2020 Saturn & Pluto Conjunction – Transformational Change

2020 Saturn & Pluto Conjunction – Transformational Change

The EXACT conjunction of Saturn & Pluto on the 13 January 2020, marks the first of 3 powerful cycles coming into play during 2020.

As I discussed in my article 20:20 New Beginnings, New Earth Era,  these cycles represent a HUGE shift happening as we transition into the 3rd decade of this century. Change is happening, and it is happening fast. We are entering into a NEW ERA of life here on Earth.  The Great Transformation is well underway!

This conjunction of Saturn & Pluto can be viewed as a Global Saturn Return, a shakeup of our very foundations, deep assessments of our core values, and a transformative leap into a New Era for Earth.  An uprooting of the established order and a re-balancing of power, equality & freedom.   And the effects of Saturn & Pluto conjunction will be felt for years to come.



Saturn-Pluto Conjunction

Saturn & Pluto – 22.470 Capricorn
Monday, 13 January 2020
2:59 am AEST (Australia)
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The conjunction of Saturn & Pluto takes place every 33-38 years and lasts for a period of 2 years as the planets both spend time in retrograde transits.

This conjunction can be viewed as a Global Saturn Return, a shakeup of our very foundations, deep assessments of our core values, and a transformative leap into a New Era for Earth.

Our January Saturn-Pluto conjunction represents the final phase of this 2 year dance in Capricorn. The last Saturn-Pluto conjunction happened in 1982, and the next will happen in 2053

Saturn & Pluto

The personal planets – Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus & Mars – move quickly through the Zodiac and represent our individual personal characteristics and experiences.    Whereas the outer planets – Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto – take a much longer time to transit the Sun, hence they shape the big picture themes of our lives.   

Saturn & Pluto’s transit time around the Sun is 29 years & 248 years respectively.

Saturn is the planet of structure & is often referred to as the karmic planet – offering us wisdom, life lessons & self-responsibility.   On our personal natal charts, approximately every 29 years we experience our own Saturn Return (Saturn returns to its position at birth) offering us the opportunity to re-assess our lives, correct where we may have gone off track, evaluate the solidity of our foundations for the future.  

Think about your life at around 28-30 years of age, then at 57-60 years of age… see any patterns coming up of major change in your life ?   For me personally, at 28/29 years of age I left a broken marriage, changed careers, moved interstate & changed my lifestyle to accommodate the things in life I valued the most… getting back to nature!   Yep, CHANGE happens on a Saturn Return.

Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn so the two complement each other, even though their energy can be experienced a little differently.  When Saturn transits Capricorn, it is a great time to get real and be truly honest with yourself re your work/career, financial plan and every other facet of your life including relationships. There are no short-cuts with this transit, no quick fixes or easy way outs… this is a transit that compels us to create a plan, ensure EVERY area of our life is brought into balance (that includes self-care) and then to use this solid and harmonised foundation to truly flourish. Saturn is here as a teacher and Capricorn is ready and willing to learn and gain clarity of how to move beyond challenges and show up for life from a place of self-responsibility.. and self-love

Pluto is the planet of transformation, death & rebirth, the ultimate empowerer through lessons of extremes.  Pluto takes around 248 years to complete one full revolution of our charts… hence during the average lifespan of 80 years of Earth, most people only experience Pluto transiting through 4 maybe 5 houses of their chart.    For example, I was born in 1967 with Pluto in Virgo, and to date have experienced Pluto through Scorpio, Sagittarius, & now Capricorn since 2008.

Pluto is about death and rebirth or endings and beginnings.  When  Pluto transits Capricorn, it is a time of breaking down all old outdated structures… structures that may embody power & control such as governments, corporations & religion. This dismantling then creates opportunities to rebuild solid foundations from the ground up and inside-out… structures that support communities, humanity and the sustainable life of this planet.


When Saturn & Pluto Conjunct on the 13 January, an EXACT conjunction at  22.470 Capricorn… this conjunction maybe felt as a brutal wakeup call.  Saturn embodies limits & structure.  Pluto is extremes of death & transformation. 

Together they expand & contract the other – think feelings of massive oppression, fears of the gravity of our global demise, anger at being controlled by political powers.  As the rubber-band stretches to its limit it ultimately breaks… the divide may seem larger than ever.

Structures of Power will be tested over this time (particularly strongly over the next 2 years), affecting global economics, politics, and all those who represent power within established systems – even our Monarchy!   Where there is greed, abuse of power, lies, corruption and hidden misuse of power & resources, then judgement day is coming through Saturn & Pluto.  A massive purge as the darkness is exposed, these systems will implode, leading to major shifts in power.

This process may be uncomfortable (I am trying to be nice here), as those in power will do their very best to try and maintain control.   We may see an upsurge in protests, even riots, activist activity, mass strikes, financial collapses, government upheavels and at the very worst war & bloodshed.



Stellium of Planets

Our Saturn & Pluto Conjunction is amplified through a stellium of planets dancing around the conjunction.   With Saturn & Pluto conjunct at 22.470 Capricorn, we have Mercury at 23.130 Capricorn, Ceres at 22.350 Capricorn, & Sun at 21.560 Capricorn.  Jupiter is also in early degrees of Capricorn, getting ready for its conjunction transits from April to December 2020.

MERCURY the planet of Communication, may enable ‘channeled’ insights into a more beautiful world… and now its up to us to take our insights and put them into conscious action through Capricorn.   Whilst our conjunction maybe felt in traumatic ways on the world stage… Mercury enables us to ‘see, hear, intuit’ a higher purpose or meaning of world events.

Asteroid CERES represents the modern women, our roles of nurturing / motherhood & how we nourish ourselves through LIGHTRITION.   Cere’s is working behind the scenes during our Saturn & Pluto conjunction to help us feel into and navigate this transformation year of change.   Cere’s may have you evaluate & gain insight into your relationships (even relationships with power & relationships with global governing bodies) and what do these ‘gifts of insight’ bring to you.   With the inevitable destruction that will take place with Saturn & Pluto conjunction, it will be our relationships & connection with fellow human beings that will see us through.  Cere’s will help us to NOURISH each other as we create NEW WORLD structures of our systems based on feminine principles of connection, sharing, compassion, kindness & reverence for all life.

Our Sun is sitting 1 degree away from Saturn & Pluto during the Conjunction, and the day after the conjunction, 14 January 2020, will move even closer to be less than 0.1 degree apart.  This is a POWERFUL energy to embody.   A reminder that death is inevitable.  However, as one door closes new golden doors of opportunity open.   This feels like the epitome of what 2020 a Universal 4 Year is all about.

Easy is the not the word that comes to mind when I glimpse the energy of 2020.  There is work to be done.  There are so many broken bits that have lost their way.  There are so many shards that have forgotten they are part of the whole.  And thanks to Saturn, Pluto & Jupiter in 2020, my guess is that many of the pieces are yet to be broken-up in order to transmute excess and reveal a deep authentic & eternal beauty.  The process maybe uncomfortable.  Change can be confronting.  Everything happens for a reason, and there is no challenge that may come our way that doesn’t serve a higher purpose.  2020 is about dedicating your life to flourishing this shift toward a world more beautiful built upon the foundation of Heart values.


Whilst this transformational ERA making Saturn & Pluto Conjunction will wreak profound change in our lives, there is also something that feels very nourishing with this conjunction & its associated planetary aspects.   If we ‘observe’ our planet, we can see we have lost our way, our heartfelt connection to the planet that gifts us life.  We have taken more than what we have given.  We have pushed the delicate interweaving of ecosystems beyond their limits. We live in a world with excess ‘stuff’, yet a deficiency in the richness of Heart.   So this destructive tone of Saturn & Pluto is actually a welcome relief in some sense.  A moment in the infinite expanse of time to re-set the clock and do things differently. 

To me, Saturn & Pluto feel like the open hands of a parent, an elder, a wise one – reaching out and offering a helping hand to Earth’s children.  These wise old hands are doing what is necessary to help change the trajectory of our journey into adulthood.  Can that be so bad ?  In a modern world built on foundations of knowledge, a little wisdom is surely a most welcome panacea to the crippling dis-ease of our time.

To make the most of this profound year, my advice is be gentle.  Don’t over-react or let your emotions get too caught up in all the commotion- cause there is going to be quite a global ruckus this year.  Get back to nature.  Breath in the Sunrise & transform you DNA.  Bathe in Earth’s water to enter the imaginal realm of the dream.  Place your bare feet on the ground & take head of the messages of spirit.  Let nature touch your heart & soothe your soul.  Let the Lightrition of your daily life foster a deep sense of inner-peace & sacred purpose. 


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