Madness or Enlightenment

With the word COVID-19 dominating the mind-highways of 2020 (a year of 20-20 vision), I couldn’t help but think about the ‘bigger’ picture of this name and the etymology of its derivatives. Read Full Article Here  

The Story of Pharmacy

The intelligence of nature is within us, and beneath our feet.  If we would step back and let her work her magic we would find grounded health. Read Full Post Here Dr Zach Bush  

500 German Drs & Scientists Question

‘It is High Time That We Took This Into Our Own Hands’.   500 German doctors and scientists have officially formed an organization to investigate the global response to Covid-19.. watch the Video. Read Full Article Here German Website:  

The Virome: Profound Implications of the Virome for Human Health and Autoimmunity

Revolutionary research illuminates that a new frontier of personalized medicine lies in the virome. Rather than harbingers of disease, viruses are intrinsic to immune modulation and to disease susceptibility. Read Full Article Here  

Critical Thinking

Great overview by Phillip Lindsay of this moment from an Esoteric Astrological Perspective… everything from Critical Thinking, Flu Statistics, Propaganda and so much more… Read Full Article Here  

Risks of rushing Vaccine

Telescoping testing time lines and approvals may expose all of us to unnecessary dangers Read Full Article Here  

The Danger of the Single Story

Never have I found myself so engulfed in living a ‘Single Story’.  The ONE story that explains this COVID moment.  Deviate from the Single Story narrative and you will rapidly find yourself shamed, ridiculed, publicly humiliated and ultimately censored at best.  At worst arrested and jailed for the audacity to step out of line.   Legality […]

Madness or Enlightenment

Do you ever wonder where words come from ?    I think about things like this all the time.  Words hold energy, they shape our lives and drive our behaviours – both conscious and unconscious. With the word COVID-19 dominating the mind-highways of 2020 (a year of 20-20 vision), I couldn’t help but think about the […]

What do you Believe ? COVID-19

We are all experiencing this COVID-19 moment in Earth’s Herstory differently.   This glimpse in time being coloured by the foundations of our beliefs. Who we believe ourselves to be.What we believe is our relationship with the world.And what we believe is the purpose of our lives. Essentially this means our life-transit over the last six […]

Coronavirus [COVID-19] – What are you Consenting to ?

The choices we make today, create our tomorrow. Your critical thinking, the questions you ask, where you put your attention & sagacious heart are so vitally important at this time.  What are you consenting to ?  What will you choose ? Sharing with you resources that you may wish to read/watch/chew over at this time.  […]

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