Coronavirus – Immune Nourishment & Resilience


Coronavirus – Immune Nourishment & Resilience

With the fever pitched media reporting of the Coronavirus- thought I would shed a little light on this topic… and most importantly share some empowering & nurturing tips that serve your optimal immunity.

Each and every day we are bathed in a sea of viruses – more than 800 million viruses are deposited per square meter of Earth.   AND viruses form a part (and as I share in my new Lightrition Course – an ‘integral part’) of our microbiome.

In fact, the human body contains trillions of microorganisms – your microbiome — outnumbering human cells by 10 to 1.   And your Microbiome – that is the bacteria, viruses & fungi in your body –  contains 99 times more genetic material than that found in your own cells.

When our immune system is compromised – when the body’s ability to balance harmonically with viruses & microbes is impaired – that is when we experience dis-ease within the body. There are so many factors that weaken our immunity – from stress, poor nourishment, lack of sleep, pharmaceutical medications, toxicity, repressed emotions, as well as pre-existing acute/chronic health conditions.

Earthly Germfest

The human body is a thriving community of human cells and a diverse microbiome of bacteria, viruses & fungi – in fact the more diverse our entire microbiome is the healthier we are and the stronger our immunity.  You could say there is a very healthy unity in our diversity!

In fact this microcosm of the Human Body can also be seen within the macrocosm of planet Earth.   Our entire Earth is a diverse ‘family’ of plants, animals, and planetary microbiome all living in harmonic balance in service toward a thriving biosphere.  

The microbiome of our planet forms essential functions – and without our planetary microbiome – Earth would be dead !

Bacteria form the largest ecosystem of Earth & the first organisms to inhabit our planet.   Bacteria are intelligent, they possess a sophisticated language & highly developed social network – chemical signaling.  Bacteria are sentient beings and work together to solve the problems facing them.    They co-operate rather than compete… the FEMININE!!!

Viruses are important microbial predators that influence global biogeochemical cycles and drive microbial evolution.

And Fungi are your original ‘greenies’ – they colonise often hostile environments, breaking down organic matter into other forms – that provide nourishment for other living organisms.

So maybe, in light of our ALIVE & SENTIENT planet, it is time to shift our perception of Bacteria, Viruses & Fungi.   Rather than go to war with these living creatures and apply an attitude of ‘stealth death at all costs’, maybe it’s time to shift into a more awakened approach.   Could our desire to kill pathogens have a relationship to our own inner-battles of self-loathing or hatred ?

Maybe it is time to revere all life-forms and have gratitude for the germfest of a party that is happening both within our bodies and the environment.   It’s the ‘germs’ that are keeping us healthy!

Symbiotic Health

If a diverse microbiome is then essential for a strong & resilient immune-system, then why do we get sick ?

We become ill when our body’s harmonic balance falls out of alignment.   Maybe we are experiencing heightened stress.  Maybe our diet is poor.  Or maybe we running on only a few hours sleep a night fueled by hourly short-blacks!  

Pathogens become ‘aware’ of an ‘opportunity’ for living within a host (a person) when homeostatic balance falls short, and they jump at the opportunity of taking up a new ‘welcoming’ home.  So rather than label germs as the villians, germs are simply playing their role how nature intended.

The solution to building your immunity and maintaining homeostatic balance – is about taking self-responsibility for your health & wellbeing in symbiotic resonance with nature.  Rather than ‘fight’ the perceived ‘baddies’… how about build the strength & resilience of your own body-temple.  

This shift in mindset means that your consciousness isn’t focused on killing, or warding off dark & evil viruses. Instead your focus on is building & shining your internal light source, your chi – such that your body’s natural immunity is vibrantly strong.  

Symbiotic Harmony

Focusing on the ‘fear’ of catching a lurgy is probably one of the best things you can do to ensure you actually do get sick!   Fear, stress, panic… all of these emotions lower your immunity and energetically invite the pathogen into your body temple!

So rather than fear the worst, maybe draw your awareness to LOVE. 

How you can LOVE the role pathogens play in our global biosphere.

How you can LOVE your body temple.  How you LOVE yourself so much that you choose to live a lifestyle that keeps your temple strong & light-filled & in harmonic balance with Pathogens.

How can you honour the role that ALL pathogens play in the dance of life. 

How you can LIVE & LOVE in symbiotic coherence with ALL pathogens – that serve YOUR healthy body temple microbiome.   Or if they don’t serve you directly, how they indirectly serve you through the greater ecosystemic balance of life.

Immune Nourishment & Resilience

In loving & revering ALL of LIFE, there is so much that you can do in keeping your body temple radiantly light-filled in order to nourish your body, mind & spirit and build a strong & resilient immune system. 

Sharing a few tips from my current Lightrition your Life Course.  There is SO MUCH MORE TO LIGHTRITION –  but I hope these few tips you offer a warm hand of healthful vitality.


Tip 1 – Relax

Stress is one of the MAJOR factors that weaken the immune system.  The Vagus nerve (10th cranial nerve) runs from the brain and down through the face, chest & abdomen.  Stress triggers the the inflammatory reflex of the Vagus nerve—that controls innate immune responses and inflammation during pathogen invasion. 

Meditate.  Sing (yes singing activates healthy Vagal activity).  Dance.  Paint.  Swim in the ocean.  Watch the Sunrise.  Read a chapter of one of your favourite books.  Connect with the beauty and peaceful vibes of nature.    Make a selection of these your DAILY rituals for vibrant health & immunity.


Tip 2 – Connection

Spend time with friends & family.   Laugh.  Hug one another.  Make Love.  Maybe make up a big batch of JuJu Remedy!  Have gratitude for your connections with ALL lifeforms and appreciate the mystical diversity of life on planet Earth.   Don’t ‘hate upon something that you don’t understand – ie viruses’… LOVE LOVE LOVE life itself & all of its colours and diversities.

Boost your feel good endorphins by spending your waking hours spending more time on what brings you Joy.   We all have 24hrs in a day, choose to spend your 24 hours wisely.  

Meditate.  Heartbreathe.  Belly laugh. Be Grateful to be alive on this amazing planetary home called Earth.

I know that authorities say that ‘isolation’ is the key to containing this outbreak.  But I think we need to use prudent judgement in relationship to where we live & our own personal situation.   

And if it comes a time where non-physical contact with your community becomes a requirement – don’t isolate yourself emotionally or spiritually.  Reach out to others.  Keep your light flowing, uplift others with your joyful heart.  Don’t buy into the fear & terror – treat your isolation as a RE-TREAT in nourishing you and BEING this nourishment for the planet.


Tip 3 – Nourishment

Nourishment is way way more than food.  Relaxation is nourishment.  Connection is nourishment.  Nourishment is what ‘feeds’ your body, mind & soul.   

The Sun nourishes the mitochondria in your cells which inturn boosts immunity.  The Moon nourishes your creativity and feeling of belonging – which also boosts your immunity.   And spending time in nature deeply nourishes the Soul as you connect with spirit medicine, the ancient wisdom of the natural realms – in fact being barefoot on the Earth enables you to ‘absorb’ the spirit medicine of Earths Minerals/Elements – ONE OF THE BEST medicines for a strong & healthy immune system.

Nourish yourself with seasonal local chemical free food – particularly your greens.  In fact, when you eat Greens you are ‘eating the intelligence of the Sun’.

The ‘blood’ of green plants has Magnesium at its core (Human blood has Iron at the core of Haemoglobin).  Magnesium is ‘The Mother’ element, the origin of physical plant life.   Magnesium fosters our connection, our kinship.  Magnesium awakens the ‘Mother’ within all of us, qualities of compassion, caring & nurturing.   Green-Magnesium is the colour of the Heart Charka – nourish yourself with Green Plants and build a strong immune system from a place of reverent self-love.

And remember to keep yourself hydrated with vibrantly charged structure water, vital for radiant health & optimal immunity.  Wash/bathe regularly in structured water.


Tip 4 – Medicinals

For every human illness, somewhere in the world there exists a plant which is the cure. I believe that there is a healing potential locked inside plants which is integral with their evolution, just as it is part of human evolution to learn to tap this wonderful gift of Nature.  Rudolph Steiner

Plants have been used by cultures around the world since the dawn of light for healing, health & wellbeing. In fact, throughout herstory, plants have been revered as sentient beings, that are alive and living on purpose. They are part of the web of life, and are here to serve in reverence to life itself.

When I look at a plant I see a child, a child born of the Earth and nourished through the family of the four elements. A child with innate intelligence.  A plants roots burrow down deep into the Earth, absorbing the intelligence of Earth’s Minerals & the Wisdom of Water. Leaves breathe in the song of each day as they harness the energy {information} of the Sun and Flowers unfold their sweet nectar and connect us with the beauty or spirit of all things.

Incorporate into your daily diet medicinal plants that will nourish your body & help build a strong & resilient immune system.   Work with your intuition (I teach this in Lightrition your Life) to discover the plants that ‘sing the song’ of your unique blueprint.

But also incorporate daily some wonderful staples such as Ginger, Garlic, Turmeric, Green Juices, Wild Berries & Green Tea… or even be more adventurous with Olive Leaf, St Johns Wort, Echinacea & Elderberry.    When you bathe, maybe add in some epsom salts & a dash of colloidal silver.


Tip 5 – Sleep

Maybe this should have been Tip 1, as never before in the history of our world have we ever been so sleep-deprived!   We fill our days with ‘so much to do’ that we deny ourselves this most important healthful asset.   Sleep not only gives the body the opportunity to restore and build it’s nature healthy vibrancy, but it is also the time the Soul ‘integrates & grows’ astrally.  

Earth is one big ‘school of learning’ for the Soul.   During our sleep hours the Soul ‘travels’ multi-dimensionally to assimilate the experiences of the day and to incorporate the wisdoms learnt into the next solar day upon waking.  Limit your sleep hours and you limit your personal/evolutionary growth.  Limiting your sleep actually ‘keeps you asleep’ spiritually.  

Wake up with the Sun & receive the ‘intelligence’ of the day direct into your Light Activation point – if you can also be barefoot as you do this (eg walk in nature) – this helps to anchor the intelligent Solar Light Codes direct in your Mitochondria & DNA.   As the Sun sets, change your rhythm and begin to slow down, prepare a nourishing meal & spend time connecting with those you love… and try to have your head on the pillow by 9pm – for this is the time when your Heart & Soul enter a mystical cosmic time of bliss called ‘The Sacred Three’… a step through the Golden Archway of awakened consciousness as you all asleep. 


Tip 6 – Tech detox & limit Blue Light

In our current technological age it is hard to completely remove ourselves from  EMFs (Electromagnetic Frequencies) – emitted from Phones, Phone towers, Radio Waves, TVs, Microwaves, Computers, Electrical Appliances, within Cars, Buses, Tramlines etc.  However there is so much you can do to limit your exposure.

Manmade EMFs disturb immune function through stimulation of various allergic and inflammatory responses, as well having negative effects on tissue repair processes. EMFs incur DNA damage, impact our neurological function, and increase the rate of dis-ease within the human body.   

Turn off your wifi router at night.  Don’t carry mobile phones in your pocket/on your body – even putting them on airplane mode during the day when not in use.  Using natural items in your home such as Black Tourmaline, Cactus, Peace Lilies will help absorb the EMFs in your environment – particularly during your screentime too.

Try not to use technology after the Sun goes down – as the blue light exposure from your devices alters your circadian rhythm, reduces melatonin (which is essential for sleep & Soul learning). Or if you must use technology, install a free blue-light blocker filter on your device


A few stats

Life is a sacred & reverent expression of the divine. The body is designed to not only heal itself, but also to thrive. Caring for yourself & deeply nurturing your body temple supports your body/mind/spirit process of healing & supports resilient immunity.

However we are all human, each of us has our own unique pathway of awakening, healing from trauma, and dealing with the complexities & stresses of living in this modern & often chaotic world. Becoming ‘ill’ doesn’t mean you are any ‘less spiritual’ than someone who is the epitome of health & vitality (remember, we only really see people from the outside!). Oh how the ego LOVEs to sell a story of comparison to validate our self-worth. Each of us are unique and have our own special purpose on this planet… if you do become ill, continue to follow ALL of the above Tips… and gift yourself plenty plenty of R&R to enable you body to heal & integrate the wisdoms gained from the experience.

Here are a few stats to shed a little light on the Coronavirus, and to help relieve the fear that is currently being perpetuated in the media…

Deaths in Australia from Viruses in 2017 (most recent stats from ABS) totalled 1,255 people, out of 158,493 total annual deaths (approx 0.006% of Australia’s population).   The top 10 deaths related to the Heart Disease, Brain, Diabetes & Cancer accounted for a total of  52% of total deaths.   

We see similar numbers in America, with an estimated 61,000 deaths during 2017-2018 from influenza, out of a total 2,813,503 deaths (approx .008% of America’s population).

Coronavirus is a whole family of different viruses. The current Coronavirus is called ‘SARS-CoV-2’ which causes ‘COVID-19’ (the dis-ease that we are seeing at this present time). It’s referred to often as being ‘novel coronavirus’ – basically meaning a new coronavirus.

In 2003, SARS CoV (from the family of Coronaviruses) had a 10% death rate, MERS in 2012 to the present day has a 34% death rate. And Ebola 2014-2016 had a 40% death rate.

At this present time of understanding, COVID-19 has a 2% death rate, which does in effect make it 20 times greater than influenza. And the deaths to date are predominately in those people (bless their Souls) with very comprised immune-systems – such as the elderly, or those with pre-existing immune or lung dis-eases.

Healthy people applying the above Tips 1 to 6 should be able to fully recover from COVID-19. Remember what you BELIEVE creates the foundation & experience of your reality.

Lightrition your Life

Lightrition is about putting your life back in sync with natures cycles & her inherent medicine.

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