the ‘COVID under Question‘ cross-political party inquiry.  Again, I recommend listening, contemplating and discerning these ‘truths’.

Australia’s access to Ivermectin

Australian citizens were unable to access Ivermectin for preventative and early treatment of COVID19.   I share the following video that gives insight into ‘WHY’ and the disastrous impact this has had on global deaths.  Once again, I recommend listening, contemplating and discerning these ‘truths’.

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