New Moon in Pisces – March 6/7, 2019

New Moon in Pisces – March 6/7, 2019

Our March 2019 New Moon is ushering in a deeply sensual month of feeling, intuitive downloads and rapturous new beginnings.

The energy of our March New Moon is being bolstered with Uranus moving into Taurus for the next 7 years, both Neptune & Vesta conjunct the Sun, Mercury transiting retrograde and at the end of this week, we come together for International Women’s Day 2019.

The energy is then building in intensity toward the Full Moon on the followed by the Spring / Autumn Equinox on the 21 March – marking the beginning of the astrological year as the Sun moves into Aries.

We certainly have a powerful, feeling & deeply moving month ahead of us… new beginnings, awakened creativity and a bold new energetic adventure awaits us!



Moon &  Sun in Pisces (15.470)
Thursday, 7 March 2019 – 2:03 am AEST (Australia)
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New Moons are all about setting intentions for the forthcoming cycle, writing down goals, beginning new projects and planting the seeds of our heartfelt desires.   Energetically, the astrological transits of March 2019 are providing a POWERFUL boost to our new creative adventures.

Our March New Moon in PISCES takes place just hours after the powerful transit of Uranus into Taurus for the next 7 years (I will talk about this more in a moment)… but for now, this transit is amplifying the energy of our PISCES New Moon.

With the Moon & Sun conjunct (same degree) in Pisces, we are moving inward, receiving insight into our sacred sexuality, the sensuality of our bodies, intuitive insights… a deep nurturing of our heartfelt dreams.   To understand the energy of our New Moon, let me share with you some of the major influencing transits that are bolstering the effects of our Pisces New Moon.

Energy of MERCURY RETROGRADE influencing our New Moon

The day prior to our Pisces New Moon, Mercury the planet of communication moves retrograde (appearance of moving backwards) in Capricorn & then Pisces, moving direct again at the end of  the month.  

I know many people perceive Mercury Retro to be a negative transit… but I prefer to experience Mercury Retro as a time to move inward.   A time to rest, regenerate, re-evaluate and be still with your heartfelt desires.  

With our New Moon in Pisces AND Mercury retrograde in Pisces, this New Moon is taking us deep into our psyche, digging up our feelings, our inner-longings, those intuitive yearnings of the Heart that are bubbling up to the surface of our awareness.   It will be a time to get clarity on our lives, maybe insight where we have kept ourselves small, or where we maybe have got distracted and ventured off track.  

We are called to move inward and FEEL.   What does your life FEEL like in this moment.  Are you dancing, singing, moving with the juicy inspirations of your higher-self?  Or does each day blur into each other in monotony.   What would you do in this moment if money/time/education (you insert the word applicable to you) didn’t present a barrier ?   The answer to this is VERY significant this New Moon… as it is time to take the action and GO FOR IT.  Mercury Retro will gift you insight on how to proceed forward after this months Full Moon!

Energy of NEPTUNE  & VESTA influencing our New Moon

The Moon & Sun are at 15.470 Pisces this New Moon and is being strongly influenced by the conjunction of both Neptune & Vesta at 16.090 Pisces and 16.260 Pisces respectively.

Neptune (Illusion, deception, creativity) in Pisces (Sensitive, psychic, dreamy, creative, charitable) awakens our connection to the DIVINE from within… what a GREAT combo to conjunct our Piscean New Moon of sensual feeling & divine creativity.    This combo makes this New Moon visceral on every level, helping us to see through expectation (from society, family, or even your mental self) and get clear on your authentic truth.   A sacred reminder that your dreams & imagination are the forerunners of creative manifestestation.

You may recall that last months Full Moon was influenced by Vesta have a weak conjunction with the Sun… well now for for our March New Moon, Vesta is in a strong conjunction with the SUN.  Oooh, this is powerful!    VESTA is the brightest asteroid (minor planet) visible from Earth.  Vesta represents the Sacred Feminine Flame in all of us – The High Priestess who fans the eternal flame of our Hearts, our Homes and hence our global home – crystalline Earth.  Vesta the virginal Priestess (virginal not meaning celibate, but rather not married or belonging to anyone) – guides us towards devotion, to commit to our highest aspirations, our greatest desires and helps us to keep the flames of our passions alight.   The lower octave of Vesta is presented by Earth’s Moon (Feminine) and the higher octave of Vesta is represented by the Alcyone, the brightest star within the pleiades (Silver Feminine Ray of Creation).  

With Vesta conjunction our Sun this new Moon, once again we are being gifted insight into new, kinder, more compassionate and nurturing ways of enacting our dreams.   You maybe guided to let go of some of the steps of your masculine ‘plan’ and surrender to a more gentler path of least resistance.   Self-care is every bit as important in your plan as the physical action steps.    

Energy of URANUS into TAURUS influencing our New Moon

The most profound influence on this months Pisces New Moon, is the transit of Uranus into Taurus for the next 7 years.    As I wrote about in my Uranus into Taurus article,Uranus takes 84 years to fully transit our Sun, hence spending around 7 years transiting through each of the individual 12 Astrological signs.   Average human life expectancy is around 84 years, so a full cycle of Uranus is likened to a ‘human life-cycle’ and each of its 12 astro transits is a lesson/growth phase in personal discovery/awakening and ultimately planetary evolution…oh yeh!

When Uranus moves into Taurus for the next 7 years, the Uranian ripple creates huge waves through the fabric of the cosmos. Uranus seeks change, growth & revolution. Uranus helps you to walk to the beat of your own drum and find what makes you happy on your own clock, via your own rules. And ultimately Uranus serves you by setting you free from your self-imposed constraints.  Taurus is our kinship with the physical world – planet Earth, our resources, animals, including our personal belongings and finances. Taurus LOVES the finer things in life, the creature comforts. And Taurus craves stability, consistency and yearns for security… particularly financial!    And with Taurus ruled by Venus, all of this is viewed through the feminine lens.

As Uranus transits Taurus, there will be a breaking down of limited perceptions of what is possible for women.  A rising of feminine, a rebalancing of power, a major shift in the dynamics of gender/roles/definitions.  This is having a  HUGE influence on our Piscean New Moon, as we plunge deep into the watery feelings of this major transit.

Overall ENERGY of our PISCES New Moon

This week, in fact this entire month marks a massive shift in our relationship with the feminine… taking us into 2020 (I will be writing more about this soon) as well as the bigger Uranian cycle of 7 years… its not called the 7 year itch for nothing!

Mercury retro in Pisces, Vesta & Neptune conjunction, and Uranus moving into Taurus are all creating a sublime kaleidascope of potential this New Moon.   A step out of the mundane, the imprinted perceptions of possibility and awakening at a feverish pitch to a more sensual connection to the divine within.   A deep knowing that anything is possible, that we are diamonds of wisdom, stars of light.

You may find your life being shaken up a little during this New Moon… it a good, or I feel GREAT way.   Here are a few ideas to help you navigate & make the most of this months transits:

  • Rejoice in Beauty.    Liberate yourself from societies definitions of ‘beauty’ and be your own beautiful.  Spend the New Moon and maybe everyday there after,  SEEING (smelling, tasting, touching, feeling etc) the beauty in everything.   
  • Nature up.   Experience the sensual pleasure of nature.. sand in your toes, ocean breeze in your hair, planting your own herb garden, breathing in the air from forest trees.  Love the Earth and be grateful for all she provides you.   Give yourself permission to enjoy the simple pleasures in life, the feminine thrives in nature.
  • Simplify.   You are not your ‘stuff’, yet society is pre-occupied with possessions being a symbolic representation of worth, status & success.   This New Moon is guiding you to experience a worth that is beyond the physical, a love, a wealth that is eternal.   Give things away, spring clean your home/office, eat ‘lighter’, clean out your wardrobe and feel a weight lifted off your shoulders.   Start this 7 year Uranus cycle boldly… maybe watching a few episodes of Marie Kondo may inspire you this New Moon


xx Simone

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Lightrition guides you in stepping into your power.  Reclaiming self-agency of your life.  Discovering that healing is possible & that you were born to thrive.


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