Sun conjunct Sirius & Vesta conjunct Galactic Centre


Sun conjunct Sirius & Vesta conjunct Galactic Centre

During last weeks Full Moon, the Moon was not only conjunct Saturn… but also Vesta was conjunct the Galactic Centre.   As discussed in last weeks article ‘whilst the Full Moon conjuncting retro Saturn may have us in a downwind spin of fear, guilt & shame about our perceived inadequacies… the influence of Vesta conjuncting the Galactic Centre (in the sign of Sagittarius) is taking our experiences up a higher octave…’.

Now that our Full Moon is waning, the ripple effect is still being felt all of this week as Vesta continues its final conjunction of our Galactic Centre leading up to our SUN conjuncting Sirius on the 5-6 July 2018.  

The photo at the top of this page I captured this morning during my walk along the beach… as I pondered writing this blog post for you all today. 

I LOVE how the rays of light from the Sun, resemble the rays of Light captured in this photo of Sirius taken by NASA).  Feeling the flow of Sirius so very strongly today!

Sharing a summary of what we have in store this week & how we can make the most of these celestial alignments.


Vesta conjunct Galactic Centre

Lets take a look at Vesta & Galactic Centre first… to understand more about how this is influencing our Sun & Sirius later this week.

Our GALACTIC CENTRE is a giant black & white whole that sits at the centre of our Milky Way Galaxy.  The Galactic Centre is currently positioned at approx 280 Sagittarius (or 40 Sagittarius sidereal).  Metaphysically, the Galactic Centre is the source of our Soul’s highest aspirations & what we have chosen as the greater evolutionary purpose for our Soul in this lifetime (refer Aetheric Healing™).

VESTA is the brightest asteroid (minor planet) visible from Earth.  The energy of Vesta is the High Priestess who fans the eternal flame of our Hearts, our Homes and hence our global home – crystalline Earth.  Vesta the virginal Priestess (virginal not meaning celibate, but rather not married or belonging to anyone) – guides us towards devotion, to commit to our highest aspirations, our greatest desires and helps us to keep the flames of our passions alight.   The lower octave of Vesta is presented by Earth’s Moon (Feminine) and the higher octave of Vesta is represented by the Alcyone, the brightest star within the pleiades (Silver Feminine Ray of Creation).  

Vesta represents the Sacred Feminine Flame in all of us… so when VESTA is conjunct our GALACTIC CENTRE, we are inspired to arise from the ashes of our human limitations & recreate our lives a new. 

The creative womb of our beingness is being activated during this conjunction.  Feeling, intuition & the nourishment that comes from the milk of the Divine Mother is being received.   The mystical & magickal primal force of the Goddess archetype is leading us into service with fearless grace.

Sun conjunct Siris

SIRIUS (fixed star) is the Greater Sun of our Sun, at a distance of 8.6 Light years from Earth (approx 81,362,000,000,000 km).  It is a Binary Star System A & B – with the white dwarf Sirius B orbiting Sirius A every 50 years (creating a DNA spiral rotation).  Sirius A double the mass of our Sun and collectively Sirius is 25 times more luminous than our Sun.  The Sirius portal (inside the DNA Spiral created by A&B) weaves 7th Dimensional frequencies through the Gold Ray of Creation.  It is our integration of the Divine Masculine and how we use our Energy (yang) – as a Soul having a Human experience here on Earth.  Ancient civilisations – such as Atlantis & Egypt worked with the ‘technology’ of Sirius to power their cities, build the pyramids etc…  In the Crystal Light Healing®, Sirius is our representation & sacred acknowledge of ‘I AM Solar’ and in Essence of Angels® Archangel Uriel (through the harmonics of Archangel Michael) is the sacred keeper of this Ray.

Through Sirius we integrate the Divine Masculine in our lives through the following 7 Archetypes as studied in Aetheric Healing™ :

  • The God / The Priest / Healer
  • The Father / The King
  • The Bachelor / The Prince
  • The Warrior
  • The Lover/Seducer
  • The Magician
  • The Visionary

Our SUN represents our ‘I AM’, our identity in the world and how we express ourselves. The Sun amplifies through it’s Masculine energy, both heightening & expanding the energy of other celestial bodies during its transit.

As our Sun conjuncts Sirius, the Archetypal strength of the Masculine rises up within us. 

We feel courageous and warrior like as we connect to a higher wisdom and embrace universal intelligence through the Aetheric Field.    As the firey passions within our bellies are being stoked, we are guided to take that step into the unknown and discover for ourselves the only boundaries we experience within our lives are the boundaries that we create for ourselves.


The Energy of this Week…

So putting all of this together, not only is Vesta in its tail end of conjuncting the Galactic Centre this week , but also our Sun makes an exact conjunction of Sirius later this week on the 5/6 July.

The amplified archetypal forces of the Feminine (Vesta conjunct Galactic Centre) are raising the archetypal Masculine (Sirius/Sun) to a higher place. We are being called to let go of the battle against an ‘old school’ Patriarchial societal meme and simply surrender to the Divine Feminine through us.

In the shadow of the energy of this week, people maybe ‘triggered’ to lash out, say nasty hurtful things, or lay blame as a knee jerk reaction of hiding their own vengeful pain, insecurities or fears.

How can we balance with the energy of this week ?   Simply let go of the inner/outer battles, war, retaliation, fighting ‘fire-against-fire’ and simply surrender to the highest octave of light of the Divine Masculine.  The Sun as a natural bridge of Sirius energy through our Solar Plexus, offers us Courage to follow Divine Will, to trust & believe in our selves, to know that we are powerful beyond measure and that we have free will to CHOOSE to use that power in the direction of a greater good for all. 


The message that accompanies this weeks alignments…

In the face of adversity, NEVER abandon your Heartfelt Dreams.   Hold the flame of desire in your Heart.  Be willing to be vulnerable & courageously never lose faith.  You are ALL-powerful beyond measure & were born to live a joyfully abundant life.


To connect with the energy of this week,  I invite you to take 4 minutes to watch my Wave of Love Movie Meditation.   At around the 2 minute mark of the movie, as you embrace the energy of ‘I am Lunar’ (Feminine) & ‘I am Solar’ (Masculine)… you are connecting with the sacred portals of Vesta (Feminine) & Sirius (Masculine) to embrace the grandest & most greatest potential of this weeks alignment.



The Energy over the next 6 weeks…

We have a lot in store over the next 6 weeks, such as a partial Solar Eclipse on the 13 July 2018, a total Lunar Eclipse on the 28 July, the 8:8 Lions Stargate portal in early August, followed a partial Solar Eclipse on the 11 August.    I look forward to sharing more in the weeks to come.  Please sign up for my newsletter below to receive my updates.

xx Simone M. Matthews


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