Kombucha – brewed with Crystals


Kombucha – brewed with Crystals

Today I have bottled my fabulous brew of Kombucha… looking forward to a glass or two tonight as I watch the Full Moon rise over the Ocean ahead of tomorrow early-mornings TOTAL Lunar Eclipse.

My special brew has an extra zing to it, due to the addition of Quartz Crystal.   Quartz activates the Lightrition qualities of my brew, structures the water within Kombucha… making it one of the go-to remedies in your diet for health & wellbeing.

Sharing my simplified Kombucha with Crystals recipe that anyone can make at home with just a handful of ingredients… as well as some helpful tips to take your brew to the next level.  Further down the page I also share additional resources (eg what is Kombucha, what is a SCOBY, now to get started etc..) PLUS tips on SCOBY goodness!

If you would like to learn more about preparing food with Crystals to activate the Lightrition qualities of food, as well as get messy in the kitchen through hands-on experience, then I invite you attend my upcoming October Heart Retreat.  Imagine 7 days by the beach, re-wilding your spirit & emerging in alignment & empowered to follow your Soulfull Desires.


Kombucha with Crystals – Recipe

PREP 10 MINUTES  |  BREW 5 days to 2 weeks     


I snapped the above photo today as I bottled my Kombucha & poured myself a glass ahead of tonights/early-morning Full Moon Eclipse.

Maybe you could make your own batch of Kombucha this week (the Eclipse energies will still be felt strongly) and have your very own Brew ready for drinking on our Solar Eclipse in 2 weeks time in mid-August 2018.   You could even put your Quartz Crystals out under the Moon tonight/this weekend to charge them up ready for your brew!


I am not one to measure/count in the kitchen… I much prefer to cook intuitively… but the following measurements will give you a basic idea.  For me using your Hands & Heart in the kitchen is not about thinking with the mind, but rather a sacred dance of feeling into what you are preparing & creating a master-piece that nutritional (body, mind & spirit) supports you, family & friends.  

So relax, put on your favourite music, dance like no one is watching… and have some fun whipping up your own rejuvenative batch of Kombucha.

Foods / Crystals
1 Kombucha SCOBY bathed in its ‘Mother’ liquid
1 Medium sized Clear Quartz Crystal
8 Black Tea Bags
1 Cup of Rapadura Sugar
1 Litre of Boiling Water
Fresh Filtered Water (enough to fill your Glass Vessel)
Fresh Fruit (eg Orange slices, Strawberrys)
4-6 Small Clear Quartz Crystal Points

2 Glass Bowls
Wooden Spoon
Glass Brewing Vessel (5 litres is a good size)
Muslin Cloth
Rubber Band or piece of Twine
Glass Straw
Glass Bottling Jars (for your finished brew)


  1. Using your hands, place your Kombucha Scoby, her Scoby Mother Liquid & a Medium Sized Clear Quartz Crystal(1) into a Glass Bowl (you could even use your Glass Brewing Vessel if you prefer). Allow this mix to activate over a few hours.
  2. Place Rapadura Sugar & Tea Bags in the other glass bowl. Add 1 litre of boiling water, stir with wooden spoon & leave to brew over a few hours.
  3. After a few hours have passed, place all the ingredients from Step 1 (Scoby, Mother Liquid & Quartz Crystal) into your clean & air-dried Glass Brewing Vessel.
  4. Top up the Glass Brewing Vessel with room temperature Filtered Water, leaving a space at the top for your brew to breathe. Then cover our Glass Brewing Vessel with a piece of Muslin Cloth, secured with a Rubber Band or twine.
  5. Store your JuJu in a cool, dark place (your pantry is ideal)… and let it ferment for a good week or two.   If you live in a hot climate, after about 5 days insert your Glass Straw into your Brew (pushing the SCOBY aside) & taste your brew. If not yet ready, repeat every couple of days until desired taste.   The aim is for all the Sugar to be gobbled up & the brew to be slightly tangy-acidic with only a hint of sweetness. If you live in a colder climate, your brew can take at least 2 weeks to get to this stage.  If your home is VERY cold, your brew could take up to a month… so maybe best to make up a couple of batches at at time!
  6. When your brew is ready, using your hands, remove your Kombucha Scoby from your brewing vessel & set aside in a glass bowl with about 500ml of your Kombucha brew (called the Mother Liquid) – this is what you will use to make up your next batch of Kombucha.   Now bottle your Kombucha brew in glass jars, with 2 Small Clear Quartz Crystals(2) in each glass jar & refrigerate.
  7. Each time you pour yourself a glass of your brew, remember to give it a really good stir with a spoon to fire-up the Piezoelectric effects of the Quartz Crystals… then Pour yourself a glass & enjoy your Lightrition Brew for body, mind & soul.
  8. Why not add a little fruitiness! In Step 6, you could also add fruit to your bottled brew (eg oranges & strawberries) and let the mix infuse over many days before drinking (if it lasts that long)… yum!

NOTE (1):  Medium Sized Quartz Crystal – I like to use a Dow (Temple Heart) Crystal, or even an Lemurian Quartz Point.  If you would like to know more about these Crystals, refer to Crystal Light Healing® Level I

NOTE (2):  Two Quartz Points – I like to use two natural generator clear quartz points, or even manifestation points – alternatively any small clear quartz points would be fine.  If you would like to know more about these Crystals, refer to Crystal Light Healing® Level I

GENERAL NOTE:  I only recommend using Clear Quartz, as other Crystals & Minerals may be toxic when consumed.



FruitAs mentioned above, I LOVE adding fruit to my Kombucha.  Forinstance you could cut up oranges & strawberries into slices and add to your Kombucha.  Practice patience and let your fruity-brew ferment further in the fridge (via the sugars in the fruit)… the taste will develop into something delicious.. and the fizzy-ness of your brew will go up a notch too.  Experiment with fruits in season… raspberries are also a favourite of mine!

Herbs – As well as adding Fruit to your brew, you could also (or alternatively) try to adding fresh herbs from the garden to your finished & bottled Kombucha.  Add a sprig or two of thyme, sliced ginger or even a dried vanilla pods (sliced in half) or a cinnamon quill.  Hmmm… you could make up an alcohol free Kombucha Sangria (ooh, I must try this!).

SweetenerDon’t freak out by all the sugar.  When brewed for a reasonable period of time, most of the sugar is munched up by the bacteria, and so what is left is all the goodness.   I like to use Rapadura Sugar which is evaporated cane juice which has been dried a low temp to maintain high nutritional qualities – such as Vitamins A, E, C and the Minerals magnesium, phosphate, niacin & iron.  Whilst the sucrose will be all gobbled up… the vitamins & minerals will remain in your brew.   Plus Rapadura gives a more ‘caramalised’ flavour to the brew.  I don’t recommend using Honey, Maple Syrup, Agave, Rice Syrup etc as a substitute… messing around with too many bacterias and your brew may not have a healthy outcome.

TeaFor your first ever batch use black tea… but then experiment half & half say white tea & black tea (4 tea bags of each), or even green tea & black tea (again 4 of each).   Using other herbal teas can get mixed results… so maybe save this experimentation once you have the knack of brewing.

Scoby – Your Scoby produces ‘daughter’ Scoby’s usually every 1-2 brewing batches.   You can then give these away to family & friends such that they can brew their own Kombucha’s… or you can actually eat it.  Ok, I fess up I have never done this… but maybe you could feed your daughter Scoby’s to your chooks or add them to your compost.


Hints, Wisdoms & Resources

Using your Hands
As I teach in Aetheric Healing™, your hands are mirrors of the human experience of your Soul.   Your thumb represents your Soul, your four fingers represent Earth, Fire, Air & Water and the centre of your palm connects you with the spiral of our Earth & the spiral of Galaxy.  In addition, your entire body is mirror-reflected in your hands via various points (ie hand reflexology).  When you prepare food with your hands, the Lightrition (physical & energetic nutritional properties) of the food changes to align with your genetic profile or medicinal needs at that time.    What you think about during food preparation becomes imprinted within the food AND amplified through the Quartz Crystals.  Think happy, healthful & vital thoughts and you then become what you eat!

Can I make my own SCOBY or do I have to buy one? 
Yes you can make your own SCOBY… but it can be a little hit & miss!  So I recommend buying/being gifted your initial SCOBY to get you started… and as they multiply, you will find you will be giving away your daughter SCOBY’s in no time at all.   

Where can I buy/find a SCOBY ?
You could get a daughter SCOBY from a friend who brews Kombucha, or buy one at your local healthfood store or there are many SCOBY’s available online.  Here are links to get you started (I am not affiliated with any of these, so click away !)

USA – www.culturesforhealth.com/starter-cultures/kombucha.html
Australia – www.buchi.com.au/products/brew-kits/
UK – www.happykombucha.co.uk/collections/kombucha-scobies
New Zealand – www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/SearchResults.aspx?searchString=scoby

Why Brew with Quartz Crystals ?
Due to the helical molecular structure of Quartz, theses Crystals have the properties of being able to absorb, store, emit, amplify & transduce energy… which activates & promotes the prolification of all the ‘good stuff’ during fermentation in alignment with your genetic nutritional/energetic requirements.  When you have ‘touched’ the scoby (hence transferred your DNA), the Scoby comes alive & proliferates in entrainment with your genetic profile.  

In addition, each time your stir your Kombucha brew prior to drinking, you are activating the piezoelectric effect of the quartz – the generation of electrical energy from mechanical energy – leading to an excitation of the cell membranes of your brew.   Why is this so good ?  As the cell membranes are ‘excited’, the electrical potential increases the bioavailability of all the good stuff in the brew, as well as promoting the proliferation of more of the good stuff in your gut microbiome.

I call this activation & genetic entrainment of foods ‘LIGHTRITION’.  I will talk more about this in a future blog… as it is a fascinating insight in the potential of nutrition & eating for body, mind & soul.


Kombucha & SCOBY Facts

What is Kombucha ?
Kombucha is a fermented tea… made very simply from tea, sugar & water.

What is a SCOBY ?
As the Kombucha brew ferments it forms a SCOBY – Symbiotic, Culture, Of, Bacteria & Yeast.  Whilst you can create your own SCOBY’s by simply fermenting the tea/sugar/water mix, starting your initial batch with a SCOBY (and her Mother Liquid) ensures a good quality symbiotic mix of all the good stuff.   In can take many many brews to get a good SCOBY stared, so purchasing a SCOBY or being gifted one from a friend is soooo much easier.

Isn’t Kombucha some new-age fad ?
Whilst Kombucha has certainly had a huge rise in popularity in recent years, it is anything but a fad.  It is thought that Kombucha originated in china maybe 2,000 years ago and was used extensively as a medicine food.  There is evidence of Kombucha being brewed in Japan in the 5th Century, and later throughout Europe.  In fact, Dr Rudolph Skelnar created renewed interest in kombucha in Germany after the war, when he used Kombucha tea to treat cancer patients, high blood pressure and diabetes (read more).

Medicinal qualities of Kombucha
Oh where do I start, Kombucha is one AMAZING medicine food.  As the SCOBY goes to work fermenting the brew, the sugar is consumed by the symbotic SCOBY & the by-products create health-giving goodness.  Here are just of the nutritional properties of Kombucha:

B vitamins – B1, B2 B3 B6 & B12 (due to yeasts)
Amino Acids (from bacteria)
Vitamin C (from fruits)
Lactic Acid, Acetic Acid, Glucoronic Acid & Malic Acid (from fermentation).
An array of Gut loving Bacteria & Yeasts
Pro-biotic and Pre-biotic properties

And here are just a few of the health benefits of consuming Kombucha… you can read the full list & research articles here>

  • Anti-Microbial – inhibit growth of pathogens in the body
  • Anti-Oxidant – Protect against free-radical damage in body
  • Hepato-Protective – Supports liver function / reduce damage
  • Anti-Cancer – inhibiting replication of Cancer cells
  • Improves Gut Microbiome

What does Kombucha taste like ?
The taste is slightly tangy-acidic-sweet and a little carbonated too.  The taste & carbonation can be developed further when adding fruits & herbs to the completed brew.

When/how to drink it ? 
You can drink Kombucha as a straight brew, mixed with fruit or herbs… or with a dash of vodka or gin it is quite delectable too!  When to drink… whenever you feel the urge. Maybe a small glass first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and then late afternoon as a tipple before your evening meal.

Does Kombucha contain alcohol ?
A by-product of the fermentation process maybe a little big of alchol.Whilst this doesn’t concern me, I don’t recommend my children on their Learners/P-plates drink Kombucha right before getting behind the wheel (as legal blood alcohol is zero here in Australia).

What about the Sugar ?
The SCOBY gobbles up most of the sugar during the fermentation process, leaving the goodies that have all the healing qualities.  PLUS when using Rapadura, you have additional vitamins & minerals in your brew too.

Daughter SCOBY
When you make a batch of Kombucha, a daughter SCOBY grows off the Mother Scoby – it can grow above or below the mother.   You can then remove the Daughter & either eat it, give it to the chooks or gift it to a friend.

Why use Glass ?
Your Kombucha brew does not like metal, so using glass, wooden stirring spoon, glass straw etc ensures that your brew doesn’t come in contact with metal and have it fermentation quality / health giving benefits deactivated.

Is my Scoby Healthy ?
SCOBY maybe a bit scary at first… rubbery ‘mushroom’ grows that may feel icky to the unseasoned Kombucherer!   If you are new to brewing Kombucha, here is a great article on Scoby health to ensure your growth is healthy & mold free.

Happy Brewing my Buchi friends,




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