Harmonic Chai Tea – BioResonance with COVID Spike Proteins – Home Recipe

Harmonic Chai Tea – BioResonance with COVID Spike Proteins – Home Recipe

In recent posts, I have spoken at length about the damaging effects of Spike Proteins from the COVID Jabs.  See my Spike Proteins – We made a Mistake aticle and my More on Spike Proteins article.   It’s the Spike Proteins from the jabs that are causing vascular damage leading to growing numbers of people experiencing Migraines, Blood Clots, Heart Inflammation, Strokes, possible infertility and other harmful reactions including death.

As I have previously discussed, the Pfizer & Moderna mRNA technology experimental jabs instruct cells to manufacture Spike Proteins (with concerns about the mechanism having an off switch).  And the AstraZeneca & Johnson & Johnson adenovirus experimental jabs (which also uses novel gene technology) induce cells to manufacture mRNA which ultimately then instructs the manufacture of Spike Proteins.   The pro-inflammatory Spike Proteins migrate to the surface of cells, they are read by the immune system, and hence the body produces anti-Spike Protein antibodies.

With the United States VAERS, Europes EUROVIGILANCE & UKs YELLOW CARD reporting systems highlighting the SERIOUS Adverse Events & Deaths from the Jab, it is essential that you do your research when considering ANY medical treatment, let alone an experimental jab that is still within STAGE III clinical trials, yet immorally is being coerced on people, including our youth, globally.


Pine Needle Tea

Whilst I have been upfront with our community and stated the Reasons WHY I will not get the jab, and growing evidence shows the Jabs to be Unsafe, Ineffective & Unneccesary, I believe EVERYONE has the right to make a personal & informed choice for their Health. 

However, even if you DO NOT get the Jab, there is the growing concern about TRANSMISSION of Spike Proteins from the Jabbed to the Un-Jabbed.   The Questions is, what can the Un-Jabbed do about the effects of potential Spike Protein Transmission?

You may have heard about Pine Needle Tea as a wonderful remedy, due to the presence of Suramin & Shikimic Acid.

Suramin is naturally found in Pine Needles and inhibits blood coagulation or blood clots.  Suramin further decreases the activities of a large number of enzymes involved in DNA and RNA synthesis and modification.  Read more about Suramin here and Pine Needle Tea.

Pine Needles are also high in Shikimic Acid, which has been shown to have an Antiplatelet-aggregating activity in the body and anti-thrombogenetic effects… bascially this means it reduces the bodies propensity to form blood clots.   Here is an article discussing Pine Needle Tea in more depth, including contra-indications (who should NOT use it), health benefits, including which Pine Needles to use.

However, if you don’t have fresh Pine Needles at hand, then you make like to make my Harmonic Chai Tea !


Harmonic Chai Tea

I make my Harmonic Chai Tea most mornings, perfect to have after my breakfast as I sit in the Sun boosting my Vit D.    Let your tea brew whilst you eat your breakfast, then drink in the LOVE.

My Harmonic Chai Tea contains three ingredients that contain Shikimic Acid, namely Star Anise, Fennel Seeds & Dandelion, helping the body to find it’s harmonic balance with Spike Proteins.   

Star Anise is a great source of Shikimic Acid, and in fact is one of the main ingredients of the anti-viral drug Tamiflu.  An Star Anise contains a higher content of Shikimic Acid than Pine Needles.  When consumed with Quercetin such as with the Black Tea in my Harmonic Chai Tea, it has an even greater effect on immunity & modulation of clotthing.  If you ate some green-leafys or berries for breakfast (all high in Quercetin) followed by my Harmonic Chai this would help to reduce the severity of viral infections too.

Fennel Seed is also a source of Shikimic Acid.  Fennel Seeds improve immune function, stimulates the thinning of your blood and decreases blood viscosity, which in turn decreases platelet aggregation.

Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) has been shown to modulate inflammation and block the interaction of Spike Protein to adhere to the cell surface receptor.   Dandelion is a gentle detox agent, great for strengthening digestion & immunity, and energetically keeps you grounded / rooted in your grander life purpose.

If you are pregnant I would always err on the side of caution, so rather than consume Harmonic Chai Tea, I would instead drink daily a delicious cup or two of Dandelion {coffee} Tea.   Regarding the medicinal & immune boosting qualities of the other ingredients in my Harmonic Chai Tea (I have posted the full recipe below), please check out my JuJu Remedy Recipe for all the details.   

In the video below, I discuss more about ‘Eating in the Light’, how to work with Harmonic Chai Tea for restorative healing of Body, Mind & Soul.   And at the bottom of the page, read more about my Lightrition your Life Course offer, feeding your body with LIGHT for 5th Dimensional Ascension.




Recipe: Harmonic Chai Tea

PREP 5 Minutes  |  BREW 20 Minutes |  SERVES 2


The following ingredient list is an approximate measurement of ingredients. If you prefer more spicy then up the quantity of Ginger & Black Peppercorns, or play around with the ratio of spices to discover the perfect blend for you.   This recipe makes 2 Servings of Harmonic Chai Tea.   Please share this recipe with family & friends.

2 x Star Anise
1 x teaspoon of Fennel Seeds
2 x Black Peppercorns
2 x Cloves
4 x Green Cardamon Pods
1/2 Teaspoon of Freshly Ground Nutmeg
4 x Slices of Fresh Ginger
3 x Slices of Fresh Turmeric
1 x Stick of Cinnamon
2 x Tablespoons Black Tea (Assam or Darjeeling)
1 x Teaspoon of Roasted Dandelion Root
2 x Cups of Filtered Structured Water
1.5 x Cups of Milk (Milk of Choice)
Raw Honey to Taste

  1. In a Mortar & Pestle, crush Fennel Seeds, Star Anise, Black Peppercorns, Cloves & Cardamon Pods.  Add crushed spices to your Pot.
  2. Using a Microplane, freshly grind the nutmeg directly into your Pot.
  3. Add slices of Ginger & Turmeric to the Pot.
  4. Breakup Cinnamon Stick and add to the Pot.
  5. Add Black Tea + Dandelion Root to the Pot.
  6. Add Water to the Pot, and bring to the boil.   Then turn down head to low, and slowly simmer for 20 minutes.  Try not to let the medicine mix boil, as the tea will become bitter.
  7. Add Milk to the pot and warm through, then take the pot off the heat.
  8. Strain Chai Tea into your drinking Cup/Mug.
  9. Sweeten with Raw Honey to taste.
  10. Grate a little freshly Ground Nutmeg on top.
  11. Drink in the LOVE



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