June 2014 – Lunar & Planetary Energetics

June 2014 – Lunar & Planetary Energetics

The moon and its position within our celestial sky holds a powerful frequency that affects our day to day beingness here on Earth.  The moons electro-magnetic frequency as it waxes and wanes each month effects our physiology, our emotional/mental responses and spiritual potential.

The energy from the New Moon up to the Full Moon is gradually building in strength and intensity;  thus the New Moon is a great time to set your intentions, write down goals or begin new projects for the forthcoming cycle.  Consider sitting in ceremony or personal meditation and affirming to the Universe your intentions & inner-most heartfelt desires for the cycle.

From Full Moon to the New Moon the energy is gradually decreasing in strength and intensity… thus is a time to release and let go of any areas in your life that no longer serve your higher purpose.  The Full Moon is a perfect time to connect in ceremony (personal or group), light a candle and release/transmute through sacred ritual that which no longer serves.

All times are Queensland Australian Eastern Standard Time unless otherwise indicated. Nearest capital city is Brisbane in the State of Queensland, Australia.
To convert this time to your current place of residence in the world please visit:
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FULL MOON – 13 June 2014

Moon_FullFriday , 13 June 2014, 2:11 pm
Moon – past, Intuition, unconscious, emotions, nurturing, feelings
Sun – now, Identity, consciousness, self-esteem, expression
Sagittarius (Fire) – freedom, leadership, adventure, spiritual, optimistic
Gemini (Air) – Fickle, witty, nervous, scattered, fun-loving, curious, versatility

This June Full Moon, the Moon is in Sagittarius and the Sun is in Gemini.  This is a great full moon to acknowledge that being/living spiritually need not be boring… we can actually have fun and enjoy the journey.

How about coming together with your friends for a full moon party, gathering, meditation evening… and honour the joy and bliss of being alive.  Celebrate how far you have come on the journey so far and marvel at how these experiences have created magical lessons/wisdoms in your life.

I highly recommend this Full Moon that you perform the Galactic Heart Meditation in conjunction with the Great Invocation… Read More >

The_Great_Invocation_lrThis Full Moon is also the GOODWILL FULL MOON & the full moon of the GREAT INVOCATION... the THIRD of 3 powerful full moons as follows:

1. Christ Full Moon – 15 April 2014   (Sun in Aries)
Honour of the Christ within all of us / within all of Creation

2. Wesak Full Moon* – 15 May 2014   (Sun in Taurus)
Buddha’s birthday, honouring the God within all of us / within all of Creation.

2. Goodwill / World Invocation Day Full Moon – 13 June 2014 (Sun in Gemini)
Honouring of spiritual unity in humanity.

Read more about the Goodwill Full Moon & Great Invocation >


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International Day of the African Child – 16 June 2014

Love_is_answerInternational Day of the African Child was established in 1991 by the African Union to commemorate the massacre of young South African who were massacred on June 16, 1976 by the Apartheid army as they were manifesting for a better education in the Soweto slum.

If you would like to support this day, then I highly recommend ‘Love is the Answer’ – a charity run by the most beautiful Catherine Koch.  ‘Love is the Answer’ is one of the charities that Universal Life Tools supports from sale proceeds of our book ‘Shealla-Dreaming’. 

To find out more about Love is the Answer & how to support please click here >


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June Solstice – 21 June 2014

June_Solstice_lrView the Solstice time/date  in your city of the world >

Due to the tilt in our Earth’s axis of rotation, throughout the calendar year the Sun appears to rise and fall in different regions of the Sky.  This is not of course due to the Sun moving, but due to the Earth moving relative to the Sun.

The June Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere is called the ‘Summer Solstice‘ – this marks the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere (daylight hours).
As we commenced our journey from the last Winter Solstice we have been energised from Sun in our Heart through to the Divine Heart of all creation.  We now reach the peak of growth – and it is a time of celebration for all.  As the days post Summer Solstice become shorter, it is a time of inner reflection/review as we move toward the next cycle.

The June Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere is called the ‘Winter Solstice‘ – this marks the shortest day of the year in the Southern Hemisphere (daylight hours).
It is a time of inner reflection, turning to the Sun within, our solar selves.  It is a time to gain strength from within, and get ready to embark on the  new journey as our days of daylight get longer beyond the Winter Solstice and we are being energised from within.

Overall, where ever you are on Earth, the Summer/Winter Solstice represents an opportunity to celebrate you LIGHT.  As we move into the threshold of a new cycle, it is a time to come together with all humanity through the LOVE of our LIGHT and send a wave of unifying peace through the Crystalline Wisdom Field of our Earth.

This Solstice, consider lighting a candle and honouring the LIGHT of joy, blissful abundance, compassion, peace and kindness illuminating your Heart and entraining the field of the Infinite All.  OmAhOm.

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NEW MOON – 27 June 2014

New_Moon_PFriday, 27 June 2014, 6:08 pm
Moon & Sun in CANCER
Moon – past, Intuition, unconscious, emotions, nurturing, feelings
Sun – now, Identity, consciousness, self-esteem, expression
Cancer (water) – nurturing, family, sensitive, emotional, moody, psychic

The June Cancer new moon is a time to look at yourself honestly, and give love to every nuance, action, thought and feeling.  Simply mother yourself, and acknowledge yourself as already whole and perfect… you are simply LOVE!

Cancer is the sign of the Sacred Feminine, the creative Mother energy and the nurturer.  This new moon offers an energy to peer within and view our relationship to our ‘Mother’ within, our sacred intuitive natures (whether we are male or female).

What can your ‘Inner-Mother’ teach you at this time… and allow that wisdom to be imparted from a place of unconditional love of self.

During the ‘Divine Feminine’ Cancer New Moon we transcend the egoic need of power struggles, destruction of life and pain and suffering.   It represents a return of the feminine, in order to balance the male and female polarity in humanity and foster oneness.  Oneness in our hearts and minds, oneness in our physical and spiritual selves, and oneness of our selves with all creation.

During this Cancer New Moon each of us holds the potential to ‘Dream the Dream’ of the Goddess, and create harmony and loving union of the Masculine and Feminine breath of LOVE.

This new moon represents a time to honour your needs… in order to fill your cup full and over-flowing to be of service to others.   This new moon represents a wonderful time to also nurture your home life.. maybe spend time gardening, cleaning up clutter, organise a family gathering or make a scrummy meal for loved ones.


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Planetary Energetics – June 2014

Not only does the moon have an effect on our day-to-day lives, but so do the position of the planets in our solar system.

Having knowledge of planetary movements helps us understand our physical/emotional/mental states of being… so we can consciously work with planetary energy pro-actively.

Here is a brief overview of some key planetary movements at the present time…

Mercury (Retrograde)

mercury7 June 2014 to 1 July 2014:  Mercury (the planet of communication) moves retrograde (appearance of moving backwards in our sky) in early June 2014.  It will be retrograding through Cancer (nurturing, family, sensitive, emotional, moody, psychic) moving further backward into Gemini (Fickle, witty, nervous, scattered, fun-loving, curious, versatility) by the 18 June 2014

Mercury rules all communications such as computers, phones, travel, electronics and all business/personal communications & documentations.  When mercury moves retrograde and into the darker recesses of our psyche, this may herald a time of misunderstandings, mis-communications, computers & electronics crashing and plans going haywire !

So how do you you consciously work with Mercury Retrograde ? Just consider all the ‘RE’s’, ie re-evaluations, re-checking, re-pair, re-store etc., urring on the side of caution and making sure all details are attended to.  This is not a favourable time for signing contracts and do remember to back up your computers BEFORE mercury goes retro.

Rather than perceive Mercury Retrograde as a negative time, I prefer to work with the energy as a wonderful ‘inward’ time to recalibrate my visions and move forward in conscious action when Mercury moves direct.

Please read my article on Retrograde Planets :

Mars in Libra

Mars21 May 2014 to 26 July 2014:  After being retrograde over March & April, Mars (action, energy & drive) moved into Libra (romantic, indecisive, harmony, social, helpful) on the 21 May 2014.

When Mars is in Libra there tends to be lots of enthusiam, brainstorming and wonderful ideas… but this never seems to take off in Libra as there is lots of indecision and weighing up of options.

Whilst this can appear frustrating, it is actually a wonderful opportunity to make that list of ideas, weigh up the pros & cons… and get ready to take off when Mars moves into Scorpio on the 27 July.. as this energy is usually most intense !


Jupiter in Cancer

jupiter7 March 2014 to 17 July 2014: Since 8 Nov 2013 Jupiter (abundance, luck & expansion) has been moving retrograde (appearance of going backwards in our sky) in Cancer and will finally be moving direct next month.  When Jupiter is retrograde we may find ourselves slowing down and our pace of life becomes a little less frenetic as our ‘drive’ to achieve goals is somewhat hindered.

Now with Jupiter moving direct in Cancer (nurturing, family, sensitive, emotional, moody, psychic) in early March, we expand our energy into our emotional and familial well being.  It may herald a time to delve into our family tree, get to understand our gene line a little better and spend more time nurturing our home life and the people in our lives that matter most.


Saturn (Retrograde)

saturn3 March 2014 to 21 July 2014: Saturn (life lessons, wisdom, karma, responsibility) moved retrograde (appearance of moving backwards in our sky) in early March 2014.  It is retrograding through Scorpio (Passionate, emotional, willpower, psychic, determined).

When Saturn is retrograde there is a lack of boundaries.. so be mindful of saying YES to everything and then feeling overwhelmed and a loss of power.  A retrograde period is a period of inner-reflection and with Scorpio such an inner-reflective sign, this may be a time of great soul-searching & exploration.  Again, just like Mars Retrograde, not a great time to initiate new projects as you may find the need to go back and re-do or re-organise everything !

Please read my article on Retrograde Planets :

Uranus in Aries

uranus27 May 2010 to 15 May 2018: Uranus (rebellion, freedom, unconventional, technological advancement, humanitarianism) moved into Aries (Leader, impatient, risk taker) in May 2010.  It will be in Aries for 8 years, briefly entering Taurus in May 2018, then it will retrograde back into Aries on 6 Nov 2018 until 6 March 2019.  The last time Uranus was in Aries was 84 years ago !

This period heralds a time of finding your own two feet, your independence and finding freedom to be YOU.  This is a time to move beyond the boundaries of the BOX and own your I AM and not be drawn or defined by the memes of society.  As Einstein said ‘you can’t solve a problem from the same level of consciousness that created it’… thus this is a time to think / feel / be expanded consciousness to solve the problems of today.  Expect the unexpected during this time… and live your life as a direct expression of spirit unique to you… and allow your rawness to empower others to do the same.


Neptune in Pisces

neptune4 April 2011 to 15 May 2018: Neptune (Illusion, deception, creativity) moved into Pisces (Sensitive, psychic, dreamy, creative, charitable) in April 2011.  The last time Neptune entered Pisces was in 1848, three years after it was discovered in 1845.

Neptune in Pisces in it’s fullest potential is an awakening to the DIVINE from within.  It fosters a movement beyond materialism / consumerism and the foundations of religious dogma.  Neptune in Pisces fosters spiritual transformation.   This energy provides a potential for humanity to expand beyond perceived limitations through dedicated spiritual practice and to find AUTHENTIC TRUTH.  Allow your IMAGINATION to SEE beyond the illusion and awaken to living with Spirit through heart-n-soul.

Neptune (Retrograde)

neptune10 June 2014 to 6 Nov 2014: Neptune (Illusion, deception, creativity) moves retrograde (appearance of moving backwards in our sky) this month on the 10 June 2014.  t is retrograding through Pisces (Sensitive, psychic, dreamy, creative, charitable) until Nov 2014.

Neptune is often referred to as the ‘higher octave’ cousin of Venus.  Thus our values for love, beauty and passions become more ‘universal’ through Neptune.   Neptune is the planet of the mysterious, the illusionary and beyond the confines of the program.  It calls us to gain insights from higher states of conscious/awareness/dream state.  In it’s polarity, Neptune can also represent the hypnotic trance like state of delusion.

When Neptune is retrograde, people tend to focus more on their dreams, intuition and all creative pursuits.  If you are usually in a ‘dream state’ you may find that you work with retro energy to bring this dream into physical form.  If you deny the dream state, then retro may induce escapism and the taking of mind-altering substances to block the dream or movie from playing out.

During Neptune retro, turn into the inner-self and be receptive to the truth.  The illusion is exposed and reality is factual.  This is a great time to foster the inner-creative and bring it into physical form.

Please read my article on Retrograde Planets :

Pluto in Capricorn

pluto26 Jan 2008 to 23 March 2023: Pluto (transformation & empowerment) moved into Capricorn (Practical, realist, reliable, hard worker) in Jan 2008.  Pluto was in Sagittarius prior to moving into Capricorn, where it had been transiting since 1995.  Pluto was last in Capricorn Nov 1762 until Dec 1778.

Heralding transformation, Pluto in Capricorn is about death and rebirth or endings and beginnings.  It is a time of breaking down all old outdated structures… structures that embody power & control such as governments, corporations & religion.  This dismantling then creates opportunities to rebuild solid foundations from the ground up and inside-out… structures that support communities, humanity and the sustainable life of this planet.

Pluto (Retrograde)

pluto15 April 2014 to 23 Sept 2014: Pluto (transformation & empowerment) moved retrograde (appearance of moving backwards in our sky) in mid April 2014.  It is retrograding through Capricorn (Practical, realist, reliable, hard worker).

When pluto is retrograde, it’s innate energy appears even more pronounced within our lives.  The need to moved beyond all old beliefs, rigid structures and imprinted attitudes seems to take front seat.   It is time for a big purge or inner-cleanse of all that ‘inner-stuff’ ready to make way for the new ‘outer experience’ when Pluto moves direct.

Please read my article on Retrograde Planets :

Chiron in Pisces

chiron20 April 2010 to 23 April 2023: Chiron (wounded healer) moved into Pisces (Sensitive, psychic, dreamy, creative, charitable) in April 2010.  Chiron was only discovered in 1977 (though there are pre-discovery photos dating back to 1895).  It takes 52 years for Chiron to transit out sun.

Chiron is the wounded healer, be it our wounds that are physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.  As Chiron transits Pisces it opens a potential to ‘heal our wounds’ beyond just structure & the physical, to a more conscious state of healing of the body, mind & spirit .  Thus this 13 year transit provides a real opportunity to ‘heal’ areas of your life and facilitate deep transformation.  I

t is an opportunity to repattern the hologram, or transcend deep cellular or DNA imprints and attune to higher states of consciousness.  Victimhood will become a thing of the past (if you so choose), and forgiveness along with all things mystical and unseen heals.

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