The Medicine Keepers

I had planned on writing a post this week on the Vagus Nerve, our nervous system and the importance of activating your relaxation response – turning OFF that Fight or Flight reflex.   But the post kinda morphed into something else, so instead my heart dived deep into ‘The Medicine Keepers’.   The reason WHY I […]

NEW Videos – Prepping the Essentials

A whole lotta LOVE is going into my NEW Prepping the Essentials Series… and I am continually adding NEW Videos & Resources over the coming months. Below are screenshots of some of the Videos that have been uploaded so far, with heaps more to come!.  Each video is accompanied by oodles of resources, such as […]

NEW Series – PREPPING: The Essentials

Inviting you to enrol in my NEW Video Series – PREPPING: The Essentials. We are moving through a great transition of Humanity.  The old world is falling apart at a very fast rate, and now it is up to us to create our Beautiful New World of the Future. To help guide you through the […]

Quiet Mind, Radiant Heart

Well what a week it has been in Australia (and around the world), I am not sure where to start really!   Though none of this is really unexpected as we transit through our 8:8 Lion’s Gateway of Becoming LIGHT. Let me start with giving a few insights into the darkness that is being infused into […]

Living Vertically & Emboldening a Beloved Future

Following on from last weeks video, this week I share with you the Sacred Art of Living Vertically and sharing your gifts with the world Horizontally. Living Vertically enables you to become a Uniter, not a Divider.  It free’s your mind/emotions from the distraction of the battle of beliefs, the game of right/wrong, and instead […]

Surviving to Thriving – Important Message for this Moment

I have been mulling over sharing this message for a little while now.   Why?  Well I didn’t want the message to be misinterpreted, taken out of context, or possibly lull people into a tail-spin of panic. Change is happening, and how we ride through this change will determine the future we are creating.   The most […]

Harmonic Chai Tea – BioResonance with COVID Spike Proteins – Home Recipe

In recent posts, I have spoken at length about the damaging effects of Spike Proteins from the COVID Jabs.  See my Spike Proteins – We made a Mistake aticle and my More on Spike Proteins article.   It’s the Spike Proteins from the jabs that are causing vascular damage leading to growing numbers of people experiencing […]

COVID & our Quantum Chrysalis Moment

Sharing a nourishing Story of Humanity with you this week, to help balance out the revelations in my Spike Proteins article.    May my sharings help guide your life choices, whilst also fostering a deeper connection of possibility during these changing times. xx Simone    

Natures Medicine – The healing power of SALT

Over the last weeks, my inbox has been full with so many questions from our community seeking support for their Health, Vitality & navigating these changing times.   Each day I regularly receive emails asking questions such as: “How can I protect myself from Vaccine Transmission/Shedding?”“What can I do to boost my immune system & calm […]

7 Reasons WHY you need to do your Research – ESSENTIAL Questions for your Health

Sharing with you the 7 Reasons WHY you need to do the Research regarding your Personal Health Choices. & the COVID Vaccine.  Your HEALTH is your WEALTH, and the choices you make about what penetrates your body is YOUR decision alone, and NO other entity both ethically & morally should coerce your decision. I have […]

mRNA COVID Vaccine – Impacts on Menstruation, Fertility, Pregnancy & Breast Milk

There have been numerous reports from around the world of women experiencing vast changes to their Menstrual Cycle after the COVID mRNA Vaccines.   In addition, Miscarriage (even late term miscarriage) has been identified as a significant adverse event post vaccination, as well as post-menopausal women reporting their periods returning. If you have had the mRNA […]

Stories Heal – Earth Day 2021

Whilst EVERY day is Earth Day to me, sharing with you a personal story that may guide you in gifting Earth a whole lotta love this Earth Day 2021. I believe with whole heart that our Stories Heal, and when we open our Hearts to each other we help rise the Human Spirit of Humanity […]

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