Aries Full Moon – October 2022 – Heal Thyself


Aries Full Moon – October 2022 – Heal Thyself

As we enter the last 3 months of 2022, it’s a period of deep introspective honesty on ‘where we are at’.  With our Full Moon in Aries (the first sign of the Zodiac), it’s a get real type of Full Moon to face some uncomfortable personal truths and do what needs to be done to bring 2022 to a close with more peace, presence & soulful honesty.

At a place deep within our hearts, at the very core of our beingness, is a longing to shed the superficial story of separation, anger & fear.   There is a transcendent desire to simply LOVE one another.   To remember our Human Love Story, and the sacredness of life itself.

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Full Moon in Aries

Moon in Aries (27.260) & Sun In Libra (27.260)
Monday, 10 October, 2022
6:55 am AEST (Australia)
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Moon – Past, Unconscious, Intuition, Feeling
Sun – Now, Conscious, Identity, Expression
Aries (Fire) – Leader, Risk-Taker, Action-Oriented
Libra (Air) –
Romantic, Indecisive, Harmonious

Full Moon in Aries

As our Aries Moon opposes our Libra Sun, we may find ourselves delving into the deep wounds of our past, particularly childhood wounds that may relate to people in authority during our formative years of our life.   A light maybe shed, acceptance & forgiveness offered and the sweet nectar of transformation emerges… it all comes down to choice.

With so many planets still in Retrograde motion, and CHIRON conjunct our Moon, opposing VENUS conjunct our Sun, this is a super-charged Full Moon to transcend obstacles/ fears / doubts about what is possible in our lives and BELIEVE with wholeheart in something more beautiful for ourselves, for our families, for our planet.

Change happens when WE CHANGE. 

This Full Moon is a deep recognition that the dysfunction, separation, unhappiness, fear, anxiety, incessant worry is due to our inability to let go of the past and as a result project our core woundings onto the future.   And how we may have fallen into the deep trap of blaming external factors on our inner struggle or plight— and how we may then perpetuate the trauma/pain/suffering by staying in a mental process of injustice at a ‘person/system’ that is holding us there.  

This Full Moon is about accessing a clarity of how we are contributing to our own inner-turmoil, and most reverently HOW we can love ourselves into a new rhythm of possibility.


Chiron conjunct Moon

CHIRON (currently retrograde) is conjunct our Aries Full Moon (a couple of degrees apart).   When planets are conjunct the energy of both planets entwine, creating an intense, amplified feel.  Chiron represents the ‘Wounded Healer’, where we hold our deepest wounds, hurts, sorrow & shame in our lives – body, mind & spirit. 

Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and exudes a wilful fiery independence, a pioneering spirit that presents to us as the feeling of anything is possible.  Aries is ruled by Mars the GOD of war, bloodshed & fighting.   Aries is all about ‘Me’ and what do ‘I’ want.

Within this fiery inner-battle ground, we have the capacity to see that the what has been done to us in the past, who we have been in the past, or maybe any hurt that we have inflicted in the past is just that— ALL in the PAST.    Whilst the past can never be changed, what can change is our relationship to the past— in this moment we have the power to choose our thoughts, our feelings, and shift our attention from a place of shadowy dysfunction, to one of compassion, forgiveness & kindness.

This gently relationship with yourself CHANGES EVERYTHING.  It doesn’t excuse you or another from events of the path, but it does provide a fresh wave of opportunity & freedom to let go, move on, and not continually replicate the past into the future.

Your Chiron wounds my run deep, and the scars maybe with you for a lifetime, but are you willing to let the scars control the rest of your future?   Or through the insights of this Full Moon, are you ready to invite in a different story and allow the scars to be like rings on a tree that help you tap into your growth, potential, resilience, and how much you have healed the emotions that infuse your scarred wounds.  The scarring my remain, but they can become tattoos of a deep peace and comfort in your skin.

Venus conjunct Sun

Opposing this fierce transformative Chiron/Lunar energy is our Libra Sun,  encouraging us to walk our paths in harmony, co-operation & blessed community. Libra is ruled by Venus the GODDESS of Love, beauty & harmony.  Libra is all about ‘Us’ and what do ‘We’ want.   Aries is all about ‘Me’ and what do ‘I’ want.

Deep within our Hearts, at the core of our very beings… is a longing to shed the superficial story of separation, anger & fear… and a transcendent desire to simply LOVE one another.

With Venus conjunct the Sun this Full Moon, this is a call to challenge your relationship with self, and how all your ‘woundings’ are derivates of this core relationship.  Maybe the ‘world out there’ doesn’t accept you, because you are unable to accept yourself?

The LIGHT of the Sun in Venus is guiding you to take a fresh now approach, a gentle self-caring way that sees you as the perfectly imperfect human being that you truly are, and with THAT insight LOVE every part of yourself because ALL of it is uniquely you.

The defenses are down this Full Moon, the charade you have been playing with yourself is going to be much harder to perpetuate.  This is a Full Moon to speak the truth, give up the story, and let your Heart mend by choosing LOVE.


Full Moon Potential

There is power in the collective when we let go of the fear/darkness and BELIEVE in a grander, more beautiful possibility for humanity in our hearts. When individually (Aries) we see the Light in each other (Libra) we remember we belong to each other, the truth of who we are is LOVE.

With our Eclipse season starting at the end of this month, I feel our Aries Full Moon is preparing us to rise up to a greater potentiality for our human family… all because we CHOSE to rise up to our greater possibility for ourselve

But for now, envision yourself as the butterfly this Full Moon. It can be dark and at times lonely in the Chrysalis. The pain may feel excruciating. You may never feel the agony will end. But in the Chrysalis lies a vision of possibility, and her future is LIGHT, graceful & free.


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