Galactic {Evolution} Alignment – 7 to 23 December 2018

Galactic {Evolution} Alignment – 7 to 23 December 2018


Each year around the time of our December Winter/Summer Solstice (for this generation on Earth), we experience a GALACTIC ALIGNMENT of the Earth, Sun & Galactic Centre in the Astrological Sign of Sagittarius.

Our 2018 Galactic Alignment takes place during a 16 day energetic window, amping up the energy of our Galactic {Evolution} Alignment.   The following four celestial events mark the key transits during this 16 day energetic window:

  • New Moon (conjunct The Great Attractor) – 7 December 2018
  • Exact Galactic Alignment (GC, Sun & Earth) – 19 December 2018
  • Summer/Winter Solstice – 22 December 2018
  • Full Moon (The Great Attractor on the Asc.) – 23 December 2018

Please find below a summary of the ENERGY behind these four celestial events, what this energy means COLLECTIVELY… plus HOW to make the most of this transformative ENERGETIC WINDOW as we countdown to the end of 2018.

You may also like to read my article on the Galactic Star Map  – to understand more about the Galactic Centre (GC), our Super Galactic Centre (SGC) & The Great Attractor (TGA). 

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Moon &  Sun in SAGITTARIUS (15.070)
Friday, December 7, 2018 – 5:20 pm AEST (Australia)
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The New Moon is the FIRST celestial Event marking the beginning of our Galactic {Evolution} Alignment window.

New Moons are all about new beginnings… and with the Sagittarian Archer this month pointing his arrow at the Galactic Centre (on the 19 December, keep reading below)… THIS is the month to really be come clear of what WISDOMS you have learnt during 2018… and WHAT you wish to take with you into 2019.

PLUS there is something extra special about this years Sagittarian New Moon – with ALCYONE on the Ascendant + Moon/Sun conjuncting THE GREAT ATTRACTOR.   This is why I feel our New Moon begins our 16 day Energetic Window of Galactic {Alignment} Evolution (click on image to enlarge).

ALCYONE:   Remember during our November 2018 Full Moon, the Moon was conjunct Alcyone in the Pleiades – The Divine Feminine.   Now just two weeks later,  Alcyone is once again playing a major role sitting directory on the Ascendant.  

In Aetheric Healing™ I view the Ascendant as pathway of understanding your personality/expression in the world towards your greater evolutionary purpose (Galactic Centre).   With Alcyone on the Ascendant, this is calling us collectively this new MOON to ASCEND into & flourish the DIVINE FEMININE.  To let go of the old patriarchal story of oppression, control & separation… and instead through fierce GRACE imbue gentleness, intuition, collaboration & healing.  

THE GREAT ATTRACTOR:   In addition, this months New Moon is conjunct The Great Attractor.   The Great Attractor is located at 140 Sagittarius at the centre of the Laniakea Super Cluster.   The Great Attractor (TGA) is both pulling us (our Milky Way Galaxy, hence Earth) toward her centre and simultaneously moving other Galaxies away from her centre (the infinite toric field spiral – ‘as above, so below’).   

In Aetheric Healing™ I view  The Great Attractor drawing us into a higher cosmic relationship with Creation… allowing ourselves to surrender to the eternal Great Cosmic Breath of LOVE. 

How divine, that during this months Galactic {Evolution} Alignment, from a higher octave of consciousness (TGA), we are being lifted up into a NEW PARADIGM of Feminine.  The Feminine is literally RISING, calling for us to drink in her Essence… and tenderly pave the way for a new era of DIVINE MASCULINE to flourish.




EARTH in GEMINI (27.070)

Wednesday, December 19, 2018 – 12:12 pm AEST (Australia)
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The EXACT Galactic Alignment itself is the SECOND celestial Event amping up the energy our Galactic {Evolution} Alignment window.

During our GALACTIC ALIGNMENT, our Earth, Sun & Galactic Centre (GC) are aligning on the Galactic Plane – the flat plane of our Milky Way Galaxy.

During this Alignment, our astrological GALACTIC EVOLUTIONARY TRIANGLE – a tetrahedron of energy formed by the Earth, Sirius, Alcyone & the Galactic Centre is AMPLIFIED into its GREATEST POTENTIAL for the year.

As I discuss in our Aetheric Healing™ eCourse, this amplified TETRAHEDRON of energy that surrounds us seeks to ‘STRUCTURE the WATER’ within our bodies such that we literally become walking LIQUID CRYSTALS.

Every cell within our body is thus bathed in this GALACTIC LIQUID CRYSTAL Template resonance (ie Essence of Angels®), which in turn ACTIVATES our DNA and ATTUNES (increases in resonance) our genetic potential.

At this time each year, this GALACTIC ALIGNMENT COSMIC BLUEPRINT – formed by Earth, Sirius, Alcyone & the Galactic Centre supports us in stepping into (both individually & collectively) our greater Evolutionary Purpose and helps us to step into the grandest version of the greatest vision that we have ever held for ourselves as a Human Liquid Crystal (refer Crystal Light Healing®).

The energy of the GALACTIC ALIGNMENT is also amplified through our Solar Systems transition through the Photon Band/Belt of Alcyone – essentially weaving/birthing ‘The Divine Feminine’ within our hearts, minds and souls. 

The Table below lists the Date/Time of the preceding Super Moon, Date/Time of the EXACT Alignment on the Galactic Plane, Date/Time of our Summer/Winter Solstice.

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Galactic Alignment LOVE ???? During our 23 minute Galactic Alignment today, I lit a candle. A Light. A Prayer. A Vision. A Space. A LIGHT… an illuminated vision of a world filled with kindness, reverence for our differences, supportive of our challenges, uplifting & flourishing of our gifts. A PRAYER… that we collectively find the LIGHT together and bring forth the dream of a new world. A VISION… of the Divine weaving the collective desires of our Hearts. A SPACE… to let go & let LOVE. The energy of today Galactic Alignment ripples over into our Winter/Summer Solstice (21/22 December), followed by our Full Moon (22/23 December). Maybe light a candle in the coming days… a LIGHT for JOY… as each of us LIGHTS the way back to LOVE. See LINKin BIO↑ to read more about the Galactic Alignment, Solstice & Full Moon . . . . . #fullmoonincancer #cancerfullmoon #cancerfullmoon2018 #galacticalignment #milkywaygalaxy #celebration #lightacandle #wintersolstice #summersolstice #wintersolstice2018 #summersolstice2018 #sunincapricorn #quantumlight #divinefeminine #bethelight #esotericliquidlightintegration #aetherichealing #sirius #alcyone #lemuria #supergalacticcentre #thegreatattractor #laniakea

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EARTH in GEMINI (0.030)

Saturday, December 22, 2018 – 8:22 am AEST (Australia)
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The Summer/Winter Solstice is the THIRD celestial Event amping up the energy of our Galactic {Evolution} Alignment window.

In the SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE, the December SOLSTICE (longest day of the year)  is a time of celebration, a joyous time to open you HEART and shine your LIGHT.

In the NORTHERN HEMISPHERE, the December SOLSTICE (shortest day of the year) is a time of inward reflection, a time to move into our HEARTs and connect with our LIGHT within.

solstice-december-21-22Overall, The SOLSTICE is a celebration of the POLARITY of LIGHT – the Yin & Yang, the Masculine & Feminine.

To see that even during times of darkness on the planet, there is a LIGHT holding space for you/us.  

So as our Sun & Earth are still in an alignment on the Galactic Plane (just a few degrees from an exact conjuction) during our December Solstice… for those that maybe suffering at this time, in a place of anguish, or troubled by the current state of the Earth… it is a time to RECEIVE a ray of healing –  ray that is helping you to SEE the LIGHT at the end of the tunnel & LIGHT-up your LIGHT within



Moon in CANCER (0.490)
Sun in CAPRICORN (0.490)
Sunday, December 23, 2018 – 3:48 am AEST (Australia)
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Moon – past, Intuition, unconscious, emotions, nurturing, feelings
Sun – now, Identity, consciousness, self-esteem, expression
Cancer (water) – nurturing, family, sensitive, emotional, moody, psychic
Capricorn (Earth) – Practical, realist, reliable, hard worker, cautious

Our December FULL MOON is the FINAL celestial Event bring our Galactic {Evolution} Alignment window to a close.

For our December Full Moon, the Moon in watery CANCER (nurturing, family, sensitive, emotional, moody, psychic), is reflecting the light of the Sun in Earthy CAPRICORN (Practical, realist, reliable, hard worker, cautious).

The FULL MOON in watery CANCER will mean that emotions will be running very high this FULL MOON – particulary as the Sun & Moon are just a few degrees off an exact alignment on the GALACTIC PLANE.  

HOWEVER… FEELINGS are the key to RECEIVE the highest vision for yourself as the 16 day Galactic {Evolution} Alignment window comes to a close.  What do you envision / feel / imagine for yourself (humanity) as we step into 2019.   What are you being guided to let go of in order to birth this awakened vision of you/us ?  Let the Sun in the practical sign of CAPRICORN bring to light what is felt deep within your Heart-n-Soul.

When the Moon is in Cancer, the focus is on your family and home environment.  You may feel a sudden urge to de-clutter, finish those odd-jobs & make your abode more homely.   Your heart will be guided to nurture and provide a homely sanctuary for your loved ones… or maybe spicing up the bedroom & spending time with your lover.  There will be a calling to nest down and find solace in the comfort and security of your home.

But I feel there is a much deeper resonance to this FULL MOON… as the The Great Attractor is sitting on the Ascendant.  

Remember that The Great Attractor (which conjuncted our New Moon – Moon & Sun at the beginning of this 16 day Galactic Alignment window) draws us into a higher cosmic relationship with Creation.  And the Ascendant is our pathway of understanding your personality/expression in the world towards your greater evolutionary purpose (Galactic Centre).

So with the Sun & FULL Moon aligning on the Galactic Plane within a few degrees of the Galactic Centre PLUS The Great Attractor sitting on the Ascendant – the END of our 16 day Galactic {Evolution} Alignment window is about making the leap into a HIGHER COSMIC RELATIONSHIP with the HOME that is our EARTH herself. 

HOME is where your HEART is.   Together during our 16 day Galactic {Evolution} Alignment we are co-creating a new paradigm, a new foundation or way of living as a Global Humanity – a Global Family living in harmony & enduring peace on this planet Earth called HOME.



SUMMARY- How to Work with the Energy

During our 16 day Galactic {Evolution} Alignment window (8 December to 23 December), I recommend taking time each day to to go with in and connect with the GALACTIC EVOLUTIONARY TRIANGLE – to support you in stepping into your personal (and our collective) greater Evolutionary Purpose.

Here are a few principles from our Aetheric Healing™ eCourse as well as our ELI: Estoteric Liquid-Light Healing eCourse to help you make the most of the energy over the 16 day Galactic {Evolution} Alignment window.  

I recommend beginning & ending each day with a short meditation (anywhere from 1 minute to 13 minutes) following the following principles discussed below:

  • In meditation, place your hands in ‘Prayer Position’ over your HEART  and focus on the rhythm of your breath. 
  • Your left hand represents the DIVINE FEMININE & your RIGHT HAND represents the  DIVINE MASCULINE.  
  • When your hands come together over the Heart, you are activating the reflexology point of your PINEAL GLAND (the seat of your SOUL) & awakening your Heart Intelligence to COSMIC WISDOM through the Galactic Centre. 
  • As your breathe through your hands over your Heart, you have anchored a Tetrahedron of Energy around you body, the GALACTIC EVOLUTIONARY TRIANGLE – Mother, Father Spirit.  
  • The water within your body becomes structured through the Galactic Evolutionary Triangle – essentially you are resonating as a LIQUID CRYSTAL – a divine conduit of Wisdom ‘as above’ (Galactic Centre), ‘so below’ (The Earth), ‘as within’ (your Heart) – through the 3 Hearts of Creation.
  • As all 100 trillion cells of your body are now bathed in Liquid Light, these super-fluid frequencies are supporting your energy field to align with COSMIC Flow (through the Galactic {Evolution} Alignment window).
  • As you then go about your day (or when you awaken from your sleep each morning), periodically check in with your thoughts, synchronicities, lucid dreams etc… as the COSMIC FIELD through the Galactic {Evolution} Alignment window – is gracefully guiding you to heal.   Gracefully gifting you the wisdom of how to transmute negative emotions/stuck cellular memories, let go of old/subconscious beliefs and ultimately promote a radiant state of health, vitality & healing. 
  • By the end of our 16 day Galactic {Evolution} Alignment window, you will have opened your Heart to a HIGHER COSMIC RELATIONSHIP with the HOME that is our EARTH herself and stepped into your a higher awareness of your/our Greater Evolutionary Purpose as Souls having a human experience here on Gaia.

Simone M. Matthews


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